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Children misbehaving answers concept danger

Children misbehaving answers from the Heaven concept of danger experience of danger   


Children misbehaving answers concept danger : hello dear Sara, unfortunately, sometimes, because of the tiredness and the discomfort of such an unpleasantly frantic life, it is not possible to behave they way our heart would like, all too often I don’t get home till the evening, thinking about the fact that we have to spend so much time (too much) far away from what is really important in our lives; then, once at home, we have to do things that cannot be delegated or postponed, once again taking away time and space from Love, from the vital need to embrace each other, to exchange affection with each other, to spend time together, to talk, to play with our own children, to pick them up in our arms, to cuddle them, it would be so nice to be able to dedicate at least half a day to the family, to friendship, to solidarity, to get to know new brothers and sisters, to dedicate time to our Spirit, there is so much sorrow inside my Soul, because I am conscious of only being able to dedicate only a few hours to all this, many times my Soul feels oppressed, suffocated by all this frenzy, by the lack of time, yes, I suffer for the lack of time, many people tell me that it is not the quantity but the quality and then I wonder: What kind of quality can there be without time? forgive me, I am feeling a lot of sadness for this world that runs too fast and loves just a little bit, thanks to the Sky there are many hearts that do love us, even though they have little time, forgive me if I am repetitive in my choice of a subject, but I really consider them important.

I need some advice for me and for other mothers, on how to make children understand, when they are acting up, (which is never really acting up because if they cry there is always a reason), that a certain thing can not be done or had. You see, my adored little girl is two and a half years old but she is very determined and stubborn, and when she decides to do or touch something she becomes, at times, indomitable… I do not like to lay my hand on her and I would like to find a method (I tried many) to calm her down sweetly in those specific moments.

Unfortunately many people tell me that sometimes it is necessary to punish the child to make him understand, using not only words, but I am reasserting that it is a solution that goes against my grain. I await patiently some precious advice from the Sky.

An embrace and a sweet kiss.



The Father answers


My sweet daughter, this Love that you are feeling in the heart for your creature is sweetly guiding you and the result is that of sensing if a certain attitude may be the right one for the growth of your creature. From listening I have noticed that many mothers assume that the concept of danger can be picked up and understood also by very young creatures. ‘Danger’ presupposes that a mind has already had experience of danger, of sorrow. This is the question. This curiosity that all children have when in contact with the fascinating world that they see around them often brings them close to danger. You are aware of the danger and you are seeking to protect them, but you are the one with the experience and not your creature. Can he or she understand danger through smacking? No, she will only know of the danger of the smack and only for this reason she will keep her distance from the danger, but without understanding why. Age is crucial for this understanding. But when a child is only a few years old, like your girl, how can you approach the subject of danger?

In her experience she knows pain and every small child has experience of how she suffers when she is in pain. In this word lies is the experience of your child and the word that you can use is ‘Be careful, it can cause you pain’ this may be sufficient and the explanation could be that adults are very careful because they don’t want to feel pain. Some Angels advise then to take the creature in your arms and to speak to the child about the feeling of Love you have for them and explain to them that you take great care so that your child does not feel the pain and them give her some cuddles and the child will quiet down.

My treasure, being mother of a child is a constant commitment and I feel sad with all my heart to hear my children suffering because of these lives spent working instead of experiencing time as a unique experience of Love. I know that in your case you feel as if you have no alternative, you have to work, but perhaps your availability can increase by putting Love also in what you do in your work. Let me explain. When you want to be far away from your work place with all your heart so you can be with your creature, inside your heart there is only homesickness and constriction. Even your eyes are looking somewhere else, far away, toward your home, toward your little girl. This has a very negative repercussion on your peace, on your tranquillity. If instead you looked at your work as the means for providing to the many necessities of your little girl, and you carry out your work with Love, all the while thinking this time is always dedicated to your child anyway, your feeling will be that of happiness, of serenity, and you will take this serenity with you at the end of the day when reuniting with your little girl that is waiting for you. The heart will be full of Love and sweet moments of joy, playfulness, and they will wait for your more frequently. Then during your days off work you will play a lot together, you will take many walks and everything you like to do, and this will be the experience of your Love that your sweet creature will know from you. One day the past will be remembered and your past serenity will fill up your daughter’s eyes when remembering you. And that past is your present. Put Love and a lot of care for your serenity.

I am embracing you my daughter.

With affection, your Father.


Thank you loved Father



Title Children misbehaving answers from the Heaven concept of danger experience of danger


Title Children misbehaving answers concept danger

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