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Misfortune Or Test In Life?

Misfortune Or Test In Life? Answers from Heaven About Test Of Live Or Misfortune
Misfortune Or Test In Life : hi Sarah, I would like to ask a question that regards me personally but may be of interest to other people, too, why is it that in life we often find ourselves having to suffer due to situations that seem to repeat themselves over and over again, even if they are caused by different people or for different reasons, they always have something in common? it is as if they are repeating themselves forever; stories, situations, difficulties that caused for us to suffer, which, over time, repeat themselves and they crush our hopes, and they take away our strength to face those situations again because we already had to overcome them in the past.
Do we choose to have these situations because we are sadistic? are they some kind of test? right now I am trying to keep going and even though I do start new things with some fear, mixed with enthusiasm, unfortunately afterward there is always something that prevents things from going right and I sink back into pessimism again, and the worst thing is that sometimes we lose our hope that we will ever get to see our wishes come true….
I do not understand the reason for this, and the bad thing is that, while we are absorbed in our sorrow or pessimism, we are not even able to hear, as an example, the sweet messages from our Celestial Friends.
I hope to receive a reply (no hurry)
Thank you and a strong hug. Silvia
God The Father answers
My sweet Silvia, I listened your question with much interest and while I am answering to you I also know that many other sweet children are asking themselves the same question.
Is it a test, or misfortune ?
Well, let’s start.
There are some tests that were indeed chosen by you. Long before you incarnated, as you looked to the other Souls here in Paradise, the Souls you deem as more evolved, you matured a wish for your own growth. Millions of experiences were chosen just for the purpose of fulfilling this wish. A wish to face many difficulties while always resorting to your Love. To give you a good example, inside your heart you have matured the wish to answer with Love to your brothers who are not yet sufficiently evolved as to recognize their heart as their own bastion; this non-knowledge brings them toward you without them using their heart, without any respect, only conscious of materiality and with no other consciousness, while, on the other hand, you are constantly maturing more and more consciousness. These meetings can prove difficult for a heart, but for you, to be able to somehow give an answer starting from your Love it is to conquer the fulfillment of the wish that you had designed for yourselves. This is only an example, isn’t it, my dear ?
Therefore, my dear, more than tests, these are choices geared toward your evolution.
Second point:
Within the choices that you had planned to allow your evolution, these experiences can bring the solution, the acquisition of experience for your heart, in which your Love that has experimented managed to resolve conflict by mobilizing itself with serenity. Many brothers, when witnessing a conflict, instead of mobilizing their heart, they use their mind to understand, but this is only a perceived knowledge. Solutions involve emotions and both emotions and solutions are to be found in the heart. Often some brothers distance themselves from conflict by inserting an interruption as opposed to a solution to this conflict; however, your wish is to learn and there is no teaching reflected in interruption. This is the reason why you continue to subconsciously look for situations in which you may learn to mobilize solutions from inside your heart, and this is the reason why these situations continue to repeat themselves, by seeking them you are actually seeking for solutions to be found from your Love. Is the search endless ? No, it is not endless. Among the many solutions you will find the right one in the heart, you will acquire much experience , your consciousness will increase, the wish will be fulfilled and you will no longer seek those situations because you will have learnt. There are many brothers who spend their entire lives with the same problems , and even right now they are many, it is to them that I am speaking now and I repeat myself, the solutions come from your Love; understanding the emotions sent by other brothers also absorbed just like you in this problem, can represent the answer and the solution of the problem itself.
My treasure, my dear Silvia, as you have seen, I started the message with a question : Is it a test or is it misfortune ? As you have noticed I have yet to mention the word misfortune, do you know why ?
You are the ones who label certain events, problems, conflicts, as misfortune……. In reality, these are simply conditions, predetermined by yourselves, to help your growth. How can you call it misfortune when the outcome is that you reach your growth? How can you call it misfortune if ultimately you will reach your desire for growth? For a long time now I have been teaching you to always to decide from the heart, listening to your heart, through many difficult situations, and over time I noticed that many of you, by deeply listening to their own emotions, have continued to change how you approach problems, and I have witnessed more serenity even when facing them. This contribution of Love that I gave you already helped many, and it is my wish that it will help many more.
I will conclude by referring to the incidents labeled as misfortune….once again this is not really misfortune, today unfortunately there are many brothers who do not put Love in their respect for other people - unsafe building practices which then cause accidents, there are brothers who do not put Love out for others and build entire lives which only contemplate themselves, there are brothers who do not put Love out for others by imposing themselves on the lands, on the people, having economic power as their priority. This is not misfortune , this is selfishness and fatal accidents are often caused by the selfishness, and not misfortune!
However, always have hope, hope in yourselves in your ability to pass the teachings which you had chosen for yourselves and hope that with Love much selfishness will leave the heart of many brothers. Be a treasure, be Love, and Love will begin to spin around the earth more and more, and selfishness will be replaced by Love.
My dear Silvia, I embrace you and with a big hug I say goodbye to all of you.
Your Father.
Thank you Father for your constant presence.
Misfortune Or Test In Life? Answers from Heaven About Test Of Live Or Misfortune
Misfortune Or Test In Life?
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