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The deception of evil answers from the Heaven

The deception of evil Questions and answers from the Heaven about curse and fear God answer   

The deception of evil answers from the Heaven : dear Sarah, I did not know about this opportunity, and now that I have discovered it I would like very much to receive a message from the Sky, some people often tell me that the cause for my numerous ailments and suffering is a curse that has been placed on my family, I have always thought that the faith and the prayers defended us from such things, a few days ago I have been told the even my son’s very serious illness is linked to such curse but I can’t begin to fathom that this could be possible and it is hard enough as it is to be gripped by the fear that his illness may return again without going out of my mind, I firmly believe that my son is now healed and for this I thank God every day, I strongly hope that from up there I may receive a message with the answers on how to defend myself and above all how to defend my son who already suffered a lot.

I hope all the best for his health.

Thank you, Angela

The Father answers

There are people who seek an explanation when faced with a misfortune, and if they don’t find an answer they side with what is being said on earth, and it is a constant chatter of violence of the Devil, of evil Souls and of the possibility that lack of Love could trigger these things. There is a long tradition from exorcism all the way to blessings, to many and many rituals that talk about the devil to your heart. And if it is true that in the past many of your brothers were burned or killed for presumed ties with the devil, events that history eventually discredited, this perceived presence of this sacrifice lingers in you, the possibility of the existence of evil. Unfortunately this continues to create legends and on earth you tend to speak much more of evil than of Love, which is the truth around you and above you.

And again in your time you learned to discern that a lot of sect crimes are masterminded by men, and these are men who hide their faces behind the image of evil, also you learned that many possessions are nothing else other than a sign of great discomfort inside that person.. This is what you are learning and yet, like many brothers, you find it difficult to separate from this idea that it could be the devil causing sudden misfortunes, illnesses, or great turmoil that people experience in their lives.

Neither you nor your brothers feel in their hearts the possibility that the devil could be responsible of such things, men and only men cause this, but if do not listen to your heart through your contact with the mind you will find again all the legends you had been in contact with and thus fear then takes possession of you. And this great fear causes other damages, from people who seek help from magicians only to find deception and end up in poverty, to all those tv programs that promise you deception, and to the plethora of people who claim they can ”free you“ and end up binding themselves to you forever. These are the damages caused by your fears.

Life, in its past, present and future, belongs to you. Even for those with no faith, their life belongs to them. I donated you the freedom to be far away from me, from the Sky where we are always together, and by giving to you complete freedom I put your lives in your own hands and in your choices. You are leading your own life, life is entirely yours.

Of course that body, which is not immortal, may be subject to illness, from DNA to many conditions that may also permanently determine illness, however, nowadays more than ever before, research and medicine can help heal completely very many illnesses.

Just like prayer, by activating vibrations of energy in and around your bodies, may help you, so can my Love, always attentive to what you are experimenting in terms of growth, help you by intervening through healing, help and saving you from experiencing suffering that is too intense.

My dear Angela as I have explained to you and to all my loved children, curses do not exist, I am not saying that there are not people who cast curses on people, but they are entirely neutral to you, nobody can touch you, there is only sadness at the thought that somebody prefers non-Love to Love, this is all there is my beloved ones.

Just like I understand your fears, I have spoken to you, explaining to you the truth, do understand my message and free your own minds from that which does not exist, from what is not there. Your life belongs to you and the great interference is also the result of the choices of people around you and of the perishableness of the body.

Come on my sweetheart, now that I explained this to you, go and hug your child and feel the freedom of your lives. And bring Love to those people who live in fear.

I embrace you, you all are in my heart.

Your Father.


Thank you loved Father


The deception of evil Questions and answers from the Heaven about curse and fear God answer


The deception of evil answers from the Heaven


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