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Cloning Answers From Heaven About Cloning

Cloning Answers From Heaven About Cloning Human Cloning Will Be Possible?
Cloning Answers From Heaven About Cloning : and the third and last question posed by Katia concerning cloning, personally I see cloning as man’s challenge toward He who donated us life, it seems to me that man wants to play and to take on the role of God and this leads me to think, especially, about the arrogance of man. I really do not think I am mistaken when I say that God created us (as a Spirit) and donated us life (as human beings) for Love, because He loves us.
On the other hand, why does man clone a sheep or any other another animal? Certainly not because he loves sheeps ...!
Nowadays we hear talk of stem cells, of cloned human embryos… but in all this we never hear Love being mentioned, not even once. Indeed, I would just say that Love does not belong in this subject at all.
All this is focused only over the selfishness of man, over his fear of illnesses, fear of pain, and fear of death. Having said this, my question is very simple. Let’s imagine ourselves a number of years into the future, when human cloning will be possible and will be accomplished without problems (even if I really do not wish it).
Starting from the concept that we are Spirit, we have a Soul. Here on earth we unique, we are made of flesh and … DNA! Should we ever get cloned, would the cloned creatures be Spirit too? Would they have a Soul?
It might be a silly question, but looking at how fast scientific research progresses, I often ask myself this question
God The Father answers
My dear, the wish of humankind is that of defeating the end, only death, to defeat death is the wish of mankind. Fighting deathly illnesses is only a pretext for man to defeat death. This is what research brings with it, the research for immortality.
My sweet children, you are immortal in your Spirit and you live as a Spirit both on earth as in the Sky; the body that you wear is only necessary for you to live in the materiality, however your true body is the Spirit. You can abandon that body without any problem, you stay inside that body but you are not that body. Your body is only an instrument for you to live on earth and, pleasant as your body may be, it does not represent your heart. This dress only represents the possibility to move about, to change places, to meet, to make contact with other hearts.
This is what you are, hearts on the go on earth, sweet Love on the move on earth, sweetly experimenting yourselves when in contact with my Love and with the Love of your brothers.
Okay, let’s now look at the prospect of a successful experiment in creating a body not as result of an act of Love but as a consequence of a successful research.
At that point the body would be able to carry out all the necessary functions to perform an experience of life. At this point the problem would crop up whether to consider this creature as a free body or as a laboratory experiment. If the existence of this creature was limited to only living within the perimeter of the laboratories, I can already promise to you that no Soul shall ever be assigned to that body, but if that body will be able to experience complete freedom, then I will give the possibility to the sweet Soul to choose it as a body within which to experiment themselves.
In any case, over the course of time, research should abandon this goal, this project, new positive developments are opening up for the treatment of illnesses without recurring to cloning and this is what I hope for, exactly the research to take on this positive journey. My darlings and my beloved Katia, a big kiss for you as well as for all my children, you are immortal because you are Spirit, Love, forever, you are Love.
Your Father.
Thank you very sweet Father
Cloning Answers From Heaven About Cloning Human Cloning Will Be Possible?
Cloning Answers From Heaven About Cloning
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