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Faith the discovery of Jesus Christ answers

Faith the discovery of Jesus Christ answers from the Heaven Jesus Christ answer  

Faith the discovery of Jesus Christ answers : sweetest Sarah, I am Mauro, today is a holiday day and in my heart I felt the need to write to you because of what happened to me, and the fact that this happened is mostly thanks to you, I am so touched I am not able to stop my tears from slowly coming down, the last letter I wrote to you a few days ago talked about me, of my desperate search for what it is that gives us life, Jesus; I wrote to you that I was not feeling anything anymore, that I was not able to feel Jesus, could feel my faith and feel Him close to me, I felt abandoned, the same faith that I felt had been missing from the time my dearest friend Mauro died around three and half years ago.

Dearest Sarah, I do not know what happened… but over the last few days I have been meditating a lot, I prayed with all my energy, I cried because I could not live without Jesus …. In short, while all this was happening, and while I was reading the Messages to Humanity as you recommended to me, over the last few days I felt a flower blooming in the desert of my heart …. as I was praying and reading every day I felt an unusual sweetness that embraced my heart rising inside me …. I was praying and, while in the past I had been feeling nothing, this time I felt as if I was being listened to and I was feeling a presence near me … and even now that I am writing to you I feel a strong warmth in my heart …. and I feel somebody close to me … I cry from the emotion … because I had not felt so loved and full of love over at least the last three and a half years …. I can feel Jesus in my heart and this is all thanks to you my very sweet Sara.

I am born again and all the doubts and the bad thoughts that I had have now vanished … even if I ask myself why people want to give themselves many reasons for the existence of God, whom I love terribly, and Jesus…

Many thanks Sarah, may God bless you for all that you are doing for many hopeless people like me. Sarah I hope I am not disturbing you and I hope to see my wish fulfilled … with a lot of humbleness I would like to pose a question to my very beloved Jesus …… different from the one I sent you a few days ago …

My very beloved Jesus:

You do not realize how much joy and emotion I am feeling while writing to you ….

I love You like crazy .. I know that you are listening to me my much-loved Lord … I would like, if you will allow me, to ask you a question… I know it’s a little obvious, but if you prefer not to answer, I will understand …

My Jesus… in November 2005 I lost my very close friend Mauro…for me it is still impossible to forget the pain …. I think about him every day because in my limited power I tried to do everything to help through that nasty illness called leukemia …. This proved to be, and it still is it for me an example of humbleness and of love to be emulated …. After his death as you know darkness enveloped me …. I have been not able to be close to anybody else ever since …. especially my (unfortunately) ex girl-friend …. my Lord I wanted to ask you … Why do people as fantastic as my friend Mauro … often fly away to become Angels? Why don’t they remain on earth as an example to the people of this world that by this time are all blinded by hatred and money? Why do we suffer so much? And why do I not want to convince myself of the death of my friend whom I loved so much and I still love so much? I hope you will answer me Jesus… and I want to thank You for forgiving me and for giving me the gift of my new Faith even if I did not deserve it for what I said to You over the last few years… Thank you and I hope that the sweetness you donated to my heart will never leave me.. because, Jesus, you have to know that I LOVE YOU LIKE CRAZY.

Jesus answers

My dear Mauro, I answer this heart that discovered inside that his brother Jesus has never abandoned it. I used to speak to your heart while I was waiting for the moment in which you would be ready to rediscover me and I am conscious, my beloved brother, of the enormous pain that rendered impossible for you to feel me even though I never left you alone for a single moment. This great pain made it impossible for Love to think of itself as Love, in the suffering, but Love and it closed the contact between us. But just as I am close to you today I have always been in your heart.

I will start answering the questions you asked me.

Do not forget that earth is only a moment of passage, earth is used to experiment yourselves in your Love, while you are inside your bodies that are unable to either see or to feel the Spirit in you. This is the condition on earth, on one side your materiality, on the other side your feelings, and the opposites integrate in you as a body that envelopes the Spirit. All brothers arrive on earth for the experience and sometimes their lives may be very long and other lives may be extremely short. I do want to clarify something, sudden death or death by an illness is rarely pre-planned before birth, just like with every project of yours, it is positivity that accompanies the project when we agree on it all together, and this positivity is realization and learning along the path. There are moments in your lives when you encounter difficulties, difficulties with the body, with your companions, often due to other people, and through these difficulties you learn important lessons about your Love and that of other people. Your project comes up in this framework, being yourselves with your Love, to face those moments to learn how you can Be Love even in difficult moments and these are enormous growth opportunities for a Soul; you have no consciousness of it, but enormous is the growth as a result of the search for Being yourselves Love even in those situations. You watched your friend build his own realization in a moment of extreme difficulty, he spread his beauty all around himself even at a time when his body, sick with leukemia, could have put distance between his heart and his Love, and his Faith; instead, he was decisive, and he moved the whole of his life into his heart. One more moment and then he will able to talk with you, he is near me and he is listening too.

Today your life is experiencing a new discovery of me and even your life has contemplated a period of great difficulty; your heart, closed up inside you, did not allow you to feel me and you shut down your attention to Love. It was a moment when doubt and deceit crossed your thoughts, and this is how it was until the time when you started a new search to find the truth again, and in your strong heart you found the forgotten Love inside you, and this springtime that you are feeling is born from the Love you have inside you, springtime, but it’s inside your heart that you found it. Each one of you may set an example by carrying the springtime in your heart, may you be an example of rebirth and your brothers will look for a way to feel in their heart the rebirth of springtime.

It is enough for today otherwise Sarah will get too tired and Mauro is waiting to talk to you. I embrace you my brother, I am in love with you too, with all my heart.

A kiss from your brother Jesus.


Mauro speaks:

Time has been passing by, but inside you one single second has not gone by since my death. This is what you are feeling, the Love that you lost. My great friend, you have not lost me, and allow me to give you some advice, when you think about me, think of me as alive and being close to you, you in the body and I in the light, but we are near because we are important, I am important for you but you are immensely important for me. With you I am learning an important lesson, how difficulty puts distance inside your heart, and how much you lose by putting distance in your heart, in the meantime I am also learning how life provides us with many opportunities to return to the contact with your own heart, and I am learning from you, my friend, to always be the hope inside the heart, hope over time, hope for new contact with Love. You see, I am learning, I am the one who is learning from you now, always embraced to you, you do not feel me, this is normal, you are body and not light, but I will answer your question, at the moment in which an event is clear then I start to speak and it is possible for you or the people involved to hear me, and the message arrives, my thought arrives to you or you feel it inside yourself and it is only to help you that, from time to time, I talk about events. May I count on many more years of a fraternal contact with you? I follow you like a shadow of light, make me happy, accept that I could share your life with me. Today you have a great emotion inside your heart, inside you, and it fills me with joy to know that my words also give you the same Love that I feel inside you for me, let’s live joy, my companion of experience, my sincere friend, such a precious friend for me.

One more moment to say goodbye, happy renewal, think of me as sweetly being next to you, you in the body and I in the light, because it is the truth.

Now I am putting a waterfall of Love into your heart.

My great friend, I love you!!!!!!!!!!

Forever your Mauro


Faith the discovery of Jesus Christ answers from the Heaven Jesus Christ answer


Faith the discovery of Jesus Christ answers


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