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Negative presence answers sense of guilt life

Negative presence answers from the Heaven about negative presence sense of guilt life   


Negative presence answers sense of guilt life : my sweetest Father, I have heard about people having problems with individuals who have a negative presence, I am of the opinion that this subject might be important to discuss in detail both for the sake of our physical as well as our spiritual health; a very big thank to you for the help you give us, in growing up ever more in harmony with your Love.

An embrace,

Your son Giovanni


The Father answers


I will happily answer this invitation, there are demons that exist that are created by yourselves, and then there is the evil that you breathe next to you.

People have many emotions and it is difficult for you to understand how these emotions can produce energy; you will notice the presence of contrasting emotions in the field, this is a clue to understand that perhaps a certain brother has contrasting emotions toward you. When you notice that the emotions from that brother bring many shadows to your own heart, think of the clashing emotions that the brother is feeling toward you. To help yourselves understand this, you need to realize that the emotions that are in contact with you are the emotions of that brother, and the affection that you have for that brother can not justify your contact if, as a result, your heart fills up with shadows.

Then there are demons created by you - when what is missing is respect, or consideration for yourselves, if a sense of guilt allows the denigration of yourselves, then your precious life will be guided not so much by a personality but more a concept of evil, which, over time, will take over your whole personality.

Think about these cases, which one applies to you? Are there maybe many negative people in your lives that upset your heart with their energy, and, I repeat, clashing emotions with which you are in contact, that produce negative energy? Think about it carefully, does their absence bring relief to your heart? Does the uneasiness in you change depending on the presence or absence of a certain brother? When you notice that their absence concurs with a reduction of your uneasiness then your problems are clear.

Now let’s look at the other situation.

Why do you eliminate the Love that had been put inside you? In the past you have loved, so why do you forget about your Love now? Your existence is constantly put to the test by the existence of other brothers that, just like you, make mistakes, and here is where your Love is put to the test, why feel guilty for mistakes made by other people, that often induce a reaction from all of you? Why feel guilty for mistakes if you are learning? you have a very severe opinion of yourselves, you are learning just like all other brothers, but you do not accept your own errors, how much anger is poured into yourselves, this concept that you must never make mistakes, ever, and it is this the concept that eventually evolves into your demon, but you are the ones creating it, by not accepting that you may make mistakes.

How does one solve this? A concept is an idea of oneself, stop the denigration of yourselves, stop considering yourselves worthless, the heart I donated to you Is always resplendent inside you and this is your treasure, as always in order to grow up it is necessary to make mistakes, the possibility of making mistakes is also an important part of your growth, it is by learning from your own mistakes that growth is completed.

Do you want some advice from me? Here it is, accept your errors as a necessary part of your growth, accept the fact that you too are in the middle of a path to growth, but give credit to each single moment of your life that you are leading, give credit to each single gesture from your heart, give credit to each single commitment that you fulfilled, life is also this, what you achieve daily. Give yourselves credit and give your true personality the possibility once again to take possession of yourselves.

Often situations are complicated because both the above cases can be present around you at exactly the same time, therefore consider carefully, my dear ones and my very sweet Giovanni, both situations that are present and that I have explained to you.

You have to face these situations as I have advised you, put your heart into contact with your brothers to feel out any possible shadows that they send you, and do continue loving yourself, put your effort into the discovery of your heart, your kindness, your wish to help others as much as possible and put Love for yourself, my child, I have always loved you very much, my Soul, and your Father over the course of time has given you proof of His Love, love yourself my Soul, as I have always loved you and throw out also that concept you have of your not being worthy. You are very beautiful to me and you are very precious, but you must abandon the concept that for me only the Saints are precious, you are my children and from the first child till the last one you are precious to me; making errors, I repeat it again, is precious for your growth through your existence on the earth.

A big goodbye my beloved.

For you, Your Father.


Thank you of all your help beloved Father



Negative presence answers from the Heaven about negative presence sense of guilt life


Negative presence answers sense of guilt life

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