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Acceptance answer from Heaven accept children

Acceptance answer from Heaven accept children Love new partner answers God the Father   


Acceptance answer from Heaven accept children : dear sweet Father, if it is possible, I would like to ask you a question, sometimes it’s difficult to communicate with children with Love, it’s complicated, especially when they are angry with you for life choices you made, that according to them, they feel are incorrect choices, sometimes, and I am saying this with a great inner sense of guilt, I consider my love for them as an obstacle, but then I immediately regret my thought; despite all this I love him, very much, but I am afraid I am not loving him enough; children are difficult to manage, especially for a single parent, the biological father is who he is, the money is what it is, my new partner has plenty of problems of his own, but the love that unites us is immense.

Sometimes I have the feeling that I do too little, some times too much, I ask your help to understand how to behave, I try to listen to my heart when I am discussing with my son, but sometimes the mind gets the upper hand. I know there are many other mothers who are in exactly the same situation as mine, they too don’t know what to do, they are divided in two: on one side is the son, on the other side is the new partner that the son won’t accept…It is difficult, sweet Father I need your advice, for all mothers who are suffering, who think that they are not giving Love, who keep thinking… My sweet Father, you know how my life has been until now, I need to have this man near me, give me advice on how to handle things with love, only with love and the heart, to let my son accept him, and then there are his children, and then the parents in law, in short, you know the situation perfectly well. I know that it will need time but I need a reply from you, I feel you inside my heart as you are helping me, but I need to hear you talking to me, I need reassurances, I am still a little fragile, and I need you…. Sometimes I am thinking about my poor Angel, what an effort it must be for Him to stay next to me, but He is helping me, I know, please thank him for me, I thank him whenever I can, but please thank him for me.

Thank you. Alessandra

The Father answers

Sweet and beloved Alessandra, I know it’s difficult to expect a heart to open itself and accept and share with us the joy of these new partners. I know the many emotions that are felt, sometimes they change in meaning when we see the rejection of a partner, and in that specific moment the pain brings us to think that “ if I was alone the problem would not exist”, but then right after that, when looking at your creature you feel the love rushing back in again, together with a feeling of guilt for having forgotten the Love that you have for this creature.

My sweet Alessandra, instead of thinking about the heart, think of the Love that beats for him, for this child that you gave birth to, and those sweet moments when, while he lay in your arms, his eyes told you ”I need you for my existence”, think of your child that way, your creature that needs you to survive, that needs your Love to exist, to live.

My dear, with this in your heart it will not be difficult for you to accept not only that it is also your son’s right to choose to Love your new partner, but also that your partner’s children have a right to choose to love you too. My dear, by accepting this truth you will allow your heart to always be a presence of Love and it will be this sweet presence of Love to carry all these creatures to accept you in their Love.

My treasure, now I am speaking with you but I am addressing myself to everybody, you have a heart that is brimming with Love, don’t let this feeling go unexpressed until the end of things, for example ”when the situation will calm down then I will love”, or “at the end of this, then I will love“ when this sweet situation will be solved, then, I will love; my sweet children, delete the word “then” from your hearts; immediately, now, in this exact moment, in this situation, in every moment, I put my heart first of all, I put my Love, it will be my activated Love that will allow to me to say “ this has been solved thanks to the Love that I have put in it“, this has been concluded thanks to the Love that I have put in it, this situation has been faced, thanks to my donated Love “. My loved ones, put your heart in it, now, and let that heart and your great Love guide your existence.

Sweet Alessandra, my beloved children, Love is the feeling you always carry with you, and expressing it to other hearts activate the same feeling in those hearts too. Do you understand why these situations create conflicts? Only by expressing the feeling from the heart you put other hearts in the condition to understand that the feeling you have for them is Love and in your place those hearts will only see your Love. Acceptance is to welcome the Love of the other person.

With all my Love.

Your Father.


Thank you beloved Father for your precious teaching


Acceptance answer from Heaven accept children Love new partner answers God the Father


Acceptance answer from Heaven accept children


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