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Autism Syndrome of Asperger answers

Autism Syndrome of Asperger answers from the Heaven God the Father speak to parents   


Autism Syndrome of Asperger answers : dear Father, here I am taking the opportunity given to me by your sweet Sarah Luce to write you a letter, as you well know, between all the problems I have to face, the only thing that really breaks my heart and creates a lot of confusion and fear inside me is the case of my child, this child You donated to me, this child, who to me truly is the most beautiful thing in the world, unfortunately a couple of years ago we discovered that he is suffering from a light form of Autism, (Asperger Syndrome); my dear and beloved Father, even if in my prayer I am always asking for your help, comfort, and sometimes even a miracle, in this letter, if you allow me, I want to ask you, for me and for all parents in our same situation, or even in a worse situation than me (for those children with a much more severe form of Autism) what we can do to help them truly get better and the reason why this illness exists to being with, I am not fully persuaded, you know because on Sarah’s website I always read that there is a reason you are donating this earthly life to us and I just can’t see how all these children can grow up and really live through the experiences and the growth that their hearts were charged to do with the symptoms and the difficulties that this illness brings upon them.

Moreover dear Father I want to ask your blessing for my son and for all children like him…. Please let your Angels help them, especially at school, to get along well with others….. you know, as far as I know my son does not even have one little friend…. And today after the school hours he was crying because they would not let him play with them.

Thank you for everything Father, I hope to read your answer soon.

Your little servant Maria Concetta.

And thank you again to you, Sarah Luce.

The father answers

I am listening to you, sweet Maria Concetta, I listen to you each time you think of me, I listen to your heart and I am always with you, to console you, to put hope in your heart and to tell you that “you are not a part of this illness”, of course somebody has some responsibility with Autism, with the Syndrome of Asperger, but your Love is not responsible for this problem, the cause lies within the body, in the altered D N A chain. In those bodies there has been an anomaly and what is important is that you are not responsible through your own bodies for this anomaly, but that this happened to the growing fetus. My dear have trust in modern research, a little more time and there will be a molecule that is able to control this defect. Not too long now my dear, parents, the research is not too long in coming.

My dear, I will tell you this to your heart- your child, like many other children, will find a cure.

In the meantime the life of these little children goes on, and being the parents of a child that is “different” from other children poses problems to you that other parents could not understand. When crying finds consolation, when the heart finds affection again, all of a sudden it’s all over, this is the experience of many existing parents, but when a child does not find the consolation in the affection, the problem remains and the tears are for the next occasion.

When your child looks at you, he does not find consolation in your eyes but intense fear of the outside world. This is the greatest problem, the contact with this world that often does not understand and not understanding is the reason why the great fear lingers.

Your commitment, and this the hardest commitment for all of you parents, is to help him with affection to understand why in life there is a cause and a corresponding reaction to it, a reaction that your little children alone are not able to grasp.

Each reaction has to be explained, giving yourselves the opportunity to repeat it over and over again until you will feel the concept is grasped by the mind of those little children.

Even the protection of your little children is a great commitment for you parents, because many concepts learned prematurely by your children could require countless repetitions before being absorbed and mastered by them.

Despite appearances that their hearts are not experimenting, I want to reassure you and all the parents that their sweet Souls are recording all the affection that they are feeling from you and from other adults exactly like all other normal children. The only difference is in the mental process that brings to the expression of the feeling like normal children do, whatever they feel they communicate, but I feel like assuring you, when research will produce that famous molecule, every one of your children will participate to life with their hearts and in their words will be the confirmation of the affection that they always have felt in the hearts.

I also feel like reassuring you that the problem with our sweet little one is an isolated case, this alteration is neither inside you nor inside your husband’s body, it is simply an alteration, but responsibility does not lie within your bodies.

Listen to me while I speak to you in this message, listen to me and to what I told you, I know, it is hard, it is difficult for everybody, but I can see that your heart loves also through this great difficulty. Continue to love him together with his father and me at your side.

With all my Love.

Your Father.


Thank you loved Father


Autism Syndrome of Asperger questions and answers from the Heaven God the Father speak to parents

Autism Syndrome of Asperger answers


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