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Raising a child responsibility for education

Raising a child responsibility for education guiding protecting answers from Heaven


Raising a child responsibility for education : dear Sarah Luce, I stumbled upon your website by accident, seeking some answers to questions I had been asking myself since the death of a dear friend and his daughter, and I find marvelous the fact that you are able to communicate with entities of the other dimension; I believe in my Guardian Angel, and I also believe that at least in two occasions He saved my life, even though He has not revealed Himself in the same evident way as with the many experiences I have read about, but I am shy about asking for a contact, I have read the replies from God to the e-mails sent to you by ordinary people and after the initial incredulity I have felt astonishment, marvel, and happiness in seeing how much Love there is in the Sky for us! the gift that has been given to you is very great.


I also would like to try to ask a question to Him, or to whom may answer, Jesus, the Virgin Mary or my Angel, only if they think that I am worthy: for me to receive an answer would be very, very much be above any expectations.


The question is the following


My sweetest Father, I am asking for Your help because I am worried for the future of my two children, they are one and six years old. Thanks to You they are healthy and do not have any problems, but this world as we all know it is full of dangers and every day the television is inundating us with news that fill us with horror. As a mother I feel a great responsibility for their education, for guiding them and above all for protecting my children already, right now. In fact I know that the small plant must grow up straight since it’s small. How can I perform my motherly duty in the best way? How can I avoid dangerous situations in a critic age as in, for example the adolescence? I believe that in this world there is a lot of evil and I pray so that this evil can be overwhelmed by the good. I ask for your advice if You can give it to me.


Thank you for the infinite Love you are giving to us, Paola


The Father answers


Sweet Paola, sometimes surprises are always extraordinary, but, my little creature, Love is not incredible, the manifested Love is only the contact between the existent Love and your Love. Through your Angels, through each manifestation, you get in contact with the Love that is always present and it is present both on earth and in the Sky.


My sweet and dear one, I will answer your question because I am Love and to raise a child and to guide him you all you have to lean on is Love.


So, let’s start, the day you held your sweet creature in your arms for the first time, what kind of emotion did you feel inside your heart? At that time, my dear, I encouraged you to raise my child, I told your heart to love him like nobody else on earth would ever love him, I told you as well that you were chosen by your own child because his sweet Soul wanted to grow up with you and he believed in you more than in anybody else. And your words in that emotion were ‘I believe in you, in the Love that you donated to me, and my Father I will donate this Love to this child completely, and this, my dear, is how I left you, and as I was leaving I caught with my eyes the Love that would have helped my child to grow up serenely.


Some time has passed since then, however today when I look at your heart I still hear the very same question ‘Will I be able to raise him?’ My dear the Love that I have donated to you is always in its right place, in your heart, you have all you need, the Love that is beating inside you. All you need to do is consult your Love, asking yourself ‘Is this a loving gesture? A loving thought? A loving commitment? A gesture that came from my Love? Is understanding within me? And respect? And when I look at him, is it joy that I want to donate to him? Is it passion with all my heart? Is this good to help him grow up? Am I fair and not too hard? Is the thought of his well being always in my heart? This questioning yourself, my sweet Paola, is your thought turning to the heart to contact the Love that is in you and your Love the guide of your actions.


My sweet daughter, every age has its own characteristics, why ask yourself about the future, now is the time to build, with the feeling of Love, on what that heart will eventually become, the feeling that will be able to express to his brothers as an adult and he will pick up these characteristics from your own commitment of Love, through you, what you will donate to each one of your children, is what you will allow them to donate to their brothers.


I do agree with you, that the television is telling us horror stories, all you need to do is switch the television off and their news plan will change and they will begin transmitting quite different news. Do you know that you are the audience? And a little change in the viewing will induce change. I know that not watching the television will not stop those horrific events from happening, but you will also have news that talk about Love between many brothers who have busy lives for your sake, to give, in the future, better living conditions, a fairer life and in the name of what Love that is inside you tells you.


Have you ever seen, my sweet and beloved one, what happened with the moratorium on the death penalty? Many, very many hearts, my beautiful children busied themselves and for the entire mankind. It is truly an important success for you, for those who will come, for the Sky that fills up with sorrow when the earth fills up with hate of revenge toward of those brothers who do not have full responsibility for the criminal acts they are accused of. But this, my treasure, is a subject that we will take up separately in the future, now the subject is a heart that puts its Love and wishes to see its child grow up within Love.


My sweet Paola, as I have said to you, when you question yourself you are allowing your Love to speak to you and to adjust your behaviour if it does not completely express the Love that is in you. Sweet daughter, what’s important is exactly the Love that is in you, it’s always Love that can guide you, your example of Love will guide your children into the world.


With this truth I am embracing you as tight as I did that day when I handed my sweet creature over to your Love, and, I repeat, you have been chosen to learn from your Love.


Those are sweet moments when a child of mine tells me: ‘I believe in you, Father, and in the light of your Love on me’.


My sweet children, I am, and the light of my Love is always on each my child.


I wish you Merry Christmas and also to all of my children who are listening, many wishes from the Love.


I will sweetly part from you.


The Father.



A kiss our beloved Father


Raising a child responsibility for education guiding protecting answers from Heaven


Raising a child responsibility for education


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