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Fatima Answers About Messages Virgin Mary

Fatima Answers About Messages Virgin Mary To The Psychics Fatima
Fatima Answers About Messages Virgin Mary : sweetest Sara, as I had mentioned to you in my last e-mail, last month I went to a pilgrimage to Fatima and I must tell you that it was a very nice experience, I visited the enormous square during the solemn celebration that took place on the thirteen of June, I saw a lot of suffering, but also lot of hope too, and, above all, when you are over there you do not feel judged or criticized from anybody, people do not judge you for what you are but for what you are like inside; despite the fact that there were many people from many different nations and different languages from our own, I noticed a lot of Love toward other people and a lot of understanding; I have a question to ask to anyone who may hear me from the Sky, in the many messages from the Virgin Mary to the psychics, She always encouraged to pray a lot so as not to fall into the darkness and She gave a lot of useful advice to defeat Jesus’ rival, we all know who it may be; Jesus Himself met and was put to the test by the Devil during the forty days He spent in the desert, in addition She asserted that: ‘if you will not convert, you will all perish in same way, the Father in His messages says that He is Love and He forgives all His children, it is we who create our own Hell.
I do not want to disrupt the Laws of the Sky, but frankly I am a little confused over this subject and I would like to know more about it.
I am sending to you a very big embrace with all my heart.
The Father answers
My sweet Elena, let’s start by explaining that all of you brothers, you should always look at how you are inside your hearts and not in your exteriority. There are places dedicated to Us where this is asserted, but then inside your homes everything remains tied to that experience. The Lord, in His long-time preaching, always said: ‘Here with me you will see Love but you should seek it in each face, in each body of each brother’; that message He transmitted is relevant today as it was yesterday; to the eyes of a brother there always should appear a heart, not a body. On the same token also with Fatima, Love remains over there, the love you breathed in, love and hope and consolation and great freedom to express ourselves as hearts, for many people this remains an experience that is far from their everyday lives. And the meaning of the messages from our Virgin Mary have first of all the purpose of transmitting the necessity of the Spirit, through prayer, to always be in contact with the Truth.
Many people believe that praying is a way to go to Paradise, actually prayer has the purpose of opening your hearts and getting you in contact with Us through our Love, Mary encourages you to pray because through the contact with our Love you may be even more Love yourselves. Just like my Son was put to the test, each one of you are tempted daily by necessities and by fears, he was tempted to give up turning His Love to all of us, by not establishing this contact of Love. When facing the many difficulties you only think of yourselves without us and at this point the solutions can only be based on selfishness. On the contrary, through prayer turned to us, you will receive our help, our support, whatever is possible for Us to do, but this is done in respect of the Love for others. And this is the Truth.
Many people think that our Lord was put to the test by the evil spirit, but what is the evil spirit? A fallen spiritual being that betrayed Love? Every moment I see betrayal of Love, but you are the ones my children who use selfishness; every moment I see murder being committed, but you my children are the ones who murder, each moment I see violence, but you my children are violent; it is not the devil in flesh and bones, you my children are the ones who betray Love. And the subject of the devil is for you my children whenever you betray Love.
And to betray means selfishness.
Embraced to us in the hearts, each word of advice and all our speeches will always be Love, advice will arrive and you will face problems and you will find solutions within Love.
If you imagine you will see different places here in this Sky where you would separate yourselves from me according to the life you lead while you were on earth, you are mistaken; we are all together, but perhaps you are the very ones who would like to separate yourselves far from me, because of your shame, because of your wrong behavior, but as I have said to you many times, Love, you are able to become Love only in contact with Love itself and if it is Love that guides you in Life, my sweet children, then it will be a great joy for you to join me and to celebrate your Love all together.
My treasure, think back to your experience at Fatima, the Sky is a triumph of understanding, as hearts I watch you, as hearts I am with you, both in prayer, and every time a simple thought of Love is born in you.
Enough explaining, my thought is on the life that awaits you, my treasure. I will be with you in the thought, I will be in the heart, hold on tight to me and we will face everything together. Life is your opportunity to express yourselves as sweet Love in every circumstance. Necessity to live far away from me to try to be in contact with me as a heart, necessity to experiment yourselves in all of your Love, in this Life is an opportunity for the necessity.
A kiss my great treasure, remember, I am always with you.
Your Father and Father of many and many children.
Thank you Father
Fatima Answers About Messages Virgin Mary To The Psychics Fatima
Fatima Answers About Messages Virgin Mary
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