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Anorexia answers from Heaven about anorexia

Anorexia answers from Heaven about anorexia help for suspect anorexia answer  

Anorexia answers from Heaven about anorexia : dearest Sara, you are always working hard for all of us, and this gives me immense pleasure in my heart, I can not but continue to thank you, two months ago a new coworker joined me in the office, she is supposedly doing a work experience. In reality, she is the niece of my boss, the information given to me by him (By the way, it’s only him and I in the office) is that she is very stressed out from her university studies and therefore needs to distract herself a little bit and do something other than study.

At the beginning I took the news at face value… in short: I work alone and I am very busy. Having to explain what I do to someone (who will also leave, because we already know that she is not staying, and on top of she is a family member of your boss), while being aware that I am ‘wasting my time’….As soon as I heard the news, off the cuff, I was a little annoyed.

I specifically wrote “wasting my time” between brackets, because when I went back home that day I “listened” to my heart and I asked myself three questions: “Why does this annoy you so much?”, “what are you afraid of?” , and “Situations and meetings happen for a reason, so if this soul is crossing my path there must be a reason. But what could the reason be?

The answer to my first question was simple: I was annoyed only because I expected my boss to give me a little more notice than 24 hours before. After all, after working together for 11 years, we have an excellent relationship… so I felt of no value (well aware that he certainly does not need to ask my permission to do it anyway!)

The answer to the second question came immediately: I am a person that gives my everything to everybody, however when I first get to know someone I am always a little shy, I eventually let go a little bit at the time, but it takes time.

Around new people I am always afraid that they may want to invade my space, my heart, and my persona… it’s a sensation that is difficult to explain.

To the last question, the answer came only day after day and in particular over the last few days!

She is a cute girl, however I immediately noticed that she has some internal struggles. She manifests (on the outside) a strong character, however some of her words, some of her actions, some of her habits and manias told me that she was torn in two on the inside.

As soon as few days into her job she started telling me a little about herself, of some of her little habits, which to most people seem absurd (and that indeed are absurd!)

From some of her words about her family (which I know in part) I gathered that she probably did not have an idyllic childhood (in terms of Love)

The only thing that I could do was send her love, “talk” to her heart through my own heart, much more than I would normally do.

(After all isn’t this what God taught us and continues to remind us of every day, also through you?)

The truth is, a couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to talk to the wife of my boss (the girls’ aunt) and she told me something that cheered me up as well as something else that brought me down like a lead ball. The good news is that spoke very highly of me to her, she said that she felt immediately at ease with me, while the lead ball was: “She has serious problems because she is anorexic”.

I felt like an idiot: it’s true that she is rather thin, but not so thin as to suspect anorexia… My goodness, I did see anorexic girls before, but they are not like that, they are much more thin and with emaciated faces!!! How did I manage not to notice? I immediately went back to all the things we talked about, to verify that I had not said something wrong or got in trouble because of something I said (clearly involuntarily)

In the following days I continued to pretend not to know anything about it and I behaved as usual, giving her my attention, truly from the bottom of my heart. And you would not believe it, but she was the one who decided to confide in me about her problem (of course she never referred to it as ‘anorexia’). I approached the subject with very delicately because I realize that anorexia involves for the most part the mind, but I know that at the end of the day what is ‘sick’ is her heart: I don’t think she loves herself sufficiently, because I believe that the way she interprets the message (or perhaps it’s more accurate to say the message that “was sent to her”) until today was that she does not deserve the love of other people (family and others), how can she possibly love herself if others do not love her?

I would like to reach her heart so that she can go back to appreciating herself again, to love herself for who she is, as a heart, as a person. But how can she? I feel a little involved in this issue right now. Her aunt told (and I also noticed it) that when she is with her family she closes up like a hedgehog while when she is with me she opens up because I am not part of the family so she does not feel judged.

My question is, to you my dear Sara and to God, what steps can I take to tackle such a delicate situation as anorexia? How can one heal from it? How can one help? And most importantly, what can I do in concrete? This time I feel as if I am faced with a situation that is above my real ability.

What is your answer?

Kisses, Laura

The Father’s answer

Before we begin I would like to tell you one thing my sweet daughter, sometimes in life an opportunity comes up where you are able to help and your heart chooses to do it, to help, but for many of you helping translates into taking on the problem of the other person and give a solution for it. This fills you with anguish because seeking a solution by yourself is impossible. You and your help can be a sweet part of her healing process, but just a part, an important and sweet part, but a part nonetheless. Do not put on your own shoulders the responsibility of those people who can help her, just like they could have helped her in the past. Those missing parts can bring about healing or they can continue to fill up her mind to distract her. What they choose to do is not up to you; however, my Love, you are indeed a part of it, so let’s talk about this sweet part.

Life for the heart is a constant moment where affection is faced with other affections, it feels nourished, it feels abandoned, it feels Love for itself, it feels Love for others, life at the heart level is a continuous confronting itself with Love. You met a heart, and you welcomed it as a heart. Do you see, my dear, the experience that you are going through? Both your heart and hers are experiencing Love. Have you been loved my sweet heart? You know nourishment. If your heart has been loved too little, it will seek nourishment. Often the expression of what a heart desires from Love is expressed in the material world. This girl would like to be nourished so much that she could eat anything, but in the material world this eating becomes fat instead of nourishment for the heart. It’s better to eat little and keep the illusion that the heart is receiving what in reality it is not receiving. Over time then some thought patterns kick in where the emptiness of the heart is no longer the center of their existence, but the food is, what they ate and then vomited. And the circle closes in on what is eaten and vomited. And the fact that they are young people makes it even more difficult to help them because when the experience of the heart is rejected how can they ask for help from the outside? Their entire family becomes the outside world and the inside world. If the parents become aware of the dilemma then the situation can be tackled from the outside, but how many young people feel alone inside their own families?

This girl has a form of anorexia that allows her to seek help from the outside and along her journey she found you, my loved and sweet Laura, and she is experiencing your heart and she is comparing it inside her with her own heart. In your simplicity you are giving her Love from the outside, which will bring her to seek for help and Love from the inside. Do you understand, my loved one, what your great help can be? With your Love you can guide her over time to seek help on the inside and we will sustain your hearts while you do it.

I hug you with all of my Love my sweet Laura, may your example guide other hearts to help other people

I remain with you

Your Father

Thank you, always, loved Father


Anorexia answers from the Heaven about anorexia help for suspect anorexia answer


Anorexia answers from the Heaven about anorexia


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