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Animals Have A Soul? Answers

Animals Have A Soul ? animals And Soul Answers From Heaven
>Animals Have A Soul ? : hello my dearest Sarah, I am Clarissa, I hope you are well, I recovered quite well from the depression I was suffering from, also thanks to Roberta, whom I speak to often and who has had and still has kind words for me, so thank you for having introduced me to her, I would like to ask two questions to the Father, if possible; dear Father, here I am again writing to you, hoping for an answer from you, in my life I met people who assert that animals do not have a soul, I have owned many pets and I still own them so the question I am asking myself is the following, how is it possible that animals do not have a soul? it is clear that animals have feelings, dogs, for instance, always show their love for their owners, cats purr, I have seen a young goat hit her head against the wall when somebody took her little cub away from her, I have seen a horse kick when somebody took his mating horse away from him, it seems impossible to me to believe that the animals have no soul.
The Father answers
My dear Clarissa, on the subject of animals, did you notice how everybody, with the few exceptions of people who are scared of animals, react from their heart to manifestations of love from animals? Why? Why is it that it’s the heart that answer? Because the feeling that is generated is exactly in reply to the feeling coming from the animal. Our animals are a concentration of feelings, feelings that they are expressing inside, within their species, and feelings that are expressed toward anyone who takes care of them. My dear, there is an answer to your question and the answer is: of course animals have a Soul and they are amongst you to allow your own feeling to be expressed to the natural world. Just like a nice flower, a tree, a rock, as you focus your attention and your affection to the natural world, animals do the same. The only difference is not in the formation of the Soul as feeling, but it’s the project of that Soul.
These sweet animals may express themselves entirely through love, whereas for you it’s much more complex. The journey of every one of my children’s Soul, while inside the physical body, and while outside in a body of light, is to recognize yourselves as my children, to recognize yourselves as made of the same substance as me, to recognize yourselves as a unity. The journey is only a journey, it’s the difference. After death your animal is once again free to jump around you or to be re-born to bring a sweet a stimulus of Love to other hearts. Often your pet is with you even while you are in our Sky too, I repeat, it is a free choice from your animals. Would you be surprised to find them waiting for you in this Sky in the density of their body? If Love is what it was, you will find them there waiting for you.
Let’s continue.
Your Father
Animals Have A Soul ? animals And Soul Answers From Heaven
Animals Have A Soul ?
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