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Being a parent Answers from Heaven

Being a parent Answers from Heaven gift of motherhood being a parent


Being a parent Answers from Heaven : dearest Sarah Luce, you can’t imagine how much happiness I felt in my heart reading your answer, my adored Father, only You know what is inside my heart, and You know that, right now, my greatest desire of Love is to be able to spend as much time as possible with my much loved baby girl, however this is not possible for me because I work eight hours a day and when I come home I have to juggle my housewife’s duties with the infinite joy of being a mother.


Sometimes I feel as if I am failing at that, because, it seems to me that in this world we are forced to give the priority on things that are less important (and only You know of what I mean). We should all have more time to dedicate to affection, for our true values; particularly, I feel that the immense gift of motherhood is much too sacrificed because of all economic commitments that we created for ourselves. I feel trapped …. Often I happen to go to work with my heart full of sadness, or, even cry, … I think my question will be of interest to many other mothers, who, reluctantly, have to separate from what is truly important and this makes me infinitely sad!


In my opinion, children are the most wonderful creatures, the most marvelous gift that Your infinite goodness lavishes upon us…. Why do we waste it so, like we do with many other gifts? Only since You guided me all the way here, through my Angel, I have been feeling much comfort for this penance as well as many others… perhaps up until that moment, as You teach us, my heart was closed to Your very precious help because it was much too immersed in sadness and less open to hope for the future… I feel as if I am too sensitive, even when a stranger tells me about her woes, I end up experiencing them personally… some people tell me that I am doing harm to myself, but I am not able to change…. I feel so happy when I can help people. I am sure I am not always able to do so as You would like me to, and that is something I regret, however, since when You illuminated me with Your great Love, leading me to Sara Luce, I feel as if I can still improve, I never shall thank You enough for all this and all the other gifts You send me. I am pleading You, very sweet Father, to show me the right way to fulfill my objective of Love toward my brothers and sisters. I thank you with all my heart and I apologize if my message was so long and complex….



The Father answers


My beloved, there are so many things I would like to tell you about the times we were together and I accepted your pain while I held you in my arms, sending my light to you; my beloved little Angel you are not the one who is doing something wrong, it is this world, which is wrong because it does not know Love very well, how many times I told you these words and you accepted them and among many difficulties you kept going your way. Today there is this opportunity, and we are talking together and the words that I am dictating for you are the beginning of a relation between our hearts, a relationship made up of presence even without listening to my words.


My sweetness, motherhood is a great opportunity to allow your Love to inundate your world with affection. All of you recognize the exchange of affection between a parent and his child, and, by listening to the heart, we express happiness and this acknowledged happiness leads one to find a way to be able to relive in their heart. It is your Love that pushes others to seek Love themselves.


The pregnancy has come and gone and between your arms lies a sweet Soul in a body which barely hints at the adult person that she will be. She will have to go through so many experiences before becoming an adult and the most important experience that a parent can give to his child is through the Love of his heart.


Sweet Annamaria, your heart will now express itself with more words, with even more affection, because you are understanding that even inside a situation that was not of our choice but was imposed on us by the necessities of life, you can always transmit your daughter the importance of your Love in your heart for this creature. Concentrate on your heart, my treasure, and transform each occasion in which you are spending time together into an opportunity to transmit to your daughter the Love that you keep inside your heart.


A son, a daughter, they are all Souls who know our great Love, the expression of feelings on earth shall bring these hearts to donate to others, just like they themselves received; if they were nourished with Love, they shall be Love for other people.


My sweet treasure, are you glad for this chat between us? This is one example of how much a single heart can donate to other people. Think about it, Annamaria, a single heart can donate this much. A single heart, and you are busy giving Love to your daughter. Isn’t it wonderful to be conscious of how much a single heart can give to others? Your heart can donate all this Love. Each sweet son and daughter of mine can donate all of His Love.


And it makes me happy, your heart that loves and each moment I speak to you to encourage you to always love more, for you, for the world, and for all my children.


My treasure, the time for our chat is over, but in my heart I am feeling a lot of sweetness for you my dear, a wonderful sweetness for this little Angel of mine who listens to me and loves me.


I send you a nice big kiss.


Your Father.



Thank you my loved Father




Being a parent Answers from Heaven gift of motherhood being a parent


Being a parent Answers from Heaven


Being a parent


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