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Love and availability help out of Love

Love and availability help out of Love helpfulness answers from the Heaven Being Love   


Love and availability help out of Love : my very adored Jesus, my brother, what emotion I feel in my heart knowing that I can talk with You, I never would have imagined in my life to have such opportunity, can you feel how much Love there is in my heart, can you? of course you can, You can feel everything, first of all I would like to tell you that I infinitely love you and that I am thanking the Father and you for all the beautiful things, for every moment of my life, for these extraordinary emotions that swell my heart, and for all your teachings.

The other night I dreamed of you, all my family was sitting around a table decked with a bright white tablecloth, and you were head of the table, I remember your dress was a brilliant white, I would say luminous! you didn’t say a word, you only opened your arms wide as if to say, eat and drink but on the table there was no food, and my attention was only on you, and it was as if you were inviting all of us to nourish ourselves on you and it is of you that I wish to nourish myself, I want to nourish my heart hungry for your Love; on the table there was neither food nor drink, we only had to nourish ourselves on you!’ the Lord is my Shepherd, I don’t miss anything here’ I know that there are no words great enough for you, but forgive my human limitation in expressing my Love, I simply love you, my brother.

Sarah has given me the opportunity to write these words, but now that I am here to write them I feel a block, as if there are no words that are worthy enough to speak with you, but I know you touch my heart and that therefore the words in the heart change and become something great. I have in mind to go back to Africa, even though, as I said to Sarah, the fears are many and the suffering from not having a partner close to me with whom to share these things is great, or simply to sustain each other when the journey becomes hard, especially in those cases when you see a lot of innocent children suffering, asking for help with their eyes and I feel powerless in front of all this, but there is a right time for everybody and I know that you are aware of my wish.

The Bible – proverbs 3 : 6 – says: Think of Him with every step you take and He will smooth your way- I adore this passage of the Bible, and it is therefore in You that I know I will find comfort, absolute Love, support through difficulties, through everything. I know that you will accompany me, that you will be with me and with them in this great experience and I am asking you with all my heart to sustain every step I will take and to dry the tears that there will be, because those children are suffering and they need Love, smiles and hope and they don’t need to see my tears. Forgive me, my dear Jesus, but I must end this letter, so great is my emotion and my inability to find the right words. While leaving you I want to express again the Love I have inside and tell you again that I LOVE YOU. I love you every moment of my life.

I am sending you a big kiss and….

I will see you soon. With Love, Clarissa.


The Father answers


My daughter, do you know that I am the Father? This is then a surprise that I have prepared for you, your meeting with me.

My daughter, my sweet Clarissa, my daughter, this is a child for me, Love and helpfulness, this is my creature, that I have molded with my own hands, this is the heart in which I have poured my Love, this is my daughter.

My heart is full of hope for all of you, because by being like my Clarissa, and in your heart you are all like Clarissa, the joy is for me and for you.

The sweet speech embarrasses you my dear? Why do you become embarrassed if the evident Love you carry around allows joy to come toward you and it gives hope to each of its children? This world would be more of an explosion of Love, if, as brothers you all made your own Love public, it would be important, specially nowadays, to read letters in which you help out of Love and helpfulness, it would be encouraging for each creature of mine to know about what you do, and what you do in itself would be encouraging.

My sweet Clarissa, my sweet creature of Love, my Clarissa, this contact reflects the joy of your Father, do you know that right now here in the Sky there are many amongst your brothers who are listening to me while I am speaking to you? Because you are an example of constant Love and availability, both in the Sky as well as on earth. And if you could see how much Love has just lit up in the heart of your brothers, many are following your example.

My sweet creature, think as well of these feather-light brothers of yours who will protect your body and will always transmit you thoughts of hope to sustain you and help you. When you will feel powerless, because it is possible to feel that way faced with the pain that will surround you, think of your brothers your brothers, and each little child will be between their arms, and thoughts of Peace will be in their hearts. These children of mine who are undertaking this commitment of Love with you will carry thoughts of Peace and great hope that you are an entity to which other entities could follow and this is the duty of your earthly brothers, with ‘Love and availability’ just like our sweet Clarissa. They will be your companions in this journey, then when you come back we will take care together of your wish. But now you need to experiment your great Love once again and the fulfilled dream will carry in your heart that sweet smile that you will carry forever, that sweet smile that one day you will be able to share with other creatures that I will put in your way.

It is time for good-byes, with my heart full of joy, my loved daughter, I say farewell and I will stay close to you with all of our Love.

Don’t worry, my sweet dear, it will be an extraordinary experience to be lived for us.

The Father that loves you so much.


Thank you my loved Father




Love and availability help out of Love helpfulness answers from the Heaven Being Love


Love and availability help out of Love

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