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Separation and divorce respect within Freedom

Separation and divorce respect within Freedom answers from the Heaven about divorce   


Separation and divorce respect within Freedom : hi Sarah, my Angel is called Nicodemo, I wanted to ask him if it is right, in the eyes of the Father, to break up a marriage if years of pointless efforts we realize that we do not receive Love but only a lot of mistrust, suffering, and humiliation and if we then meet another person who is showering you with all that you have always been missing is it possible to create a new relationship, the father of my children denied them the love that they needed and the man I have meet could be a reference point for my boys, is it right to create a new family? let me add that between us there is a love that goes beyond any expectations, when compared to all those feelings and emotions that we never had over the many years.

Often the love I feel in my heart leads me to believe that our bond is not unjust... But what does the sky think about this? Isnt’ Love the basis of every justice?

A kiss, Maria

The Father answers

It is nice to be able to ask when it’s Love that answers; in the Sky Love always replies but for you on earth to have the oppurtinity is a question of many brothers who reach us with their Love. And when a contact is made between earth and the Sky, they are in effect united.

I am your Angel for you, next to the Father to ask Him for a reply, to ask Him to illuminate all of you with the Love of His answer, for this reason I embrace you and I give the word to the Father.

There are many hearts amongst you and if for many of them the act of loving is difficult, for many other beautiful hearts it is so easy to love that they find the existence of hearts who are have such difficulty hard to believe. Love needs awareness and listening to one’s heart, it needs feeling, it needs the Love that I placed in you when I created you. It is all in these few lines.

Awareness of Love in itself allows love. And all we do is remind you of these words, remind you to pay attention to your heart, to your feeling, to the Love that beats inside you.

And, sadly, let’s move on to the consequences of this unawareness. Sweet Maria you are asking me if Love agrees that if a heart does not express Love we can abandon it, to then start to enjoy a new experience in which this Love could be manifested and you could experience it.

When an heart thinks like this it means that it has already decided, I could reveal to you my thought within freedom, but you already have manifested this decision inside you. But since I am speaking to everybody, not only to you my dear, then I will explain my thought; before you decide to bring a creature to this world, remember that the Love that ties the two of you will be that sweet Love in which that child will grow up. You are adults within your freedom, but your children are not. They need Love in order to grow up and and this is a specific commitment that should be honored for each child that is born. I know it is a little bit late now to talk about with regard to your family, but my treasure, if you can wait, slowly, slowly I also will look at this aspect.

This premise comes because I see much mourning in the hearts of the children whose parents are separating, there is compromise, slowly slowly comes adaptation, but that pain in witnessing the separation between the two very important people in the life of this creature of mine, fills up their heart with mourning.

I know that in this moment a lot of problems face the people in those separated families, you are very isolated from one another, and your brothers cannot be of help to you like they would have been able to in previous times, the way the world was organized back then. Today it seems impossible to you to talk and to find help in others, but in other times, in the past, this was the experience, reciprocal help.

Each child of mine is increasingly isolated and this is why certain problems afflicts many couples so dramatically. In the past my brothers faced each problem together, at least through helping each other. Things are very different now, there is a great loneliness, I constantly witness loneliness in front of my eyes, your loneliness, you must change, loneliness is not life for the heart, being together is life for the heart.

Very often your loneliness, my sweet and loved Maria, pushed you to seek out, and, instead of asking for help to solve the problems with your husband, it brought you in conctact with other hearts with different motivations. I understand the heart’s desire for Love, but first of all do try to solve your problems using your heart, with Love, with communication, with the heart expressing its own unease. And if you are not being listened to, try again and try again, with Love, until the listening reaches you.

It is too late for this too, isn’t it sweet Maria?

So now let’s talk about children. You chose to give birth to these creatures, with Love you awaited their birth, with Love you took them into your arms, you raised them with much Love, now with much Love do respect their timing. The decision is inside you, not in your children’s hearts, that subject needs to be approached to each child explaining what brought you to your decision, and waiting until each child could see those reasons that you have transmited to him with his own eyes. Over time they will see the reason that is moving you away from your husband and the understanding in their eyes will tell you that the time has come to act on your decision. Respect this passage and the understanding in their heart will soften the sorrow of the bereavement.

But then, in parallel to your decision, try to reach an agreement with your husband to allow to him to be father and you to be mother within mutual respect of each other. Frequent contact with a child may allow to raise him as one’s own child even if the parents have separated. Leave to him to give you his availability, let him choose how he wants to enact his parental role, you may accept it in the interest of your children, they are little creatures and their interests must be respected by you adults.

Now I have explained my thought to you, I have donated freedom to you, but there is one thing I ask of you: Respect within freedom.

I embrace you my loved daughter and I embrace all of you my treasures.

Your Father.


Thank you loved Father


Separation and divorce respect within Freedom answers from the Heaven about divorce


Separation and divorce respect within Freedom


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