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Death feelings time of passing new life

Death feelings time of passing new life testimonies from the Sky   


Death feelings time of passing new life : hello, my name is Sarah, in the first months of this year I unfortunately had to say farewell to both my father and to my cousin, with whom I had a strong loving relationship; I would like to ask them if they suffered and if Mauro had returned to accompany my father in the passing; I am missing them very much and I know that my father is next to me, I can feel him, I would like to know if Mauro is next to me also, or if he is accompanying another person.

Please say a big hello to them.

Thank you, Sarah

The answer from Sarah’s (biological) Father and Mauro

My loved one, over time you will understand that death is a very nice moment in life, you separate from your body as light as a feather and you don’t fear death because feelings are exploding inside your heart; my treasure, to give you an example I, as your father, I felt a great Love for my wife and for you, at that time of passing my eyes, I assure you, they looked at you as if it was the first time I saw her, in the smile the recollection of such great affection that, for the first time, was exploding inside me; this is what I felt when death finally arrived for me too, to see you with these eyes and with an explosion of Love in my heart. My dear, what you did for me was all that could be done given my situation and my suffering, little flower; your eyes witnessed so much more than suffering in the physical sense, it was suffering for us just trying to get better. If you only knew how many times I had wanted to miraculously to get better and I invoked the help of our Father, but it was all for you, for those eyes of yours that, I could see, were suffering very much. Then I went through a time of intense suffering and in my heart my prayer was “ Take me with you our Father and delete that suffering from the eyes of my daughter, delete from her eyes the sight of me suffering this way, and this prayer of mine was listened to.

Death is nothing else other than the beginning of a new life and as I explained to you at that moment I noticed it, I felt so much Love inside my chest, that I can assure you my new life began right away within Love.

And it continues in the Love for you and I am always beside you, as Love. My treasure, your life will continue, there will be some losses; this is normal, but in those moments go ahead and think of what I just told you because the experience of witnessing such intense feelings is the experience of every Soul at the moment of passing. I worship you and I will be next to you during your life, but you must always choose feelings to guide you in your journey.

Good bye from your bear.


My dear cousin, what I like is that now I can see the thousands of secrets that every heart keeps locked inside; it is really exciting. Do you remember on earth how many secrets, how many questions and doubtful answers, now there are no more doubts. You focus your feelings of Love on the relationship as a couple and you don’t notice that in front of you there are many other brothers who need a lot of Love and it would be wonderful to love them all. This is what I noticed in my new life, that it is very nice to love all brothers, without being necessarily restricted within a relation as a couple, and it would be wonderful to be able to love them all. This is my teaching based on what I see, while you are on earth let go of this being alone, let go of this concept that you can only love each other in stages and only a few people, this Love that you have inside your hearts is huge and it’s wonderful, why limit this love only to people who are in a couple relationship, brothers, take back the truth that you are all happy brothers only when Love can be freely exchanged amongst all of you. Come on, in truth, if you begin to do it, even your brothers will follow your example and will spread more and more feelings among you, this is what the transformation of planet earth is about, relearning to sweetly love every single brother you meet during your journey. I am learning too, because even in Paradise there is much to learn and I am learning to express myself from my heart with every Soul that I meet and it’s beautiful to see myself being so affectionate, available and attentive to every contact with others.

And this is where my testimonial ends, I hope it will be of help to you, add what I just told you to your life and you will be the first one to be happy. The strength of truth is inside the eyes and sending it now is wonderful, my sweet and loved cousin

By the way, nobody is ever alone at the time of passing, I did go to meet your father but I was certainly not alone, as I just explained to you, our hearts bring us to be a presence when a loved one reaches the end of earthly life. It’s a truly special feeling when their eyes see you, it’s beautiful, you see the joy in their eyes and it’s wonderful because you are the ones donating this joy. And those eyes donate joy back to you.

It’s beautiful

I hug you with all my heart



Thank you, Father, to have allowed this contact through your Love.


Death feelings time of passing new life testimonies from the Sky

Death feelings time of passing new life



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