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Birth Control answers from the Heaven

Birth Control answers from the Heaven about birth control methods respect for life   


Birth Control answers from the Heaven : hi Sarah, I have not spoken with you for a while, what shall I say, it’s life, in reality my question concerns birth control methods, over the last few days I found myself researching into the more suitable methods for family planning, and a question came up inside right away, is it right to use contraception? if so, for instance, is it right to use the morning-after pill? in other words, is it correct to speak of a soul when the masculine and feminine cells unite, would it therefore mean that we are killing a creature even if those cells have yet to be implanted into the womb?

Among the messages I did read that our brother Jesus Christ explained to us that the soul is associated to a body only through our intentions … so if a pregnancy was accidental, does that mean that if we decide not to keep the baby no soul will be assigned to that embryo?

You know, I personally consider the act of procreation one of the most beautiful things that our Father could have donated to us, but I believe that birth control is necessary to be able to plan for it to happen at the most appropriate time of our existence, therefore I would like to choose the more suitable methods in respect of our dignity as potential procreators and I would really like to know what they think about this in the Sky, because some couples live in the absolute certainty that only God may decide when souls are to be born, but I also know very well that we have received the gift of the free will and therefore I try to balance my thought with the divine design, hence my question…

As always I thank you and I will speak with you soon.


The Virgin Mother Mary answers

My sweetheart, I shall answer your question, because I too was a woman on earth and I assure you that this problem has always existed. You know well how my Son presented himself to me in my body but that was an extraordinary fact. For all human beings the meeting between the sperm and the egg cell determines the beginning. And, as Jesus explained to you, the beginning brings some very important variables; will it survive? Will it build a healthy body? Will the pregnancy be accepted? Are there any problems that, to our eyes, could present a danger for the life of this little body? It’s from this initial scenario that we begin the possible search for the little creature who will go through the experience of life on earth, the Father makes this choice, and the little promised body will become a person. Even though our balance most of the times tends to be exact, certain events can determine the interruption of the pregnancy and in that case that sweet Soul loses its sweet little body but it is starts to experiment life anyway as an Angel for that family. They are extremely rare events but they happen nonetheless.

My sweetheart, let’s start by talking once more about birth control methods.

We accept every choice you make, free, you are free, the only thing that is important to us is that the method you choose always respects the life in you. You all know of your possibility to procreate, both male and female must always think of their possibility of procreation, this is respect for the life, in the planning of a pregnancy the respect for the life means to put oneself in a condition to not be able to generate a life.

There is often a dangerous superficiality, ‘If I become pregnant there there is always the morning after pill’ this is not respect for the life because an interruption of life is always an interruption of a possibility for life and it is really bad living it.

For this reason, no superficiality, respect life by not creating it.

You all know from the time you are young, from when you are growing up, that a pregnancy is a possibility, despite your tender age do give thought to what makes you a creator of life.

But this is not all, the thought of a child, my beloved ones, is for his existence, we are the ones who entrust a creature to you, to protect her, to love her, to help her grow up and realize herself, this person is not your possession, she is a creature that has been entrusted to you, take care of her.

Respect for life, always respect each form of life.

Here is my answer, my dear Romina, now your choices are in freedom.

You know about your worry, at the time of planning a pregnancy, there are many control analysis to make you aware of the problems that could arise from a pregnancy, I am answering you but I am talking to everybody, prevention, respect for life is also in planning a pregnancy giving your bodies the opportunity for a completed pregnancy.

In the eyes of my children who are awaiting creature, I caress your bellies,

life will shine. With the heart.

Your Mother.


Thank you loved Mother


Birth Control answers from the Heaven about birth control methods respect for life


Birth Control answers from the Heaven

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