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Responsibility of couple answers from Heaven

Responsibility of couple answers from the Heaven about responsibility couple family   


Responsibility of couple answers from Heaven : dear Sarah, for a long time I have been asking myself why love is missing from the lives of many people, not in the literal sense but love between a man and a woman, to better explain myself, why do people with a life rich with relationships, people who dedicate all of themselves, even professionally, to the care of other people, do not have the joy of a relationship?, I have relatives and friends whom I like very much, a family home of people who give more to their guests than they receive in return. I feel as if I have accomplished something in my life, but in my life as well in that of other people I miss the love that ties a man to a woman. I am talking to you about healthy, “normal” people; people open to love, ready to gather the spiritual essence of the other, but they are routinely disappointed, seduced and abandoned; where lies the error, if an error is what we are dealing with? are these tests that we are supposed to pass, and if so, are they going to end sooner or later? why do we bump into people whom only seem to be interested in disappointing us?

Why is it that for a few people this is what that keeps happening? Why does the Father, whom I pray to every day, allow that? If this has a meaning, let Him explain it to us us. I thank you with all my heart.

Your Attilia.

The Father answers


My sweet star, if you knew how many times I wanted to embrace you and draw you close to me and tell you “Be patient, in each of your brothers beats a wonderful heart, I can assure you of this I since I created them, but the distance between us makes them forget the Love that is in them. When you feel that desire to experience the Love that beats in their hearts, you know it is true, you realize that Love is exactly what they would like to experience with you, but between feeling it and donating oneself to the life of a couple is where the problem lies. The difficulty is in donating oneself. The responsibility of a couple, donating oneself all the time, taking on the responsibility of giving happiness to the other, the responsibility of starting a family, of a solid and stable bond, this is the problem that the heart often meets. Result: disappointment and the subsequent escape that inhibits the feeling.

And so we begin again, another search, and the reason for these many problems that other brothers like you are also experiencing.

Among the first words that I said to you, I spoke about distance, you see my dear, in Paradise the language of Love is what is incessantly communicated among all brothers and only in Paradise every heart expresses itself as it really is and Love is the language that those hearts are speaking. But when Paradise is far away, each heart, albeit speaking of Love, must seek in itself its life as a heart. The choice in defining oneself is omnipresent, I can choose to love, I can choose not to love, it is a continuous choice that each one of you makes constantly and in complete freedom. You, for example, make helping others the reason for the expression of your heart, and inside the difficulties you continually renew your choice to love and the answer you receive is Love for yourself from those people you are taking care of. This is your experience, you love, you are the expression of your heart and you love despite the fact that you are far away from Paradise in this moment.

And the others observe you and they seek in you the example of a heart, of how a heart can be even amongst you on earth. But you matured this choice, and even when facing problems you have matured the choice to love them, your love is for the others and you gather Love for yourself. You are donating and you gather Love for yourself.

Isn’t’ it true, sweetheart, that others can donate themselves to then gather for themselves, but when you look around you, what do you see? Many messages but the content is only one and this message is THINK OF YOURSELF. The consequence is the value given to things, a billion of things that can give you satisfaction, from a car to each single privilege, and then let’s not talk about using other people for their one’s own needs. THINK OF YOURSELF is the advice, the message, the problem, that every heart is hearing. THINK OF YOURSELF in every situation. And the Love that would normally flow from the heart to the other is getting blocked by the THINK OF YOURSELF.

This is why, my sweetheart, I say to you, be patient, you will find a heart that made the same choice as you, not tomorrow, but the day after tomorrow, a meeting with a heart that has freed itself from the THINK OF YOURSELF edict.

I am also in this sweet expectation of this meeting because your growth can only happen when in living within Love.

You see, I am dictating this message and you will not be the only one to read it, but many other hearts will read it too, some of the them are suffering like you, others are freeing themselves from the THINK OF YOURSELF, others are understanding our existence within the truth, and others, while reading the message, will ask themselves “Do I live by the “THINK OF YOURSELF“ ?

This is my message for an answer, THINK OF YOURSELF is the problem that caused your disappointment and that also determined disappointment in others.

Listen to me, my dear, this is my help and this, if you want to, will be the help which you may sow among your brothers, and soon it is possible that, among all of your messages, I will see many more messages of joy than what I see now.

But do not worry, my help is always close to you, we constantly sow the possibility of rediscovery of Love.

And while I embrace you tight, in saying the words that I just told you, I would shower your tears with kisses, do not cry my sweetheart, you are with me, I am always near you.

Your Father and for all those hearts who are listening to me,

Your Father.


Thank you loved Father


Responsibility of couple answers from the Heaven abour responsibility couple family


Responsibility of couple answers from Heaven

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