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Panic attacks answers from the Heaven

Panic attacks answers from the Heaven about Panic attacks cure anxiety and fear mind   


Panic attacks answers from the Heaven : hi Sarah, my name is Sergio, my wife told me many times to write to you, to speak to Jesus through you, so far I have not been able to do it, but I will try now, I will forewarn you and ask for your forgiveness if I will be harsh, but, you know, I have a lot of built-up anger inside me; dear Jesus, I have been wanting to speak with you for a long time, I was told to do so this way but I do not know if this message is truly reaching your heart, you know that I am skeptical and for this reason I have always preferred to join my hands together in the evening to speak to you, only I never had an answer to my questions.

As you know, I have been suffering from this ugly illness for 11 or 12 years now, panic attacks, the fear of leaving my town, and all this is pushing me away from the world, from all the nice things that it has to offer, and because of this my wife and my three children are indirectly suffering from it together with me, even if I would like to free them from all that, but I am not able to leave them, sometimes I think about suicide but I know that you would get angry with me and believe me brother Jesus, I do not wish for you to get angry with me but believe me, I simply have no more will to live, each day is difficult, each day is heavy, each day is a heavy log that needs to be moved around and after nearly twelve years of this I ask myself the reason for all this, why all this to me?

They say that things are not always what they seem and that there is always a reason for everything, an answer; well, I would like to receive one, I would like to ask you why I have to pay such a high price for this life, perhaps a price that I didn’t deserve to pay, and if you knew about this, why did you allow my wife and my children to be placed side by side close to my suffering?

What have they done to deserve this, why do they have to pay with me, until when will I continue to deny them the sun just because of my silly anxiety and fear?

You, who can create with your hands and read people’s minds, please answer me, read my heart, my ”self” and tell me how long do I still have to suffer, because now things are getting even worse; My Lord, you have always been my anchor, my rock, why are you letting me to go adrift? You are abandoning me and I can feel it, my Lord are my words reaching your heart?

Do my words reach Saint Pio and all Saints to whom I pray every day?

My brother, all I want is to find the smile on my face again, this face that is signed by the passing of time, the years go by my Lord, everything is changing around me, the world, all the nice things you have created, I would like to see them again like I used to do, and even if I only had a short time left to live, I would like to do that without health constraints, I would like to give my family what they have been missing until today, as well as to myself.

It is one forty in the morning, my heart is crying brother Jesus, many times I asked the Mother Mary to intercede among us, but nothing ever happened; you make millions of miracles every day, am I somewhere in your thoughts?

Am I among the issues to be solved?

Perhaps you also feel the need to speak with me but we never found the right channel to do it?

Is this the right channel?

Tell me my brother, am I in your heart, and if I am, why do you allow my suffering to happen?

I wrote to you quickly, as I always do when I write on my journal, I don’t know if I hurt you, if so, I beg your forgiveness, but surely, my brother, you will be able to read between the lines and you will not be hurt, give me a solution to my problem, I pray you, I know you can, just like you know that I can do a lot for other people, give me the strength to find myself again and if you should notice that I can’t manage it alone, then give me a hand and help me walk, do not let me fall again, my knees are scratched and are still bleeding and I really am not able to endure this torture anymore, don’t allow my mind to overcome my will and make me do something really stupid.

I am going to bed, my brother, stay with me this night and all nights to come, now I am listening to my heart but my thoughts are still racing and asking what my Fate has chosen for me, please don’t leave my hand, don’t do it or I could lose my way, I will continue to listen to my heart because I know that that’s where you will arrive, make this a magic night and a night that could donate me what I have been asking for in years: peace, and if you think that it could be right, then come to take me and bring me home with you, the others will understand, do not worry.

With all the Love that I feel for you and for Mother…

Your brother Sergio! “

Dear Sarah, I hope this letter will reach Jesus Christ and He will answer to me soon. Thank you for everything, Sergio


Jesus answers:


My dear, your sweet little letter reached my heart just like the constant thoughts that you send to me asking for my help reach my heart too. Everything reaches my heart, from you and from all other brothers, and I answer their hearts as well as yours, but the reality of it is that often there is no attention paid to listening to what I am saying to all of you, listening to my advice and how I am encouraging you. For this reason, my loved one, there are people who listen to my messages dictated for you so that my words could finally be heard, not from the heart which always recognizes me, but from your minds paralyzed with fear. And this is the reason why, even though I donated many words to you, you still have the feeling you did not understand me. The mind, the true obstacle is only in your mind. Therefore, dear brother, let’s look at your mind.

Your mind is exclusively responsible for getting yourself into this situation. This was not written in the journey you had chosen for yourself, and this problem had never been predestined either to the life of your children or that of your wife. Erase from your mind the idea that this was a cross pre-arranged for you to bear.

