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Fears and Obsessions becoming crazy answers

Fears and Obsessions becoming crazy answers from the Heaven about fears and obsessions


Fears and Obsessions becoming crazy : hi Sarah, first of all I want to thank you in advance should you be able to dedicate time to this letter; I am twenty eight years old; over the last year I have been suffering from a mental disorder that sometimes terrorises me, especially when it flares up with maximum intensity (since April of last year); essentially what this is (according to the psychiatrist) is a mixture of panic attacks, obsession and depression: basically what I feel is a constant fear (sometimes small, sometimes intense) whenever I have to concentrate on something, for instance when listening to a person who is talking of things that I consider “important”, I am afraid I will not understand it right away, or read something into it.


It is as if I am terrified of becoming crazy or being unable to understand anything anymore.


I am an engineer, one of the few consolations I have always relished is to be able to learn something new every day; I have always had a strong passion for reading and culture, and with my job I have to concentrate on something every day. For this reason this illness tortures me every day, and when I first experienced it, I felt lost and I wanted to just end my life before I ended up completely crazy. Today I am taking antidepressants and I will tell you that, besides the medications that surely have their effect, a great strength is it given to me from my Faith in God. If it had not been for Him and the Virgin Mary, who knows what state I would be in now, by now I might have done something very stupid out of desperation.


Each day I pray at least one rosary, (usually in the evening when I am home from work and I finally have a little bit of time) and when I am in contact with God, even if during the Mass, then it seems that I don’t have any problem.


What I wanted to ask the Sky is which path I should follow in order to ‘heal’; I am not afraid of physical pain (which I actually do not suffer from anyway), I believe I learned to dominate it by offering it as a Love sacrifice to God and for the wishes of Virgin Mary (my Mum!!) (as I learned from the messages of Medjugorje), but what scares me is to suffer mentally, every single day, with terrible anguish, until the end of my life.


Therefore I ask the Sky, who knows my problems in my family and with my job and above all in my head, to give to me a miracle, meaning an answer.


I am sorry Sarah, but I am a little wary, I only discovered this website a few days ago and I struggle to believe that God, Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and the Angels would really choose this “technological” method to communicate with us.


Forgive my scepticism of a human being, and if the Lord may as well clear this doubt in the possible message He will send me, it would be a miracle within the miracle. Thank you for your interest and praise Jesus Christ.


Bye, Luca

The Father answers


So, let’s reflect my sweet Luca, you, like many other people, accept suffering in the body, you accept illness and pain and you offer your pain to us as sacrifice.


But why does the mind not accept that your emotions could bring about situations that speak of illness to your mind? Your emotions can bring you to know joy just like they can make you experience suffering and great uncertainty.


Perhaps it is the uncertainty that you refuse above all, thinking that the mind must be the source of certainty.


But this great uncertainty is in the heart, not in your mind, your mind is only reacting to the great uncertainty that it is feeling in the heart.


When you understood that with us, with our Love, we could guide you, my dear, you put certainty in your heart and, from that moment on, I would not say that you solved your problem, but you have taken the way that may lead you to healing.


And if your life is familiar with the uncertainty that these emotions generate in you, it is a good thing to tackle them. To help you, I will not refer to those thoughts such as fear of becoming crazy, what I am referring to is life, relations, Love, this is the field of uncertainty and in this field is where you have to work on to put clarity, and to be able to put answers of clarity and certainty in your heart.


Do you understand that life in a relationship does not need the mind to solve some specific problems, life in a relationships needs to feel that heart that is speaking to you, and to hear inside, in your heart, what was being said to you with its Love. And this is the aspect that you always neglected, my beloved Luca, it is a source of truth; you see, a concept or an opinion can always change, but the heart, my dear, knows the truth and the truth is unalterable. Direct your gaze to your heart and to all emotions, and listen to what is transmitted to you from the other heart and listen to how your heart is reacting inside. If you take up this extremely simple habit of listening to the emotions of your heart, you will notice that over time each all uncertainties will abandon you, today and for the rest of your life.


If now I am speaking to you and you are listening to me, reflect with yourself, it is not the mind that is listening but it is only your heart that is welcoming each word that I am dictating to help you. It is not just the mind that is reading, but your heart is listening.


It is difficult for me to be heard by your hearts because for most of you only the verbiage that your mind can actually hear is considered word, but for me there are brothers who place the listening inside their hearts and with time they allow me to give you my help. Sure, it may be frightening, what will this Father say? Will this be to condemn me? To punish me? And if you find Love, then doubt creeps inside, it will be an unusual manifestation, the Father speaking of Love, in doubt, I will speak to Him and let’s see what His reply will be.


Do accept that your Father could be Love, sweet Luca, accept that your Father could be speaking to help you; accept, my dear Luca, that my manifestation could be Love, accept my heart my beloved one.


You see, my dear, progress is important for you, why not use it to donate Love to yourselves? Isn’t it right? Very good.


Now I will say goodbye to you and to my children who listened to me alongside with you. A lot of Love is always with you, turn your hearts into a temple in which you can speak amongst us.


With Love


Your Father.


Thank you loved Father


Fears and Obsessions becoming crazy answers from the Heaven about fears and obsessions


Fears and Obsessions becoming crazy answers


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