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Prophecies answers catastrophes natural

Prophecies answers from the Heaven prophecies catastrophes natural disasters fear


Prophecies answers catastrophes natural : hello, I would like to ask a question that I believe may be of interest to many people, from many places and various sources I hear talking about the next world destruction (the secrets of Fatima mention this, as well as Father Pio, as I recently read), where the Lord intends to re-establish a new earth populated only with people who are just, it is true that all of these messages also bring words of comfort for the pure of heart, but the idea that our earth will be devastated by cataclysms of various kinds is not very comforting, I would like to ask Sarah, who speaks to Jesus and the Father, if we will really see all this horror, and if the Lord will really choose this system, because from all the messages on the website, at least as far as I have learned, there appears to be a loving Lord who teaches us that the only true changes happen through Love, if this is correct, then how is it possible that He operates through destruction? or perhaps it’s the ill living of mankind, with our little care for the environment, to bring about the collapse of earth?


An embrace and a heartfelt thank you.



The Father answers


My sweet and dear Patricia, I want to thank you for asking this question to the Sky so I can finally talk to my children with all my Love to reassure them today and forever.


Sometimes in the past our thoughts have been completely distorted by those who spoke in the name of us all, this has brought destruction in the heart, as opposed to Love coming from your Father. And this is how these prophecies found fertile soil in the fears inside people’s hearts. For example the alignment of the planets are times of natural disasters, and over the various decades these catastrophes have been prophesized as the will from the Sky and from the Father, and the more frightened hearts heard the voice of their own heart as if it was coming from me, because of the enormous fear of disasters that their hearts have inside. And now let’s go on to the interpretation of the many scriptures, once again devastation, many scriptures give concepts that help guide people in the choice of Love because it is in the heart that either Paradise or Hell exist, it does not depend on how you behave, but on the choices you make during your incarnated lives, where by choice the crucial difference is whether to put Love or not to put Love. This is the subtle concept that has animated many Scriptures, it is not real but only a concept. And again, over the course of time, at the hand of mankind, but also at the hand of planet earth which is a live planet and needs to restructure, sometimes the disasters were enormous, but if for the planet earth this equates to a process of mending, for mankind this is heavy with the responsibility for destruction. But even then, because of your fears, often the outcome was that you believed that the destruction was my will.


For this I thank you my daughter Patricia, because thanks to you I would like to help you eliminate these fears from the heart, today and forever. Is man, his son, not important to your Father here? My entire existence is to help you, and for me help means putting you in the position, this is the meaning of my messages, to bring your heart on earth and let it shine just like when your heart is here in the Sky next to me. The change that we encourage all the time is inside your heart, to allow you to always be able to make choices based on the choice of Love so you may bring happiness both on earth and in the Sky with all of your heart. We have sustained you, the Sky is a constant commitment in sustaining you, building is born from Love, and it’s inside our constant commitment. And this is the question. To think that from the Sky there will come destruction to all brothers is to allow destruction amongst you; if you think that Love might send destruction to you then you are justifying your own destruction. But in reality the only destruction is the one that takes place on your earth. If you attribute to Love the idea of the possibility of destruction you are deleting, my beloved ones, the very same concept of Love, and by deleting the same fundaments of Love, what can you then expect from each brother that is in the world today? I know, for a long time we have been repeating our warning on the concept of sin, hell and the need to ask for forgiveness, but these messages are only meant to put in front of your eyes the concept that only Love can forgive you, protect you or redeem you. This is the concept of many messages, the Love that loves, Love that forgives, helps, supports and guides you and elevates you to Love. My beloved, a short time yet and a new prophecy, as long as you accept that Love might justify each form of destruction and many brothers will alarm your heart once again, but if you listen to these words of mine I said today but that are valid forever, the concept of Love that does all that it’s possible to always love, at all times, these transitions that many hearts are afraid of, will be memories of a problem of mankind to accept the immense Love that is always over you from the Sky. There are even sweet children of mine who await to be rewarded for their being fair people, but the reward is in the heart, your happiness is in being Love, this is the point, being fair is in itself an experience of happiness in the heart, this justness, this Love that feeds our own actions is the source of happiness, and I know that there are many of you who put your heart into it and your desperation is not in putting your own Love, but in noticing that your brothers are not putting in turn the same desire to always express themselves as Love. So let’s explain my loved ones, that here in the Sky there is neither reward nor punishment or distancing, there is only your joy in the expression of the Love that you managed to bring around you and for those brothers who made mistakes we will keep you at our side to experiment what Love can do to fill you with emotions, even emotions of happiness, and each child will be with me, because Love is help, is respect, is understanding your fears, it is loving you to guide you toward your happiness.


Here is my answer, my loved and sweet daughter, I thank you once again, it very important to talk about this subject because to understand that life always has loving eyes to accompany you is the truth, true today, in the past, and forever.


With all my Love, your Father that is loving you.


Thank you of all your Love Father


Prophecies answers from the Heaven prophecies catastrophes natural disasters fear

Prophecies answers catastrophes natural


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