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Incidents and death answers from the Heaven

Incidents and death Answers from the Heaven about incidents Angel's power to intervene


Incidents and death Answers from the Heaven : dear Sarah Luce, since you have the gift of receiving clear and accurate answers from the Sky, from the new discovery of this reality a question is arising spontaneously in me and is bothering me, I wonder if you, my Angel, God, or whoever wishes to do so may answer me; why is it that Angels sometimes are able to ‘protect us’ and some other times they are not? what is the reason why sometimes they are able to save us from danger and save our lives, and at other times they are not?; this is what I ask myself when I read about incidents where, for example, children lose their lives, perhaps their Angel was not there? or the Angel was not able to save him? and why? or does it depend on the righteousness of the actual person? or on how much that person believes in him? in God?


Once again, I am talking specifically about accidents, because I have learnt that, on the other hand, where a death is caused by a person intentionally, this is due to the perpetrator’s heart being without love, and thus donating hatred, suffering and violence … this is why they kill, and neither the Angel nor God can do anything about it when faced with this man’s choice to do evil.


Thank you for your kind reply.



The Father answers


My children, let’s start by talking about the Angel’s power to intervene at the moment in which the possibility of the death of their own protected person rises at the horizon.


Even when the Angel sees the possibility of an imminent incident, the power of the Angel is limited, often reorganizing the energy field in order to protect and to ward off death requires an intervention from us. This power belongs to us, to me, to Mother Mary, to my Son and to many of your Saints. The Angels transmit anguish, which to Us means a request for immediate intervention. This is the sign to us and our reply is our intervention.


By rearranging the energy field as if it was, for example, a substance, we cover the obstacles so as to limit the blow with the intention of softening the impact which would otherwise lead to certain death. This is the specific intervention that we do, rearranging the energy field to soften the impact.


However a provision for our intervention is that there has to be a real threat of danger for the life of the protected.


Just a little parenthesis, sweet Stefania, everybody has a Guardian Angel, even the man whom you think is a bad person, he too has an Angel near him.


Let’s continue with the explanation. What conditions define on the horizon the possibility of death?


There are many conditions, let’s look at a few of them.


For example one condition may be when the heart has the specific intention to put its own life at risk, again we are talking about accidents here, events that may or may not happen. When these events bring to that heart the great determination to risk their lives, here comes the sign from the Angel.


Another example, the Angel sends the sign only when a condition is forming on the horizon that shows a real danger for the protected one of being involved in a specific accident. It is not the protected person who is being singled out, but the situation, which is developing in such way that the death of the protected person is sure to happen.


Another example, there are real situations where it’s the vehicles used that are involved in triggering a certain situation on the horizon, causing risk of death, they are the tools that you are using, to travel on the road, to work with, these are conditions that can delineate on the horizon a need for our immediate intervention.


Situations that require our intervention are therefore situations that prospect the certain possibility of death.


Many incidents do not even have such prerequisites, they are as sudden as they are unpredictable.


I will give you an example, a child suddenly slips from your hand and walks toward the park, but there is the road in between, and the cars and the accident. Here what the Angel is doing at the time of need, he attracts that sweet Soul out of the body to protect him from the physical pain of the body’s impact with the car. All Angels can recall the Soul out of the physical body and this is always their intervention when the body is suddenly heading towards certain death. In such incidents the Soul is hardly ever still inside the body, it is always recalled, even if life is still present in that physical body, the body itself is an empty shell, the body moves independently, but the Soul has already departed and witnesses what is happening beside their Angel but without feeling any pain.


Sometimes I told you that in some incidents the Soul is not recalled, but this is only because for that body there is still a possibility of survival.


I am explaining these things to you because unpredictability does exist both for you and for us, and, especially with accidents, the degree of unpredictability is the fundamental element. A car loses control, the trajectory is unexpected, a rope snaps loose, an unexpected fall, someone runs without watching, and the danger in the impact is unexpected, you just need to turn around unexpectedly, there are so elements of unpredictability in life and unfortunately, another reason there are a lot of incidents is also that many of your brothers think of themselves as invincible, strong, but it’s a lot of irresponsibility, and there is always a lot of disrespect along with invincibility.


All of a sudden, the incidents that involve you happen all of a sudden, and one must always be aware of the presence of obstacles.


I conclude this message for all of you and for you, my dear Stefania, in an unexpected way: you have asked us what we do to protect you from certain death, now I ask you, what are you doing to protect your bodies from certain death? Do you have the responsibility to protect your body? Do you have inside you the responsibility to protect from certain death all your brothers as well? Every time you do something you have a loving responsibility toward yourselves and toward all your brothers. Remember, everybody’s responsibility toward everybody.


I am embracing you with Love my beloved children.


Your Father.


Thank you beloved Father


Incidents and death Answers from the Heaven about incidents Angel's power to intervene


Incidents and death Answers from the Heaven


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