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Contact with Hereafter answers from Heaven

Contact with Hereafter answers from the Heaven the contact with our loved ones allowed   


Contact with Hereafter answers from the Heaven : dear Jesus, I have been asking myself these questions for a long time now, and perhaps they will sound banal to you but they have been sitting inside me for a long time now and the time has come to know the answers; you see, in my family, over the course of the years, many people have joined you, but since then I have not heard anything more from them, let me explain myself, I have not seen them any more even in my dreams as if they never existed, why is that? perhaps the Father does not allow them to communicate with me at least in my dreams?

I miss them very much and I am always thinking about them… I would like to know if the are happy and what they are doing in their new lives…. And if they are close to me in my life and in that of my siblings, Alfredo, Edda, Anna, Nella, Giovanni. The people who are no longer on this earth are:

My father Domenico since the 1978, my mother Palma recently in 2005, my paternal grand-mother in 1981, my brother Franco in the year 1996, and most of my maternal uncles and aunts ……

I beg you, if you can help, to let me to know something about them.

With infinite love. Your sister Fernanda.

Jesus answers

My dear sister Fernanda, I answer your question with Love: why is it possible for many people to not hear anything from their loved ones when death separates us, in appearance, from those people whom we have loved? Certainly, it is only in appearance because we know that there is life after the death of the body, but we do not know at all which contact there could be, then, suddenly a question, could it be our Father that does not allow these encounters? and so we close our heart shut and the appearance of absence of encounters becomes a decision of impossibility to hear them.

You see, the Father constantly helps his children to communicate through the dimensions precisely because He knows how even the smallest sign can bring comfort to the heart and widen the mind and the heart of His own children to the knowledge. Does this seem a denial of contact to you? No, it actually seems the contrary, doesn’t it, my Fernanda? So why is it then that it seem that nobody wants to enter in contact with you? Do we forget those people who have been close to us on earth once we are in the Sky? Is the Sky an opportunity to forgive for the mistakes that were made, in order to start to love completely again as if life began from the Sky? My sweet Fernanda, one thing is to forgive the mistakes made while on earth, understanding them, analysing them, understand how our own heart was not listened to while on earth, but all is finalized to take again from the world the experience of our errors to tranform it in an eternal growth oppurtunity of our own being Love. So, let’s continue, despite the mistakes made, this bond that unites the brothers on earth always remains alive. If you knew how right now your loved ones are close to me and they incite me to speak to you, you would have the proof of their unchanged affection for you, which they feel in their hearts.

Then why is it that if the affection remains unchanged, there are no signs for you? Because, my dear, even if they can rarely enter in your dreams because for them entering your dreams requires an enormous amount of energy, and when it is necessary then with all their hearts they do not spare the energy, they are constantly speaking to you, but from inside your heart. It is in the emotions that you may find them more easily, but my dear it is inside your heart that you have to pay attention. Among your emotions, when you are alone by yourself, and you think about your life, the choices that over time have brought you to present life, when you compare the various solutions to a problem, when you perceive that in life you would like to know what is the life in the Sky and even in the moments of loneliness when you are feeling alone, a crowd of Love is close to you and one is speaking to you, another is consoling you, someone is helping you understand life and there is also someone who is putting hope in your heart and replacing a new affection in your heart. And all this communication takes place through emotions, for this my dear my and our invitation is to listen to the emotions of your heart because in time you will recognize with certainty your emotions from the many emotions that your loved ones will be placing in you. There is no stronger contact than the contact of the heart because to recognize in the experience the arrival of help from your loved ones, not only fills with joy, but you know directly, based on your experience, the truth of their existence.

Let’s continue to focus our attention on the heart. When you have this experience the mind suddenly opens up and when the heart opens up, the mind registers the recent contact and it is from that moment on that perception becomes possible in the physical contact between our bodies of light and your body of flesh. And ever so slowly slowly caresses come your way, and great embraces and abundant kisses, you feel the lightness, but I can assure you that all of our our body is engaged in these kisses, in those caresses, in those embraces, but once again, in the appearance of physical contact, it will be inside your emotions that your loved ones will speak to you, that they will take care of you. And if over time these emotions in the contact between our bodies and yours will become more intense, the words and the emotions necessary for you to face in the best possible way the experience you are living on earth will be inside your heart.

Do you understand this speech, my Fernanda? Now I am using words, but many times I have placed these same words in your heart, but I repeat myself, this experience of contact is inside your heart and it is where I am right now, I speak to you from the heart of Sarah, it is from here that she can hear me and she is turning what I say into words to send to you and to all those who are asking themselves the same question as you. You just have to listen, practice and concentrate, and all of you could hear our words of Love for you.

Agreed? Try it out, focus your listening inside your heart and soon you will find inside you, inside your heart the presence of your loved ones and those who dedicated their Love to you to raise you, those who helped you and those whom, at the end, thanked you for having met you.

With all my Love.

Your Brother Jesus.


Thank you loved Jesus Christ


Contact with Hereafter answers from the Heaven the contact with our loved ones allowed


Contact with Hereafter answers from Heaven

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