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Name Our Real Name Answers From Heaven

Name Our Real Name Answers From Heaven About Our Real Name
Name Our Real Name Answers From Heaven : my adored Father, in this life my name is Marilyn and surely my name has a meaning that’s for me to discover, perhaps in my previous lives I might have been called Joseph Or Antioch always with a deeper meaning to be discovered, I know that for you we are all Love independently of the name that we carry in our numerous lives but in truth, what kind of meaning does a name have? does each one of us have a unique and true name that you are donating to us? we could live through a million of lives with a million different names but to You, do we children have a unique name? apart from the fact that you call us “Love”
I love you, Marilyn
The Father answers
This question is deeper than it seems and my reply to you does not address the appearance of the question, but will answer it in depth. There is a moment where a name truly ceases to exist and it is when recognition takes place in your heart, in that moment your own recognition lies in the deep Love that the heart is feeling. This is the step that that every sweet Soul feels when they have reached complete awareness of themselves. Meanwhile, we also have various names by which to call ourselves and they are names that were chosen by that heart to show itself to the others. Sometimes they are names which reflect certain qualities, other names are universal, like brother, or Soul, or creature, and sometimes they are chosen for the meaning that is sparkling in that name. You give yourself your own name.
When I contact you, it is your heart that I am calling, you feel the call of your Father and you reach me in a moment. At the moment of the creation a contact was established, the contact was established with your heart, and I sweetly transmit words to you, whichever dimension you are in, that are turning directly to your heart . This is the reason why we do not have a specific name for each one of you, when I transmit directly to you, you listen to me.
My sweet Marilyn , I answered your precious question by exposing the truth that all those names you use to recognize yourselves are always temporary, both in Heaven as on earth, your name is your heart that is expressing itself, this represents yourselves , at all times your heart represents your Being; Think about it, think right now, starting from your heart that is expressing itself, what could your name be?
Accept your name on earth, the one chosen for you at your birth , but always be conscious that that the name that truly represents you is exactly the Love’s expression that you mobilized from the heart.
Goodbye my dear and a big Kiss to all of you.
With Love your Father.
Thank you very sweet Father
Name Our Real Name Answers From Heaven About Our Real Name
Name Our Real Name Answers From Heaven
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