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Freedom Fate Coincidence Free will answers

Freedom Fate Coincidence Free will answers from the Heaven fate free will freedom   


Freedom Fate Coincidence Free will answers : dear Sarah, first of all I would like to thank you for the replies you have given to me, I must admit that I thought that behind this website was a scam: somebody who would manipulate sorrow and loneliness, but from your words I understood that it is not so; I would like to ask to you a question that perhaps will seem a bit forward to you: you speak of coincidences as something that is very much present in our lives, like a help, a direction given to our life by our Angel.

Before I looked at your website, I don’t why, perhaps this is also a coincidence, I had been looking back in my life trying to remember what had happened in my life as a result of a coincidence and in your website I have found the confirmation that it was not my imagination, but that it was really so.

Then another question comes up, how do coincidences co-exist along with free will, given the fact that things that strongly influence our lives are affected by coincidences?, I am talking of the home, of the job, of our Love life, of the family and of health, because looking back to what happened in my own life I can say that I did not really have a true and direct choice, on the contrary, sometimes I even voluntarily obstructed a path but then those same choices resurfaced again, this time without alternatives, so that, even if at a later date, I did end up taking the path that had already been predefined for me.

Are those coincidences? Or is this Fate? Frankly, I do not know. I am of the opinion that we have to power to choose to go for the better option, for good or for bad, in our daily lives, but we don’t have it when it comes to settling on a major path for our lives. I believe that the answer lies in having complete trust and confidence in He who writes the script of every day of our lives. Fortune, or bad luck do not exist: there is only the master plan, the project that He has designed for us, man suggests and God makes available’ it’s a saying that, to date, is still very accurate.

Will my Angel help me find the way?

A dear embrace, Milva


The Angel answers


Here I am my beloved, today I will explain to you the thought of Sky because in your letter you expressed the wish for a new sweet contact with your Angel, who is following you and who has been helping you since the time you arrived on earth from Paradise.

Today your question to the Sky is: you want to understand how this free will, which is inside the heart of all of you children on earth, can co-exists with the project that you, together with the Father and us Angels in our Sky, have designed and decided to implement among the people on earth. To be able to answer you, my beloved, I need to explain something first.

So, you do not remember, because not remembering equals freedom. Think about this for a moment, suppose you have chosen to dedicate yourselves to your brothers to carry the light of the truth from your heart. Would remembering about this project while on earth make the project possible? No, the only result would be that you would know it, but your journey toward the truth should be conducted from inside of you, and then communicated to your brothers around you. Your choice would be affected by your knowledge of your project, so where would be the freedom of your choice? You would only be conditioned, not free. So you forget, and in this freedom you will be guided by your heart and, always in freedom, one day you will begin your journey in search of the truth, and you will proceed freely, and the many situations that you will encounter will slowly put you in contact with the truth and from this point on, you freely decide to follow the wish of the heart to speak to other hearts and the project will be realized.

Therefore this is the precious premise to understand what is Fate within Freedom.

In the example I gave you it is exactly the act of renewing the choice that will bring about the realization of your project predestined by you, but the project will always be fulfilled only within freedom.

The Sky, aware of your project, will always do everything possible to help you realize it, but this help will not always speak through joy… those feelings of sadness, that sense of failure, that obsession with searching that in certain moments your heart may experience when we contact you, and repeat the project you had decided… and in other moments sickness will take you to the same message…. Despair and belief that life is pointless are only signals from your heart to indicate that you have abandoned your project. All this happens within the freedom that the heart has, and if you listen to each beat of your heart you will find freedom but you will also find advice for the realization of your project of Love.

However, often, noticing these emotions or wondering the reason for these illnesses brings you in contact with the project of your heart and often from this pain you take courage and you begin to change your life and our help will soon be with you with joy.

What I just explained to you, my sweet and beloved Milva, has the concept of hope inside, that many of you who will read these explanations will get in touch with their own hearts, and they can question about the existence of determined emotions toward themselves and may learn from me that the project that is waiting to be realized lies within the emotion that gives sadness. You thought your life was going to be different, keep your chin up, take up your heart again and listen where the passion and joy are flowing because there is the sign of the direction your life is planned for you.

Now, my sweet treasure, I have explained it to you, you are free to listen to me, or to shrug your shoulders. This Is freedom. My treasure, I am next to you anyway, but with all my heart I wish that you would listen to your Angel speaking for your own good, and, as an Angel, especially your welfare is what I have in my heart.

I will leave you with these last words and an immense kiss.

If for you it is important in your life to get involved in a study project, I will always be next to you and I will help you with all my Love.

Your Angel.


Thank you Angel, thank you my loved Father


Freedom Fate Coincidence Free will answers from the Heaven fate free will freedom


Freedom Fate Coincidence Free will answers

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