I know that you thought that many times, and by continuing to repeat it to yourself you allowed yourself to believe this as a truth, but, my brother, this is absolutely not the truth.

If you really want to repeat a truth to yourself, start by repeating this in your mind: I am not carrying a cross, but now a great problem is existing within me.

And this is the problem that we are going to address now.

If your heart is full of Love for other people, then where is it the same Love for yourself?

If you listen to your own letter, you will notice how much anger you harbor at yourself, you are in a middle of a challenge but it’s yourself that you are challenging; by not accepting this problem as being of temporary nature that needed the affection of your heart to be directed to yourself, the problem was allowed to drag on, thus becoming bigger over time and at the current state you feel almost defeated and the thought of a crazy gesture remains the extreme solution.

Brother, I am not angry for what you wrote and above all for what you think, I am only angry with you because you do not believe in your heart and in the passion that you dedicate to other people but not to yourself.

This is the feeling of my heart, if you want to talk about anger. But I have come to help you because I hope that these words will put a miracle in your heart.

And let’s begin to change.

So this is the first thing that I told to you: this great illness you are experiencing is linked to your mind, not your body. Of course your body is sensitive to certain things, but your whole body is in good health, no more no less than other people of your same age.

Reflect, even the doctors reassured you, your body does not have any particular problems.

Your body is healthy, repeat in your head: “my body is healthy”, this way you can throw away your doubts in your mind which only increase your feeling of impotence.

Now let’s talk about Love. Sweet brother, when you look at yourself in the mirror, you should look at your Love, not the tired face, not the wrinkles or the lines on your skin, you have always been helpful to other people, you have always helped others with their little as well as their big problems, you never have set aside anything yourself when helping, and you are a treasure to other people. You should look yourself in the mirror through the eyes of those people, your heart is a treasure, it has always been with you and it has been your true treasure. You should remember the emotions you felt when you were helping other people, you were full of hope, of great Love, of possible solutions, and you were looking for the best solution with all your affection. This is why they thing of you as a treasure, this is why you are a treasure.

So, let’s start each morning by looking at yourself in the mirror and discovering that you are a treasure.

Wait a moment before you begin your day, “Who am I? This heart that is experiencing a great problem right now, it’s nobody’s fault other than my own mind which reasons as if I am dead when in reality it’s only my mind that turns my every action into a difficulty. This is why I often have the impression I have huge mountains to climb and that this will cost me a lot of energy and even if my heart does not think this is the true reality, my mind keeps repeating to me that it’s a great difficulty, and in the midst of this conflict between the heart and the mind, I lose myself, I don’t feel up to it, and I am afraid.

This initial check is necessary, otherwise, even without your intention to do it, you will wind up challenging yourself again, and we already know the outcome of that, don’t we brother?

Reclaim your heart, the source of your treasure, and promise to yourself that Love will accompany your day. For instance, a sweet smile to your children is giving Love, that smile to your wife is giving Love, those smiles you will see in return will be Love for you. You donated and you are going to receive back. Every day think about how to donate and to receive Love for yourself.

During the day, choose a little step of freedom, choose it with care without challenging yourself, you need to reassure your mind that the reason it had deemed a difficulty insurmountable is only fear, but if you proceed very slowly making of each little step an expression of Love, every daily a conquest of freedom of the heart to be able to love and to be nourished with Love, it melts away difficulties and for the heart to conquer it means to be always that treasure that you are going to see reflected in your mirror every single morning.

Do this every day, every day take a step toward your freedom.

And then in the evening, it is necessary to do a check-up, you have followed through with your commitment, you have conquered a fraction of your freedom. Listen to the emotions you are feeling, you are happy with yourself, and do not start challenging yourself by saying to yourself that it is only a little step, because it’s exactly in each little step that the greater freedom is contained.

Then reassure your mind: “Did you see my little step? If I had listened to you I would be depressed right now, I would feel a failure, and if I think about the thoughts that I would have had in my mind, I am saying to you with joy from my heart, a little step but just this very little step is making me serene, I have different emotions, this day I have taken a little step for myself, dear mind, you have to get used to the truth that over the course of time I will be listening you less and less, I am referring to your fears.”

And then a kiss to your wife and the well-earned rest.

Here is your project, in the smallest details, this is my sweet help. Do continue to look for me around you, I will be at your side, it is a promise, but you are the one who is conflicted and I can assure you that it is a great conquest being in charge of your own healing. You will feel a great strength that will never leave you ever again.

Now it’s up to you, treasure of a brother.

I embrace you with all my Love, I, who have overcome so many difficulties by relying on the Love of my heart.

I am with you, brother.

Jesus Christ.


Thank you beloved Jesus


Panic attacks answers from the Heaven about Panic attacks cure anxiety and fear mind


Panic attacks answers from the Heaven

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