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Our journey existence parallel

Our journey existence parallel journeys to Paradise


Our journey existence parallel : sweet Sarah, I am writing to you in a moment of extreme confusion and strong unease, I will never cease to have Faith but I do need a sign, a little confirmation, every day I am looking for a contact with my sweet Angel, whom I have always felt close to me, I followed your instructions, I believe his name is Steve, I had a few instances and more than anything I am looking for my father, at least until a short time ago he appeared to me in my dreams, I feel abandoned, alone, in case it’s possible for you, would you have a message for me? my pain is getting too intense, unbearable, thank you from Daniela

The Father answers

My sweet daughter, I am waiting for your father, he is not very far away from me, but on hearing himself being suddenly called upon to come here to me to talk to you he asked me to wait a moment because he was too overcome with emotion, as a Father I am taking advantage of this moment to speak to you.

Existence, my dear Daniela, is like a journey, there are moments when the journey is uphill, and moments of easy descent, moments where you have to stop and make decisions and then leave again and moments in which to reap the outcome of your journey. Death is something that will be found during this journey, too, the death of a person who dedicated all her Love to us from her heart. I know it is difficult to accept that this important affection could no longer be present in our journey, but perhaps it is important to think that Paradise is a journey that runs parallel to our journey. There is a big difference between being together on the same journey and proceeding together on two parallel journeys, however, my treasure, what joins the two journeys forever in its deployment is just Love. You choose the mountains and the turns, the right of ways, and the speed of the journey, and all the while Love is building its way alongside yours. Then when you suddenly realize that that is the journey you chose, you need a confirmation in the heart that it was precisely Love that had been alongside you all along. Many times insecurity on the meaning of a journey does not allow people to understand that there never was a distance there, that they are parallel journeys, always parallel to the journey that you are building.

Today we are helping you with this message to understand that Paradise is always beside you, without any conditions, without any regrets, without any judgement, we walk beside you to help you choose Love with each step that makes up your journey.

This is the Paradise, your always being sure that you always have Love near you to help you.

A kiss my great treasure and I am giving your father the opportunity to speak to you for a moment.

You donate so much joy to me with each contact, to me happiness means following you, enveloped in the feeling that you have for me, coming from your heart, I know you love me very much but if you could only know how much Love your heart expresses each time it hears from me. Every time I come near you, I am immediately recognized and you celebrate me with so much joy every time you, as a Soul, notice my presence. In the past the Love that you had for me was expressed in the physical contact, now it’s your splendid smile that welcomes me when I come to you. It is a great emotion to feel so welcomed by you.

My sweet Love, now you have the impression that you rarely smile to me anymore, you don’t always notice our presence of inside your heart, with your eyes looking toward the external world you only perceive, you only pay attention to the people in your reality, even though our body is a reality too, it can only be perceived by your heart. You asked me for advice and the most important advice I wish to give to you is to take care of your bodies that bring light, it’s the Love that you are all experimenting, it is with this affection, with this Love that your journey must be undertaken day by day. Do not pay attention to the benefits, but to Love. Remember. Remember my sweet Love, it’s not the benefits, it’s the Love.

In my heart I feel the desire to speak to you for hours, my sweet treasure, now I will reach you and you will feel me in the Love. I shall return to your dreams, although this does not depend on me, if you open your heart to the hope for a contact with me in your dreams, I shall find my beloved little heart open to sweet hope and I will be able to appear. I am happiness and I thank you because it is your great Love that makes me feel so.

A very great embrace with all my heart.

Your father.

My daughter, my precious daughter, I am embracing you too, with my infinite Love.

The Father.

And I am embracing you too, in this wonderful message they have spoken to you of Love, my beloved protected one, I live in the Love, I collect it and I give it to you, I am an Angel and I send you Love on the journey with you, my Love.

And I am embracing you filling your heart with Love.

For us the progress over time, trust and Love for life.

And concerning my name, why don’t you call me the “ Happy Angel”? I would be very glad if you called me that! I would feel very special and besides, I am really glad to be next to you, my Love.


Thank you beloved Father


Our journey existence parallel journeys to Paradise

Our journey existence parallel


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