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Suffer anxiety attacks depression answers

Suffer anxiety attacks depression panic answers from Heaven causes   


Suffer anxiety attacks depression answers : I suffer from depression, anxiety attacks and panic, I have taken medications but I know that this is not the only way out of it, I have undertaken a journey of personal discovery to find the causes inside myself and to find the love to heal myself, it is not easy, fear, anxiety are always behind the corner to get you down, but you are always with me, I know, and you encourage me through all this; typical, I wanted to ask you a question and instead I find myself thanking you for all the Love you give me, for the strength that a tear of release is capable of giving me, I am off guard, yes, because you, Father, you are still our salvation anchor, a refuge where peace is everywhere and where our Guardian Angel doesn’t ever lose the opportunity to let us feel that he is hugging us, my original question is now turning into a prayer, help all of us all find that breath of Love that we all carry inside and help us learn to look at our fears, to overcome them, confident that You are always next to us.

Thank you, Silvia.

The Father answers

My great treasure, my sweet daughter, in my heart is a contact of joy with you, during the time we spent together in this Sky we spent many moments together talking about the Love that is kept inside you, at that time you laughed because when looking at your heart each emotion became a different colour and often your heart would express entire rainbows and you would look at yourself and laugh because my presence produced in you wonderful rainbows. The Love that you had then in the heart was very visible but today your eyes are not able to see the colors any more, this, my sweet Silvia this does not mean that you no longer have colours, it means that your eyes are not able to perceive them.

This is the condition on earth, but my dear, each colour turns into an emotion, on earth you have emotions that speak to you of your Love. Inside your body the rainbow is still there but you are always distracted by your life, by what happened and by what might happen. You are shining but you don’t know it. This is the truth. Each one of you puts his heart in the contact, moment after moment during the course your lives, but you become distracted when listening to yourselves. Today, for instance, my dear, this experience of reading my words should produce a wonderful rainbow in your heart; instead, you are reading and the light that you are producing is enveloped in unawareness. How can I help you? You know that from the Sky we can only can speak directly to your hearts, but, my treasure, this experience requires that you concentrate on your heart, as I have taught you not long ago in one of my messages, and through your listening to the heart you will find me always with you, explaining to you, consoling you, loving you my sweet daughter.

Think of us with confidence that our Love is always for you and this confidence is the result of the words you have read, however at any given time this Love is inside you to help you in each moment of your life, to reassure you of the presence of our Love in your heart, but in order for these words to be a proof to you, it’s necessary for you to listen to them.

My sweet Silvia, I am embraced to your heart, you are my daughter, my precious daughter, and it is my wish to help you, now that you are on earth, accept all the Love that I can transmit directly to your heart, seek me deep inside yourself and over time there will be a great transformation of your life, being with me will delete every fear, we will face together many problems and we will always live together the moments of joy.

Listen to me Love, what a sweet rainbow I have just seen right now in your heart, it manifested itself in the heart for me, it did not get damaged in the contact with life on the earth, it is only unaware, but it is very beatiful.

I am waiting for you, I am always comfortable in your heart and I am waiting for your conscious contact with me.

And I am inundating your heart with the hope of meeting you inside your heart.

A big Kiss my beloved.

This Father of yours in you.


Thank you beloved Father


Suffer anxiety attacks depression answers from Heaven causes


Suffer anxiety attacks depression answers

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