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Children With Perceptions Of Afterlife

Children With Perceptions Of Afterlife Answers From Heaven Children With Perceptions
Children With Perceptions Of Afterlife : dearest Sarah, I thank you very much for having answered my e-mail at once and for having updated me on the messages of Our Loved Father; I would like to know you better, but in the end it is not that important, because I am sure that we already know each other quite well, I have read many texts in the first and third portal, you are right when you are saying that my heart will find the necessary stability, I must say that I am always increasingly convinced that in my life there is a well-defined path, which I do not remember, but which, with the help of the Sky I will be able to see it through the end, at least this is what I hope!
I have an important question to ask you, I have a five year old child, Simone, he is very sweet, and very cuddly, on many occasions he has told me that he sees his grandfather (my father) who passed away in December 2004, he says that he talks to him and he lives in the Sky together with grandma (my mother) who also passed away in 1978, whom Simone never met. He only saw pictures of her. He gets embarrassed when other people tell him that they do not see anything, I am the only one who is supporting him, he is also talking to me about another figure, and he has given him a nickname. Although I believe that children have a candid Soul and they are able to perceive things that we are not able to feel, I do wonder if this is just one of his fantasies. Please do ask the good Father for me, I thank you in advance and I am thanking the Father for the gifts that He gives us every day…. My heart is with you and with all the brothers and sisters, I am embracing you, dear Sarah, you are a true Light for those who, like me, are travelling the street of earthly life with the hope to be able to come back to travel them in peace and serenity.
See you soon, Simonetta
The Father answers
So many times you see and you are convinced that the only things that are real are those which you can see through your physical eyes. But there is much more than that. Do you see Angels? And yet they do exist. Do you see Our Spirit? and yet it is indeed present, and do you ever see the many manifestations of energy ? And yet you are surrounded by energy fields. I believe, my dear Simonetta, that your eyes react to material things around you, while our sweet Simone reacts with his eyes also to immaterial things. There are brothers to whom all this is allowed, either temporarily or over the course of their existence on earth. The sweet Angel of your child can see, has contact with the eyes of your parents and his own Angel, his little Angel, and he is listening very naturally to what they say to him. It is only a brief moment, but your child is seeing for you. If I were you I would learn from the information sent from your parents, what they transmit is the truth, it is truth of the Sky. Do not worry about Simone, my dear, with your help you may solve the perplexity that our Simone is feeling when people don’t accept that he perceives things. Simply explain to him with Love that his eyes are a little magic and they can see much more than the eyes of other people. In his life these perceptions have a meaning , over time, through choices, he will carry on to conclusion his own project. Your help is very important for all of this to happen, you always knew this in your heart and today Your Father is dictating a confirmation for you.
The project flows also through your help; both on earth and in the Sky the help from other brothers is truly essential.
My great treasure, much Love to you, to help you, and in the end you too will see the realization of your own project.
And while I am kissing you I am surrounding you with Love.
Your Father adores you.
Thank you very sweet Father
Children With Perceptions Of Afterlife Answers From Heaven Children With Perceptions
Children With Perceptions Of Afterlife
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