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Statues Crying Tears Of Blood symbolism

Statues Crying Tears Of Blood symbolism meaning Answers From Heaven
Statues Crying Tears Of Blood symbolism meaning : my dearest Sara, over the last few years I have been asking myself some questions which I am still trying to find an answer to; perhaps they are of common interest, I do not know; perhaps there is something that has already been dictated or transcribed on this subject, and I have not yet gotten to read it, I will leave you the decision whether you would like to answer me directly in a private way (with calm and with absolutely with no hurry) or whether to let Them answer me; let’s talk about the first question, from time to time we hear in the news about statues representing our sweetest Mother crying tears of blood, I do not want to stop and discuss what is being said to us (or better: held hidden from us!) by the Church. Instead, what I have always both asked and told myself is that since the Virgin Mary (who donates all Her Motherly Love to her children unconditionally) is crying tears of BLOOD (!!) it must mean that She is sad, and she is distressed because of our behavior, that She is sad when she sees that we do not follow our heart and above all She is crying because we do not act like true brothers.
I never interpreted the crying tears of blood as a good sign, perhaps because of the blood …. I always had the impression that She was shouting out Her sorrow in that way, because of what Her eyes see and for what Her Merciful Heart feels.
I do not know if I explained myself well … but I have been asking myself this question for a long time and I would be grateful to you if could give to me an explanatory answer.
The Virgin Mary answers
My sweet Katia, today I wish to speak, I am the Virgin Mary, and the answer you will read, my sweet dear, wants to explain to you the meaning of my appearances. The focus on my image takes brothers back to the relation of the Love that all of you, as children, give to your mothers. As a child, you would like to see happiness in the eyes of your mother, as child you would like to be looked at with joy, with pride, for what you are, for the sweet life that you are living within the feeling, the Love that you donate fills the eyes of your mother with great meaning, as the Love that was first donated to you on the many moments that constituted your growing up. This my dear, is what the eyes are, the reflection of what was donated to you, and the joy for all that you are donating.
In the eyes you can see joy and anguish. The eyes of your mother are the same as the eyes of your Mother in the Sky.
Why the blood? The eyes transmit sorrow in noticing that the large amount of Love donated has not corresponded to a reciprocation of the transmitted Love in the feeling for everybody. “Why are you crying?” the child asks, and your mother shall explain her sadness, she is crying for you, for your reluctance at expressing your feeling, it is because of your often violent and aggressive relationships, even toward your own children, and your mother cries and does not understand where she has gone wrong. From your heart you understand unexpectedly that you have the power to remove that sorrow, by beginning to light up the Love inside your hearts and once the Love is lit up everything shall change and your mother will slowly transmit to you from her eyes her joy and great affection and pride.
This Mother from the Sky is crying tears of blood because the pain She is feeling for a child is as great as a deep wound that is bleeding. A wound in Her heart that will not stop bleeding for the selfishness in your heart. You are all brothers and not strangers, you are all members of the same family and not isolated members. The Love exchanged with a stranger is Love exchanged with one of your own brothers and separation is the reason for my sorrow. I want to unite you, through my appearances I am trying to unite brother with brother, and in front of my eyes, when I see all of you genuflecting all together, is a reminder for all of you to be truthfully all equal, my sweet children and brothers between you.
My dear, do not consider this as an omen and even less as a bad omen, I come for unity, brother with brother, this is the message built in my appearances.
I would like for your brothers to find in this dictation straight from the heart a strong motivation to thank you for your Love that has made it possible for everybody to learn the truth.
And from my heart I would like for all of you to thank each other for the truth that you are discovering just by the Love that is mobilized by of each of you.
My sweet children, you are all my children, you are all brothers among you, love each other.
With Love. Your Mother.
Thank you very sweet Mother.
Statues Crying Tears Of Blood symbolism meaning Answers From Heaven About Statues And Tears Of Blood
Statues Crying Tears Of Blood symbolism meaning
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