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Transforming the Suffering answers

Transforming the Suffering answers from the Heaven Love can change the suffering life   


Transforming the Suffering answers : forgive me, my Father and my God, I am in the most ugly desert of my life, I need You. I can’t take it any more, I don’t know if it will be really You that will speak to me. I am tired of all the lies that I was told and I believed them because of my Love for You, now I understand I feel as if I am dead and only You can resuscitate me and cure me, I beg You in the Name of Jesus Christ to do it because otherwise my life will be in vain, you show charity and love towards others by caring for them, by loving them, I am as alone as can be, I don’t have any more strength for anything and I am afraid of dying, who will take care of my mother? I am not able to dream or hope any more, they took everything from me, with only sorrow and suffering left, I am angry, sad and exhausted, I am not Jesus, I don’t want to suffer any more and I desire love and life, I am angry with al those people who have put the idea in my mind that I have to suffer because that’s what You desire. If that is not true, why don’t you cure me? I am staying close to my sick mother, but who is staying close to me? I can’t stand it anymore, it is not possible to continue to live in constant anguish, with endless days that only bring loneliness and sorrow. I am asking You to please send my mother into the Sky, I don’t want to have to put her in a nursing home, she has been suffering too much and for too many years and I have no strength left to do anything, who could be able to make me feel loved? I am missing my loved partner very much, last year I celebrated my fortieth birthday with him, today I am alone and sad and I don’t have what it takes to be a nun, will I be condemned to be alone? please put peace amongst us, I beseech you, through him I had the feeling that you loved me.

Come into us at my birthday, transform us and cure us, join us back together, nothing is impossible to You.

I am waiting for You inside me and I wish to listen to you, to live in You, letting myself be loved and cured by You.

Thank you

Your daughter Gloria.

The Father answers

I am coming to you my dear, happy birthday to you Gloria, happy birthday my sweet Soul, my daughter, that forgot so much about me during her life.

My Love, I did not say that I want suffering, but, my dear, suffering is in the body of sick people and is just unavoidable since the body is weak; and the more you treat that body without respect for the limits of the flesh and the more the sickness will manifest itself.

I know you are suffering a lot in seeing your mother being ill, an illness that doesn’t promise recovery, I know that your existence is very much conditioned by her sickness but I can’t agree to your request because it is coming from you and not from the heart of my daughter, your mother. I can only listen to your need for a life that will accept compromises, that will change over time, a life consisting of tending to your mother but also of a life that could bring you joy.

So, let’s begin: joy in you can only come from putting your Love in each moment of your life. There is always the feeling that this may change, in difficulty, your predisposition towards the suffering and towards the other aspects of your life.

Sometimes I have noticed you when you embrace your suffering mother, you feel yourself as a heart that puts all of herself into helping her and this feeling makes it more bearable for you to take care of her needs; my dear, you need your heart to change the feeling from resentment, from impotence, from being trapped, to a feeling of Love. Within the limits of the suffering that she is going through, if you put all your heart into thinking of yourself as a heart that is helping with her suffering, you will see that your mother will be more willing to allow you, in certain moments, to be even away from her.

And let's take care of your life. I know that right now his presence is far away but he is near you hoping that you are coming back. Often your life on earth doesn’t allow your heart to listen to the feelings in the right way; forgetting is a way for many people not to take into consideration their own feelings and their own great fears; even though, over time, those fears that were not addressed originally will promptly resurface back again. I know that my speech over this subject is not of any help to your hope, but, my sweet Love, you expect that I choose for him, that it is not allowed, based on the free will that I donated to you. This freedom you expect me to take away from him is actually freedom that you have taken away from yourself. You see, my Love, a companion becomes possible only when you donate freedom to your heart to meet other brothers, until such meeting that will make you ask yourself the question “He seems the right man for me, will he be able to love me the way my heart has been waiting for? “ There is always a sweet Soul among all brothers that fills up your heart with the hope to be finally able to experience the Love you dreamed of, that Love that fulfills you, the Love that gives meaning to life on earth, to be Love in a relationship of Love.

My beloved, in this case I can assure you of my help, I will come with you and together we will look for a heart that is willing to love you over the course of time.

Come on, let’s go, let’s go together to look for a love that will explode in your heart. There is little time available, your mother needs you often, but we will take advantage of this time to go looking for a love for you, hand in hand.

I am waiting for you, I am very ready, from the heart you are feeling yourself together with me, from the heart I will be always with you.

I am embracing you my Angel and I am kissing you and again Happy Birthday to you.

Your Father.


Thank you beloved Father



Transforming the Suffering answers from the Heaven Love can change the suffering life


Transforming the Suffering answers

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