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Marriage of Clergymen And Nuns Answers

Marriage of Clergymen And Nuns Answers From Sky About Marriage Of Clergymen And Nuns
Marriage of Clergymen And Nuns Answers : the second question from Clarissa, my second question, If you will allow me, concerns clergymen and nuns; the rule that they cannot marry and they can not have children is, in my opinion, inconceivable, sweet Father, would it be not the same, or perhaps better, if they were allowed to marry?, I would not like to raise a storm with this question, but I do know of a few clergymen and nuns, who can truly be defined as such, so great is their Love and their devotion, however my doubt lingers inasmuch as in my humble opinion, they could be just as nice people as if they had a family even while they continued to spread Your Word, as far as I know the law forbidding them to marry comes from the Church and nowhere else, am I wrong, Father? have you ever said that those who spread Your Word cannot marry? is it there a nicer thing than a family full of Love? forgive me for my question, but it is something that I feel is very close to my heart and I believe this is a great sacrifice for them, I embrace you my sweet Father and I love you immensely.
God The Father answers
Attention, my sweet Clarissa, if a brother’s love for me is such that a brother wants to marry me, why do you call it a sacrifice? I am in them and they are in me. Our union is aimed at helping all my creatures. It is Love within the union that addresses itself to you.
This is the Spirit of cohesion that differentiates the choice of the sweet Souls who choose marriage with me.
With this I do not mean to say that over time the desire for a marriage with other brothers many not occur; even Love needs exchange, sharing, physical interaction, which is missing in our union, however very often the Love that’s activated in recreating our union implies that the desire may still exist while still reconfirming the choice to unite with your Father.
The choice lies within the union and to reconfirm the choice of union is the wish that has brought these sweet Souls to their marriage with me.
If over time reconfirming their own choice becomes so difficult, then freedom, you are brothers, make your Love for the heart of your brothers available. I shall be with you just as much as I am with my other children and you will create that union amongst you. As always I shall respect your choices, just in the same way as any marriage can be broken off by choice, also our marriage can be interrupted; however, if you leave a husband or a wife, do you still think of yourself as married? The same is valid for us, I will honor a choice that will alter your journey, but it does alter your journey.
If the wish for marriage with me, to be in union with me, has led my child to this important choice, there will be no sacrifice, there will be joy, united to me, us together in cohesion, united to help you. A big kiss to my children. A big kiss my dear and sweet Clarissa.
Your Father.
Thank you my beloved Father.
Marriage of Clergymen And Nuns Answers From Sky About Marriage Of Clergymen And Nuns
Marriage of Clergymen And Nuns Answers
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