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Anorexia help for who is suffering answer

Anorexia answers from the Heaven anorexia help for who is suffering of anorexia answer   


Anorexia help for who is suffering answer : dearest Sarah, you are always ‘at work ‘ for all of us, and this brings an immense pleasure to my heart and all I can do is keep thanking you; over the last two months there is a new girl working with me, who is doing an internship, in reality she my boss’s niece.

The information my boss gave me (note: in the office there are only the two of us) is this: she is very much under stress because of her university studies ‘and so she needs to get distracted little bit, she needs to do something different, besides studying’.

At first impact I did not take the news very well, in short, I a work alone and I am busy, the concept of explaining what I do to somebody (who will leave anyway, because we already know she is not staying, who, on top of it, is related to your boss), conscious of the fact that it is a waste of time, so when I first heard the news, it irritated me a little bit.

I expressly put ‘waste of time’ between paragraphs, because that day, when I went back home, I listened to my heart and I asked myself three questions, why does this irritate you? what are you afraid of? situations and meetings do not happen by chance, therefore if this Soul’s path is crossing with mine, there is a reason but what is it?

The answer to my first question was simple: It irritated me a little because I expected my boss to give me a little more notice instead of telling me twenty four hours before; after all, after eleven years of working together, we have a very good working relationship so I felt I was the last one to know (while being fully aware that he does not actually need to ask my permission!)

The answer to the second question also came by quickly, I am a person who gives a lot of herself to everybody, but when I first meet a person I am always a little shy, I am the one who will slowly open up, but only after a certain period of time.

I am always afraid that new people may want to invade my being, my heart, my person, it is a sensation of mine, it’s difficult for me to explain it.

The answer to the last question took some time, day after day, to unfold, especially over the last few days! this girl is a nice person, but I noticed straight away that she is conflicted, on the outside she appeared strong, however, some of her words, some of her behaviours, some of her routines and obsessions, told me that inside she was a person who was torn; after a few days of working together she had already started telling me a little about herself, about some of her obsessions, which, she said, most people would describe as absurd (that’s because they are indeed absurd!)

From what she said on certain sentences about her family (that I know only in part) I deducted that she must not have had an idyllic childhood (I mean in terms of Love).

The only thing I have been able to do is to give her love, to speak from my heart to her own heart, much, much more than I would usually do.

(After all, isn’t this what God taught us, and continues to remind us of, also through you?)

The question is, about two weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak with the wife of my boss (she is the girl’s aunt), she gave me some news that delighted my heart and some other news that felt like a heavy stone! the good news was that the girl spoke very well of me to her, she said she found herself very at ease with me, while the heavy stone was ‘she has a lot of problems, because she is anorexic’.

I felt very stupid: it’s true that she looked thin but not so thin as to reveal the fact that she is anorexic, my goodness, I have seen anorexic girls before, but they don’t look like her, they are thinner and their faces are all hollowed in!!, how could I have missed that??, I immediately thought back again of everything that I had said to her, wondering if I had made a mistake somewhere or if I had created a problem with something I had said (clearly involuntarily).

In the following days I pretended I knew nothing about it and I continued to behave as usual with her, giving her my fullest attention from deep inside my heart. You will not believe it, but yesterday she actually confided in me and admitted that she was suffering from that problem (naturally, without ever actually using the word ‘anorexia’). I touched upon the subject with extreme care, because I realize that anorexia involves to a great extent the actual mind, but I know that deep down it’s her heart that is sick, she does not like herself enough, because I believe that the message she receives and interprets (or perhaps it is more correct to say ‘that was sent to her?) up until now is that she is not worthy of other people’s love (family and others) and for that reason, why should she love herself if others don’t love her?

I would like to reach for her heart so that she could appreciate herself once again, love herself as a creature, as a heart, as a person, but how can I do that?, I am feeling somewhat involved in this situation since her auntie told me (and I had perceived it too) that when this girl is with her family members she clams up like a hedgehog, while with me she confides easily because I am not a member of the family so she does not feel she is being judged.

My question to you my dear Sarah and to God is, which steps can be taken to tackle such a delicate issue as anorexia? how could we succeed in healing her? how can we help? and above all, what can I do to offer practical help? this time I feel this situation is way above my real ability to help.

What do you think? kisses, Laura

The Father answers


My sweet daughter before I begin I would like to tell you one thing, in life there are opportunities to help, and it is your heart that chooses to help, to lend a hand, but, for many of you, helping takes on the meaning of loading yourselves with the other person’s problem and then to find a solution. This fills you with anguish because it is impossible to find the solution by yourselves. You and your help may be a piece of the recovery process, just a piece of it, an important and sweet piece, but only a piece of it nonetheless. Do not take on the responsibility of those people who could have helped her back then and can still help her today. These missing pieces could help her recover or they can continue to keep her mind occupied so that she will not have time to think. Their choices do not hinge upon you, however, my Love, you are a indeed a piece of it so let’s take care of my sweet piece.

The life of a heart is always a moment where affection is compared to other affections, it feels nourished, it feels abandoned, it feels Love for itself, it feels Love for the other, life at the heart level is a continuous comparison with Love. You met a heart, and as a heart you have welcomed it. My dear, do you see the experience that you are living? Your heart and the other very sweet heart, experiencing Love just like you. Were you loved once my sweet heart? You know nourishment. If her heart has been loved too little, it will seek nourishment. Often the expression of what a heart wishes for from Love is in material things. This girl would like to nourish herself so much that she would eat any food whatsoever, but this eating in the material world morphs into fat rather than food for the heart. And this is how what is vomited up is not the food but the sensation of emptiness that she is still feeling in her whole heart despite the food she ate. It is better to eat less than to cultivate the illusion of receiving something for the heart that never comes. Over time, then, new thoughts creep into her mind, where it is not so much the emptiness of the heart that is at the centre of her own existence, but it is now that food, the very food that was eaten and then vomited. And the horizon shrinks around her eating and vomiting. And the fact that these are young people makes it more difficult to help them because when the experience of the heart is denied, how is it possible to ask for help outside? One’s entire family is their outside and inside. If the parents find out about those dilemmas, then the situation can be dealt with outside, however, how many young people are feeling alone within their own families?

This girl, however, has a sort of anorexia that allows her to seek external help, and on her way she has found you, my sweet and beloved Laura, you heart is living from you and the internal comparison of herself with her own heart. In your simplicity you are donating your Love to her and you are filling her external world with the experience of Love. It is nice to hope that this experience will eventually bring her out, with Love, to her external world, which will bring about a search for help for Love in her inside world. Do you understand, my beloved, what your great help be? You can guide her with Love over time, to seek help for her inside world and this is what we support you for.

I hug you with all of my heart Laura, may your example guide other hearts to help others. I remain with you.

Your Father.


Thank you, always, loved Father


Anorexia answers from the Heaven anorexia help for who is suffering of anorexia answer


Anorexia help for who is suffering answer


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