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Why Did God The Father Create Us

Why Did God The Father Create Us? Answers From Heaven About The Human Being
Why Did God The Father Create Us : I am Laura, last Sunday somebody asked me a question and I have not yet been able to answer it to myself, this question is nagging me ever since, I preface this by explaining that sometimes, when I was a little girl, and for a long time after that, I would stop dead in my tracks, speechless, and I would ask myself the classic questions, who am I? where am I going? what am I doing?, I did find an answer to these questions, I took, and You know it, a long journey that lead me to many answers and to the awareness that my baggage of pain, both physical and emotional, has paradoxically turned into a point of strength, even if sometimes somebody may sprinkle a little salt on wounds that I until then I had believed had already healed into scars.
Having known pain lets me recognize the joy and, above all, recognize the sorrow in others and try to help them.
However the question that I asked myself many times and that, following last Monday’s massacre in Virginia, has become more urgent is, why ?
When I went to catechism I was taught
Who has created us?
God created us.
Then I ask myself: why did the Father want to create such a despicable creature, the most fierce of creatures? (Animals only kill either in self-defense or to feed themselves)
Sweet Sara knows I have come to terms with the fact that we are the ones who asked to be born in the first place (even if, unfortunately, as opposed to Annamaria, I do not remember any of it) and later, very tactfully, she explained to me that once again we are the ones who choose the family we will be born into (I asked her if Up there they have psychologically unstable Souls too)
In my long, or short, life, I have lived through Vietnam (above all, with the dead inside me), Chile, the Holocaust, (even if only from memories).
Every day I witness the ruthless law of profit at all costs, but I struggle to understand the need to create the human being.
I know perhaps this may be a silly question and perhaps I deserve a slap on the hand for this.
I do not know if you will ever reply to me, but through the words of Mother Theresa I ask: “My Lord, I believe, but please help my Faith“.
Thank You, Laura
The Father answers
My sweet Laura, what pushed me to create you back then was the thought that Love, with which I would created you, could start to spin and illuminate all this Paradise like stars walking in the Sky. It was my wish to see Love move around and spin happily all over the Sky. And again at that time, in answer to the question that you all ask yourselves, Love was a force of the Sky that was not created but was already present. It was only a force, a kind of energy, present and pulsating. This energy had a presence, a kind of consciousness and this consciousness is what created this Paradise. The awareness thus expressed itself through the creation of the Sky as place in which to express itself. Sweetly the energy morphed into plants, into earth, into water, and even into animals, to be able to represent all of itself in every thought that is aware of its being. Also, as Father I am awareness, I am the expression of the same awareness that has expressed itself through what was created. This expression of the Father that you recognize in me is only part of a whole pulsating force that morphed itself into everything. Over the time, in the Sky, this force separated itself, united in consciousness but different in its expression. So, as the Father, I started to distinguish myself from all of the expressions that were increasingly differentiating themselves, and in today’s message I explain my origin to you so I can speak to all of you about your own origin.
This differentiation brought what today is the Sky and this differentiation implied the creation of space between the forms in which the primary consciousness has expressed itself. From here also mountains, separated from waters, created space. Paradise was built slowly slowly in the expression of all forms of primary conscious thought. At a certain point the Sky was created and the space was present but it was immobile, and consciousness is an expression of mobility too. By originating movement the consciousness would have would have expressed itself. Therefore I created you as an expression of mobility of the consciousness. When the time arrived for me to create you it was like giving an expression of mobility to the overall awareness. In your primary creation you were all separated but united as an expression of mobility of the force, but over time the differentiation lead you to feel yourselves as an expression of your own consciousness, and when that happened, you brought separation among you from the primary force. This difference brought the need in you to express yourselves as form that had in itself all the awareness and that wanted to express itself in various forms. Not recognizing itself any more as an expression of the overall awareness, you had the need to express yourselves in turn as an expression of every thought of awareness. When I created you, we were all that was expressed, your differentiation made you wish for everything to be created starting from your divided awareness.
This is the story that over time lead you to decide in turn to create a world in which to express your awareness, a separate world in which to express yourselves knowingly in liberty.
My Son explained to you how, at a certain moment, a need began to circulate which brought to the creation of the planets and of the bodies in which to live your experience, and again it was my Son that, in the message that you will soon read, explained what happened since the first incarnations.
Today you are all weeping for those youths who were killed, but the reason for it lies in two places: in what I just explained to you, namely your notion that you would be consciousness separated from it all, and it also lies in what my Son explained to you that happened with your incarnation.
Over time the awareness of the Spirit as part of the Spirit, of the primary force, will again bring you to once again reunite in a single manifestation, however in the meantime many of my sweets children need to be lovingly helped to recognize themselves in their own Spirit.
Help your brothers’ awareness recognize itself in the same source from which the primary force is expressed, that is expressed itself as Love.
I will now leave you to the message dictated to you from my Son some time ago.
For today, my children, transform the dismay into a commitment to helping your brothers recognize themselves in the Love that generated them and constitutes themselves.
Embraced to all of you let’s listen my Son talking about incarnation:
With the eyes of Love
As always welcome, my adored brothers and my adored sisters, I have allowed myself to take some notes during a telephone call from our sweet Sarah to our sweet Attilio. Attilio, as always I love you, but allow me to talk to you about some of your words that I read in your message that spurred my reply to your letter, a reply that, I assure you, did not want to instill useless doubts but to gently lead you back to the sole Truth.
