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Being parents the role of the parents answers

Being parents the role of the parents answers from the Heaven being parents in life  

Being parents the role of the parents answers : hello dear Sara, I have an important and pressing question I would like to ask the Sky, could you help me please?, I would like to talk about the role of the parent on this earth, it’s so nice to be a mum, it’s so sweet and deeply intense to be able to live the experience of having a child. It’s a truly priceless gift, however, as with every role, there is also the other side of the coin, and for some people the experience can also present additional difficulties.

I am a parent who has loved as best as she could, learning to open up her heart more and more, within my limitations, my mistakes, making errors and trying again, loving and giving my availability and my passion. I believe I am a relatively good parent. I say ‘relatively’ because I can not avoid judging myself by the end result. I have even suffered a long period of depression and this did not allow me to be there one hundred percent for my child. However, I never gave up.

I believe that my child is angry inside his soul. The adolescent period started not long ago. I look around and I feel, I notice how many young people are crying out for help in the world, in their school, in their social life… they are screaming “this is not good!”

“You adults are not being a good example to us”. And they say so in many different ways.

You know, my Father, inside my heart sometimes I feel a profound impulse to go and work in the very delicate and difficult field that deals with their emotional world, so I can reach out to them, to be next to them a little, where it would be easier to work with them, like inside a school environment.

Then I tell myself “You can’t even get through to your own child!!!! What do you think you are doing!!!?”

Some parents I know suffer in silence, or they lose their patience for lack of better options and react poorly due to their fear.

Now I feel that fear also. I feel my limit. I watch day by day as my child chooses to go down what we call “the wrong way”. Many inputs from the outside world: gambling, bullying, vandalism, smoke, porno movies, money, power. These inputs arrive relentlessly (and you know which ones) either from his father or from his friends, or from the school. Everything seems to put pressure on my daily work, and also dictated by example, everything seems to fascinate him more than the things I can possibly try to distract him with. Until now, he barely touched all this, the limits have always been in place, and for the moment he has kept his faith in me, which allows him to keep the dialogue with me open. However my fears are growing, growing in proportion to his choices and his answers.

I also watch myself from not accepting him as he is, to the point where I can hear my refusal to accept that he may go astray, the refusal to accept that he may harm himself so much, and that I can do nothing to help him, and unfortunately, not without some shame, but with the dignity to admit it, and with the hope that I can then begin again in some other way, even the refusal to accept that I have a child who tends to make these choices and who refused to use the part of him that is sweet, sensible and profound.

Pain and powerlessness. I feel my role and my capacity of mother hanging by a thin thread, and maybe there is much that is lacking in my heart to love him the right way. Like You love us, with the pain to see how far we are able to disrespect our life and how far we can harm ourselves, yet respecting our choices. But in my powerlessness, my Father, it’s so difficult to sit and watch and not know what else to do. I know that my son is an adorable and wonderful boy, however I believe that due to his pain, or maybe something else that I am not supposed to know, he is choosing not to be present with me.

I ask for hope, my Father, or support. For me, but also for all those mothers and fathers who live the sensation of not being able to be a guide for these young people, and that maybe, are the first ones who are losing their way in their journey.

I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart,


The Mother Mary answers

My precious one, I am your Mother I have been following your son and you over time, through all those moments when you lost hope I was right there next to you and I was putting sweet words into your heart “Be brave, be brave my loved one, a child looks at your life as the example of Love and don’t worry about his mistakes, you see, he is learning about existence and he is learning that not all people choose to be guided by Love, but you need to continue with your example and over time you will see selfishness abandon him, certain experiences will abandon him, sin will abandon him, insistence sometimes triggers rebellion instead of change inside the heart, but you do have courage, do allow your example to be the life teacher. This is what I told you many times and this is what we will talk about today.

You are the example everywhere and always, I can assure you that you are a permanent example. In your whole existence you are an example. Life is in the words, in your behavior, in how you face a problem, in how you talk to others, in your understanding you express toward life in what happens inside and outside your home. You are a constant message for you and for your family. And the example is all for a child.

Do you see, my treasure, what you are sending out? The entire world.

If you stop on the road to help someone, you are sending Love to that person.

If you try to help in times of need, you are sending Love to that person.

If you give Love you are an example of Love for your child and for yourself.

And, undeterred let’s look at problems such as drugs or violence or, as you are aware, pornographic material. I understand that you are afraid, a child could die from using drugs, getting involved in killings, looking at women as objects of pleasure and not as hearts and emotions. Life is certainly full of these messages, students who mistake selfishness for strength, students who expect to change the insecurity they feel inside through the idea of being strong, and they even try to change their anguish by adopting an attitude of someone who understood the world.

Could an example be the only thing that can bring these hearts to question themselves and to choose not to go down what you called the wrong path?

I talk to you about time, the time of humanity, and what we are discussing today has been happening all along, maybe with different methods from today’s, but it is the humanity that decides how to approach their lives and it’s always been that way, when life registered an abandonment of Self as a spiritual entity it embraced Self as a material entity and, in these moments in history of humanity, what comes up is selfishness and abuse. But you are the ones, with your example, all of you together can bring back the truth and send the truth.

You need courage to escape violence, courage to face the truth, courage to shake up your brothers, courage to be considered different from the masses of humanity, and especially courage to be yourselves in a world that in appearance does not want to change. Your example manifests this courage and for other people this courage will make them think about their own children and their own being an example for them.

I am explaining this to you so you can project all of yourselves as an example within the Love that you experimented since the birth of your own creature.

An example, you are always an example, and on the subject of insecurity, what example can you give him if you abandon the light of your heart while guiding him? Parents who constantly ask themselves “Am I doing this right? Am I doing this wrong?” are beautiful. This is not insecurity, this is Love, so seek the right thing to do inside your heart, what you feel growing from your Love will be so right that it will remove every doubt inside you. And your Love will be an example in its actions.

Do you understand this message? Now calm down and confide in your Love and be a constant example of your Love.

Sweet Nicoletta, let yourself shine.

I hug you with Love

Your sweet Mother Mary.


Thank you our loved Mother


Being parents the role of the parents answers from the Heaven being parents in life


Being parents the role of the parents answers


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