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Suicide and suffering after death

Suicide and suffering after death answers from the Heaven suicide death Soul suffering


Suicide and suffering after death : hello Sarah, I am a little down, because I heard that a friend of mine, whom I had not heard from in a long time, is dead, in reality she committed suicide by jumping off the balcony, she had lost her parents, she ended up alone, she was single and she had had some disappointments in love, she was depressed. I was shocked when I heard it and I am praying for her Soul; I would like to know if is it possible to contact her, to know how she is, if she has overcome all that, as I am hoping?? the thought of her suffering and her extreme gesture makes me suffer and it does not let me sleep, since I heard the news I have not been able to think of anything else, I am not even able to sleep.


I beg you, please help me….


An embrace of light, Marta.

Mariella answers


What a sweet surprise to be called because there is mail from earth, and it is a very sweet surprise to discover that it’s you. Some time has gone past, I have been up here for a while now, I abandoned earth in a bad way, my constant depression had had the best of my sense of life. My mistake brought me to understand in an instant, when I parted from earth, that there is nothing more precious on earth than life. Erasing a life is a mistake, how can we grow in our hearts without experimenting? I wasted a great opportunity, the opportunity for my growth, but now that everything is clearer to me, I will turn to you. I would like to explain to you that when you look at life and the many problems that go with it, life is the great opportunity to solve those problems through the heart. If next to you there is someone who is going through some difficulties, by loving them in your heart you will experience the Love that is contained in your heart and this will mean growth, and then, when you will be the one who is having problems, with the same Love you will understand that life is a great opportunity to solve them by turning to that same Love that is inside you. Let’s not avoid our problems, but let’s face them by putting all our heart into it. This is what I understood, by constantly facing life with our heart, we promote our growth.


I see another existence on earth now, hearts busy with their Love and growth.


On earth these are the usual problems: boredom, insecurity, defeats, but if you could see inside those hearts, how much immensity, how much Love there is in each heart, you would be surprised to the point where you would ask yourself why such a great Love is not being employed more often. Here in the Sky we ask ourselves the reason for it, and I missed the opportunity to rediscover my Love on earth. Often I cursed this life, my loneliness, the help I did not find, but I was looking outside, in others, and not inside of me, I assure you that if I had tried that I would never have abandoned my life. A heart in the act of giving Love does not need anything else, loving is what fills you, rediscovering your Love makes you feel complete and if it also happens to come from others this is something extra on top of it, but this wholeness that you feel inside yourself only comes from the Love that is in you. It is not the presence of parents, or a partner, or friends and many other smiles that give you this feeling of being complete, it’s the Love that is inside you and that is available to others and to yourself that gives you the sensation of wholeness. Take a kiss as an example, if it is given to you, you feel a sensation of pleasantness, but when you give it with all your Love you, will feel the stars sparkle inside you, these stars are the Love of your heart.


Remember my words, as you continue to experiment your life, seek your worth in the wonderful Love that is inside you, love, and you will feel these stars, love, and you will feel wholeness inside you, love everybody, really everybody, and you will conquer extraordinary growth forever. And my arrival then will be so glorious because I will know that your great happiness will have come from my words that you listened to today, and you faced life seeking to always love with your heart.


Now I will say goodbye to you, sleep well, you have to recharge, because tomorrow an experience for your heart is awaiting you.


With all my friendship, with all the Love that is in me.




Thank you Mariella, thank you Father for your constant help to all of us


Suicide and suffering after death answers from the Heaven suicide death Soul suffering


Suicide and suffering after death


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