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Prayer The Meaning Of The Prayer

Prayer The Meaning Of The Prayer Answers From Heaven About The Prayers
Prayer The Meaning Of The Prayer : hi Sarah, I wanted to ask (If I can) another question to the Father, hi Father, I am giving you the opportunity to be forgiven for the delay in replying to me the last time, also, even though I am catholic I believe in incarnation and I have to say that the discovery of reincarnation through this web site, which confirms its existence, has shocked me a little (there is still hope for me to see Paradise); the fact that we incarnate again, and choose the type of life that we will have while on earth, continues to bring up a question in me, which I am now asking you. If all that happens to us was already pre-decided and will happen in the future, what is the meaning of prayer? praying for a change in a situation that brings us suffering, at this point, has no meaning any more; we were the ones who chose our path of growth, we decided ourselves that we, for example, would outlive a loved one, so why then pray to have him saved ? why hope for a miracle, if what we pray for is not what was originally planned for us and it will not happen, so then why pray?
Let it be clear that I don’t want to be argumentative, but I would like a simple answer. I love you, and this time you will have to forgive me if I have been too pushy. Well, now we are even.
God The Father answers
My treasure, here I am with all my Love to reply to your thoughts and your questions in your heart.
I have forgiven you every thought you had against me, I have forgiven you each moment of rage when you turned against me in a fit of desperation, and now I want to explain to you to make you understand what is really programmed in life versus what it is not.
The project of a Soul is programmed for the experimentation of specific qualities with which Love is being expressed, in both directions of receiving it and giving it.
Sometimes certain conditions are necessary to be able to experiment, these conditions will present themselves while on earth. However, very often there is no need for specific conditions to be present, being Love can be expressed under any condition and experimenting will then simply take place in the form of your daily lives. My treasure, illnesses, death, they are not always pre-chosen conditions, they are events that take place when the body grows old, or they interruptions caused by accidents in which the responsibility of other hearts is reflected. This to explain to you that not always the word ‘ Separation’ is what’s written in your projects. These are events and within the events lies our support to help you experiment yourselves as Love under these conditions.
About reincarnation , my treasure, I already explained many times that life on earth alternates to the life, or to the long stay, here in the Sky. Life on earth, which you measure in days and years, is only a short moment of your overall existence. You spend much longer here in the Sky than on your adventure on earth. Despite the fact that the existence on earth is so short for every one of you children, the actual experience accumulated while on earth is great. Think about it, each instant of your daily lives, you can love or you can keep on living without experimenting the feeling that is in you.
I want to remind you, Anna, my treasure , that the experience on earth is exactly to experiment oneself in the sweet Love that you carry inside you. For you on earth the objectives are different, but as Souls, my dear, the one and only objective that you have come to experiment is the heart, the Love that beats inside you. Reincarnation is a great possibility to continue to make progress in the sweet experimentation of your own heart. Reincarnation means an opportunity for many people who made mistakes to go back to their path again after it was interrupted by their mistake; for others it’s a greater consciousness within their own feelings of the heart.
But your message is also asking about prayer and its usefulness.
Once you used to pray and ask me for a miracle, the miracle was not possible because this creature of mine did not want miracles, instead he wanted help for you, to defend yourself from the sorrow that you were feeling and to protect yourself from the sorrow that you were going to experiment, after his death. The death of one of your beloved ones always puts doubts in your minds about my intervention, just like it doubts my love, just like it puts doubts about my very own existence in many of my children. This is my daily reality, but my great treasure, my Love is great, and my intervention is always and only to help you within the truth, which is what you ask of me from heart. Look at yourself, I have guided you and now you are here, listening to me while I am speaking to you, and just now I am fulfilling the wish which your loved person has requested of me.
Is this help? This is the result of the prayer that he constantly asks me ‘Protect her from this sorrow’.
To pray is to authorize my help. Let me explain. By praying you authorize each one of us here the Sky today to be close to you, to sustain you by donating words to your heart that can better help you face the experience that you are presented within the light of the Spirit . While you are praying, you are concentrating, your feeling requests our help and authorizes our direct intervention.
This is the first important element of prayer: The request for help and authorization.
The second element is our intervention. Following your prayer, your feeling communicates to us where our help is needed, it may be for a question to which you are seeking an answer, it could be a change of attitude to overcome a problem, it may be a moment in which your hope is abandoning you and you need it back, it could be a wish that you would like to fulfill, the requests of help that a sweet heart may send are many, our intervention consists of answers to these requests for help from your heart. The answer to the prayer is always directed at you, even when you are asking for help for others. You point out the request for help for the other person and we listen to the request of help from that other creature, however our intervention is always for the creature who is praying. This knowledge is sufficient to understand just how important is a prayer that is asked from the heart. There is the though, and there is the heart, and as I told you many times already, I listen to your hearts as opposed to the multitude of words from your thoughts. Love is inside the heart and we are all united to you only through Love. Often your Angels listen to your thoughts too, however, just like us, their intervention always goes through by speaking to your heart.
This is the reply, my sweet Anna, to your wish to hear me talk again and answer your perplexities.
Satisfied , sweet treasure ?
With Love.
Your Father.
Thank you my loved Father.
Prayer The Meaning Of The Prayer Answers From Heaven About The Prayers
Prayer The Meaning Of The Prayer
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