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Homosexuality Answers From Sky

Homosexuality Answers From Sky About Homosexuality Love Soul Respect Homosexual People
Homosexuality Answers From Sky : and here is the second question from Katia’s letter, I respect everybody, I always respected everybody and I just believe that that’s what I will always do (the famous phrase, do not do to others what you do not want to be done to you has been a part of my daily life since I was practically eight years old) “Respect” in all its forms and above all its contexts; in particular, I respect homosexual people (men or women) and I do accept them with their sexual preferences, I do not have any problem speaking with them, speaking of them, and for them, this is how I see it, Love is Love and therefore what’s the problem if two people of the same sex love each other? why do they should not have my respect? why should I consider them (as many people do) at same level as animals we keep at a safe distance from?
About eight years ago I discussed with a psychologist different subjects and between them was that of Homosexuality; it was her conviction that all homosexual people have a perversion and they must be treated because two people of the same sex are not meant to stay together: i.e. they are ill
In our time, over here in Italy, politicians are talking of PACS (civil unions), DICO (rights and duties of domestic partners) and all that is related ….. God Loves all His children unconditionally. Thence I firmly believe that He shall love homosexual people in same way. However I am asking myself if He too considers Love exchanged between two people of the same sex as a perversion. I wonder if for Him the term “Family“ is limited to “Man plus Woman and Children”. I do not like to raise a controversy over this subject, but in my heart, I know He accepts and loves everybody, even family groups that are not commonly accepted by our social context … I would like very much to have a confirmation of this, or, if that’s the case, a negative answer, …. but please with a due explanation.
God The Father answers
My sweet treasure, if you knew how much sorrow there is in my heart when I see that respect demonstrated on the surface nearly always does not correspond to authentic respect from the heart. There are many people who will display openness, but in their eyes as like in their thoughts, I do not say they think the exact opposite, but I do see them having doubts also: “Are these children of mine without dignity, are they sinners, sexual deviants or sick?” And with this I already answered your question. These Souls, sweet Souls are all my children and to accept in the heart a behaviour that has long been labeled as a deviation from normality, which is only a label, allows to see that it is only Love that draws a sweet Soul toward another sweet Soul. The situation of a Soul inside a body can be overcome by simply looking at the actual Soul of these creatures of mine. You turn your gaze to the Soul, to the Love, while you provide your judgement to the body.
Every society, in accepting these brothers, sets up its organization, an organization which all of you together can change - only when you perceive that the current set up does not respect people who don’t have a strong presence in the organization. However, you are the ones who chose all this. My contribution is in what I already have told you, look at their Soul, look at the Love that is well expressed by these creatures, and the illness and the deviance will abandon your judgment.
On the subject of judgment, to me a family is composed by Souls who love each other, this is my concept of family. And do your own families reflect this value? Your own family, my sweet beloved Katia, does so without doubt, but you know that when I express myself I wish to speak to all my children, and that is the reason for my question.
This recognition is without doubt a problem for the Church; through your own example you can teach that it is the Soul you have to look at with each creature, and over the course of time you shall see more tolerance in your Church too.
I have to add a point, in the history of mankind, you always decided who should have dignity and who shouldn’t have it, and you made mistakes, and in the course of time you corrected yourselves so consequently your societies corrected themselves too. I would like to invite you to reflect over the fact that life in itself is dignity; and that all that is life is dignity.
I embrace you my dear and I embrace all my children, from the first till the last one of the creation.
Your Father.
Thank you my very beloved Father
Homosexuality Answers From Sky About Homosexuality Love Soul Respect Homosexual People
Homosexuality Answers From Sky
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