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Jealousy answers about jealousy suspicion

Jealousy answers about jealousy suspicion and jealousy feeling answers from the Heaven   


Jealousy answers about jealousy suspicion : dear Sara, I always read the messages dictated by Jesus and I feel that He is accompanying me in all steps of my life, lately I am living an intense relationship with a girl and, unfortunately, sometimes my jealousy prevents me from living it fully, jealousy-insecurity is my weak point and it also stops me from loving other people, it is very difficult for me to love others and myself (as Jesus teaches us) when I am invaded by such feelings, I know that it seems a silly problem but for me this has great influence.

A strong hug, Paolo.

The Father answers


My sweetheart, my big sweetheart, I am so happy to be here with you to talk to you while I embrace you.

Do you know that Sarah asked me a moment ago “Will you answer a little letter from this sweet child of yours? It has to do with jealousy“ and then she read your letter to me, and do you know what I said? Sure, because jealousy comes from the heart and it’s exactly to this heart that I want to talk now. Now, be silent and listen to what I want to say to your heart.

Love, Love on earth is difficult, I know you are thinking how sweet the earth is where Love is never far-away, you remember my Love from Paradise, and you remember the Love from every brother you met, those smiles, those hearts, often you remember all this and you feel a lot of nostalgia, because those who are born from Love only want to be nourished with Love. And you, sweet heart, you have difficulty in getting nourishment from Love.

You see, while your brothers live their lives, they search that Love which they left behind and often disappointments are the more painful not so much for what actually happened in and out of itself but for the Love that was not found. They pursue a dream, to be able to find that Love which feeds your hearts.

But you know, the distance from this Love, over time, appears to these hearts as a constant suspicion that true Love will no longer be available to our heart, and this suspicion you is what you call “jealousy“.

Today, the situation that you are experiencing, my heart, is slowly causing you to kill hope for the more genuine Love and for this reason I welcomed your letter just to tell you “My dear Paolo, I am here and I will be always be here and my Love is unchanged, I always loved you and I will love you forever and rest assured that the Love of your Father is always with you, both today while you are on earth, and when you will return to embrace me and I will tell you “My Love is always there for you and you will find my Love unchanged upon your return”.

However in this moment in your life you are on earth and, just like in the Sky, you are surrounded by hearts that have memories of true Love. Yes, of course, hatred, violence, and even injustice are all around you, but listen to me my heart, this is also a byproduct of the distance, it is sufficient not to believe and the heart will remove the memory from itself and all of a sudden the only thing that is important is what you can touch with your hand, and the goodness is no longer in the search for Love but in materiality.

Now you are listening to me and you are listening to my Love that is always great for you and accompanies you in life so that you, while remembering me, may donate my essence to all other hearts. Bring Love with you and with that Love you will also be carrying me, and together we are a union, your sweet Love and my true Love.

Therefore, by loving we will be together, you will feel me in your heart while I love with you, you will recognize me inside you and once again you will experience the true Love that I feel for you and you will be happy to feel me on earth, inside you, and while you will love you will also feel me and the more you will love the more you will experience my Love inside you.

I will part with a kiss that is exclusively for you, and ,while I part from all my children who are reading my declaration of Love for you, I want to add “If you love while on this earth then Paradise will be no longer be in the Sky but inside every heart”.

With true Love.

Your Father.


Father, I only have one word: wonderful!!!


Jealousy answers about jealousy suspicion and jealousy feeling answers from the Heaven


Jealousy answers about jealousy suspicion


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