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Life After Death And Bereavement Answers

Life After Death And Bereavement Answers From Heaven About Life After Death
Life After Death And Bereavement Answers : dearest Sara, I just read one of the Answers from the Sky and I was very impressed with what I read, the answer came from the Father and also from the Guardian Angel, I would also very much like to know the name of my Angel, as you know I certainly received some signs, however I am not quite sure what its real name is, could you please help me?, I would also like to ask another question, I have been suffering, and I still am suffering, I am sure just like everybody else, from the loss of some people who were dear to me and of some friends, and I am wondering if they are truly happy up there, if over there each ailment is truly relieved and if they are close to each other, I like to think that in Paradise my grandparents are still together and hold each other’s hand and all people who are no longer here on this earth are doing the same; there is no consolation, I believe, for the loss of someone dear to us, the only thought that could soothe our sorrow is to know that they are well and that they are close to each other, and I would also like to know if they are able to hear us when we call them or we think about them; a strong embrace to you.
God The Father’s answer
So much pain is transmitted on earth when loved ones, once they finished their project, reap the fruits from their earthly lives that they just ended. Death is your greatest fear. You recognize the presence of the Angels, you recognize all sweet miracles, you recognize the countless manifestations of the Sky, but then you think that death is like the dark, absence of perception.
When I welcome you over here, you show joy toward me, I exist, I am here, I am always here for you and the discovery of the heart becomes an immediate request for signs to be sent over to you as a confirmation of the existence of the Father and the Sky.
But let’s go back to your question.
A lifetime is only one moment in your eternity, a moment in which to descend to experiment yourself in your capacity to love, far away from this place where everything is an expression of Love. And death is the most important moment of this so-called earthly life because the sweet fruits that you reap reflect the much-experimented Love on earth; the more you will reap the more it means you will have experimented Love on earth. These are the precious fruits that you sweetly reap at that moment you call death. And there is no greater satisfaction for a heart to realize, through the eyes of the Spirit, just how much was sowed with one’s Love. Through the eyes of the Spirit it is now possible to understand how each selfless gesture affected a multitude of people, a perception that is impossible to feel when you are an incarnated body. At the moment of death it is transmitted to you just how you had faced each difficulty starting from the heart and putting Love, and this is extremely evident to the eyes of the Spirit, this too is not evident at the level of incarnated body. Again at the time of death in your heart there is an explosion of intense emotions, joy is truly Joy, love is truly Love and your contentment is truly Contentment, the lightness you feel without your physical body is for all of you a truly fantastic emotion and without that body there is no more sorrow and trouble and this too lightens your feelings in you. This moment of death highlights the fact that the true darkness, the lack of perceptions, as far as the Spirit is concerned, is what life on earth represents.
I could spend hours, my sweet daughter, telling you how much joy couples transmit here in the Sky, they fall in love again in the Spirit and it is just a wonder to see the light in their eyes sending each other Love with all of their hearts, then there are brothers, the friends and all the relatives who are greeting each other showing one’s satisfaction and great availability at all times.
This is the death that opens up to the Sky. It is a pity about all this sorrow, it is sorrow that you transmit, it is worry, it is waiting, sorrowful waiting for that moment, however, listen to the message that this Father has given to you today and think “Happiness“, this is what awaits me, when my heart will cease to beat in this body, I will be able to experiment happiness, but until that moment I know that the great happiness will be the reward that my heart will feel for all the Love I will have given while on earth and if I want to be truly happy right away I will transmit my dear ones now in the Sky my happiness in knowing that they are truly happy, go ahead and turn your sorrow into awareness, Love is the thread that unites your existence on earth with the one in the Sky.
Love, Love, Love is part of you, you are Love in the eternity
Your Angel is taking you Faby the hand and he is telling you “ Shortly, a confirmation. Do not worry, I am always by your side, everybody up there is in contact with your heart. You are thinking of the Spirit as a body, but the Spirit is the heart, sweetest Love, the same sweetest Love that I am feeling for you with all myself. I love you.
Your Angel
And with all my Love.
Your Father.
Thank you Father for your precious Help
Life After Death And Bereavement Answers From Heaven About Life After Death
Life After Death And Bereavement Answers
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