My brothers, you are in the Sky, my sweet brothers, you are waiting for the opportunity for a new incarnation, you are planning your way and you are awaiting happily for the incarnation. Incarnation, it is useful to repeat, for us represents a very important gift to you, the possibility to experiment yourselves in your being Spirit while you are all on earth. With this message I have come to explain to you in detail the reason for the many incarnations.
The Spirit must be experimented as a Spirit inside a body, since the time when many unhappy brothers near the Father demanded the possibility to experiment themselves far away from the Father and they demanded the opportunity for procreation.
This is our story, my dear Attilio and my dear brothers, this is the Truth. I know it is difficult to believe our story because today, looking around yourselves, it seems impossible that what you are seeing could be born out of a wish for autonomy and a desire for procreation, in fact all of this is not responsibility of these wishes, but it’s the responsibility of what happened since the incarnation became possible.
To be able to move around on earth and to procreate it was necessary for the physical body to have a certain solidity, just like the rest of the Universe, however inside the physical body, with a different density, also penetrates the Soul; this situation my dear brother is such that the absence of this perception beyond the physical body to the physical eye, as we feared, prevented your brothers to perceive themselves no longer as incarnated Spirits but only as a physical body and material reality.
This has therefore created many experiences in which reality was the earth and the physical body, a reality that from that moment on was refused to the Spirit.
At the time of the first incarnations, the neglected Spirit was only reaffirmed at the time of the return in this House, however, imagine the discontent of the brothers for which the no-longer existing Spirit expressed itself as their main component.
The disappointment of the initial wish of many brothers, their frustration, brought these brothers to ask again for a new experimentation therefore asking to come back again on earth, with the hope for a recognition of their Spirit and thence of the Love of each brother as opportunity to build the famous Paradise on the earth within his own autonomy.
The situation on earth did not change, many more brothers on earth did forget the Spirit and the Love and selfishness began to spread on earth. For this reason our Father decided to place Guardian Angels next to these brothers, many of us were asked to descend on earth to help them not forget their Spirit and help them in their acknowledgment of being Love.
This is what happened, in the Truth.
Since then and up until now many brothers have descended, with their journeys and many of those brothers no longer have the necessity to experiment themselves as a Spirit inside a physical body, they have learned it’s no longer necessary for them to descend.
However there are a lot of brothers who still need to learn, to understand that the Spirit is their true identity and that Spirit is Love, consequently it’s a manifestation of Love.
Many incarnated Spirits still have that task of helping others and in the meantime they experiment their being a Spirit inside an incarnated body as an experience, as an opportunity to help other brothers in the best possible to reach acknowledgement of their Spirit.
The proofs are written inside you brothers, if you listen to the many manifestations of your Love, these countless manifestations shall display in the front of your physical eyes the presence of yourself being Spirit. Research, in all its expressions, is a research of expressions of your being Spirit.
I am sorry to notice that sometimes you lose your focus in your search for your Spirit, seeking some theories, explainable to the light of your reasoning, to be sure that the Spirit does truly exist. That’s when you are in effect denying the Spirit without even realizing it; finding the Spirit is easy, by listening, by experimenting your being Love, in its manifestations, the Spirit presents itself in the front of your eyes.
My Attilio and my brothers, the confusion that I sometimes see inside your hearts is confusion that comes out of not experiment oneself as carrier of Love and therefore as a Spirit, it comes from the famous search for the truth through theories and various tangible expressions, measurable through the means made available by science.
It’s for this reason that I say “Confusion”, because you confuse a search that has at the core the Love and the Spirit, with a search of material proofs of the Spirit, and when I use the expression “to deny the Spirit” I am referring to the act of questioning it until there is proof to the contrary, a scientific proof to the contrary, of your status of incarnated Spirit.
For me this is confusion because this brings you far away from the Truth and does not get you close to the Truth.
Once you understand this, my brothers, aside from our appearances and manifestations which do help, it’s useful to remind, to support the trust, the Faith in our presence consequently to support the Faith in the Spirit of the brothers, any machinery that is available to you today , will never be able to give you complete and definite proof of your being Spirit.
Simplicity, in front of you each instant, there is the Love of your brothers and inside you, at all times, there is a manifestation of Love and the Spirit is, in its manifestation, your being Love. And this is the path where you can experiment your Spirit and this is the way that leads you to the recognition of your being Spirit, Love. Embrace this Truth and experiment your heart in every expression and your Spirit will express itself to your eyes.
Rescue, help, love, caress, like children go through life giving affection and Love, and receive this affection and Love which you will meet on the way, and by loving and receiving Love you will truly experiment the Spirit that you are yourself.
I still have so many words I would like to dictate, but for the moment, my brothers, it is useful for you to read again what I dictated to you so far. Then we will continue, because you are on earth, and you all are on earth to recognize yourselves in your being Spirit and these dictations help you specifically in your journey.
For today we will say goodbye, my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, these messages are here to help you, not to plunge you into further doubt, there is only one Truth: you are Spirit and each journey helps your recognition of your being Spirit. This is the journey, and this is the Truth, in this Sky we understand many things, but helping you is always our firm engagement toward each of you.
My brothers, I love you with all of myself.
Your Brother Jesus Christ.
Message transmitted the 4 January 2006
As a Father I am always aware that my children have been created from Love and this is the awareness that all my sons have to rediscover again, which will bring us to represent what we express in the unity. With a lot of Love toward my unaware children, and with the same great Love for my children who are more aware, I take leave from you with a great Kiss.
With Love Your Father.
Thank you Father. Thank you Love.
Why Did God The Father Create Us? answers From Heaven About The Human Being
Why Did God The Father Create Us
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