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God In The Old Testament Answers

God In The Old Testament Answers From Heaven About The Figure Of God
God In The Old Testament Answers : forgive me, Sarah, I do not know how your web site works, meaning that a while ago I sent a question to the Father, since I have yet to receive an answer, I wondered if I had made a mistake when sending the e-mail, and maybe it never did reach you; or maybe the Father, unable to answer everybody, has to choose whom to answer, here it is again, in case it never reached you; I would like to know from Him why in the Old Testament we read about an angry, irate and violent Lord
He knows the reason for my question and the doubts that arise in me every time I read a passage of the Bible where extermination of people is mentioned.
I am waiting for a reply, if that’s not possible, at least I just wanted to know that this e-mail reached you.
Thank you for your patience. Anna
God The Father answers
I am answering your letter and apologize for the long delay. I would like to speak to you every day, to be there for my children, and each day I would like to donate to you millions of words, but Sara Luce in her human clothes can only stay in contact with Us for short periods of time; she has her needs too, and each contact with Us, even the shortest one, is exhausting, because expanding the heart needs a lot of Love and it is not easy to activate this love without the stimulus of a heart. Sara Luce knows that often the way for her to connect with us is by thinking of the Love which we would always like to donate to you from up here in the Sky and most of the time this is sufficient to activate her Love, however, the heart is exactly the subject of your letter and I will answer you from the heart, my beloved Anna.
The advice that Sarah Luce gave you, to read and to understand the messages we have dictated to the humanity, as you wrote in a subsequent letter, have engaged your heart and it is with pleasure that I have read about the feelings of Love that you felt inside your heart, and those tears of sweetness you have shed, they are exactly the answer from your heart to my heart.
I want to teach you, I want to teach all of you to listen to your heart to understand truth from non-truth. You feel the meaning of it in the spontaneous emotions of your heart. If it is Love that is transmitted to you, your being will be involved with emotions of Love; if Love is not being sent to your heart you will feel silence, while on that occasion it’s your mind that will begin to speak.
But let’s go back to your messages, to your letters; reading the Old Testament, did you feel serenity or Love inside your heart?
My sweet Anna, could it possible that at one point I was bad, and subsequently I became only Love? If you simply listen to your heart, you will find silence, while the mind will begin to ask questions and to speculate. However, as I told you, that silence is the answer of the truth. No recognition, no emotion.
And now, still concentrating on your heart, listen to this: “your Father has always loved every creature, He has always encouraged his creatures to be sweetly Love, just like you were created, this Father has always forgiven all errors, in the hope of helping you, through sweetness, to always be more as Love yourselves, and in times of need, when it was asked of Him to help, that help always arrived, either directly or through some brother whom I encouraged to come to your side”.
Listen to your heart, is there an impression of truth? It’s because you remember everything about me, but inside the heart, the emotions you are feeling are transmitting their memory of me in the truth. The memory is what allows to feel kindness, sweetness, tranquility and affection in your heart. It is the memory that is moving your feeling. It is not hope, can you tell? It is recognition. My sweet Anna, I am sending this teaching to remind all my children that you all have truth inside your hearts, you just have to listen to it, and I smile sweetly, I still wish to transmit a lot more words, and that smile in Sara Luce’s heart tells me that my heart can still count on her heart. You are the ones who speak, I transmit emotions.
I want to embrace you with each word dictated from me, I want to embrace you with each message or question, and I want to embrace you very close to my heart at every moment.
Now I am embracing everybody and my sweet Anna, have you forgiven me for my delay?
At your side with my Love.
Your Father.
A kiss, very sweet Father
God In The Old Testament Answers From Heaven About The Figure Of God
God In The Old Testament Answers
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