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Bullying answers from Heaven about bullying

Bullying answers from Heaven about bullying God the Father speack about bullying


Bullying answers from Heaven about bullying : hello Sara, it’s not easy for me to talk about what happened, my benevolent and sunny character ended up being the source of entertainment for a person I know at work, this person is 30 years older than me, and I did not feel it would be appropriate to show disrespect to him, you know, my character is mellow and at the same time shy, I allowed for this person to make fun of me, he starting to make jokes about me, also laying his hands on me as in a joke but also in a nasty way, by then I saw myself in a dark tunnel from which I was not able to escape, I asked God to let me die, every hour I spent at work was an agony for me, what hurt me the most was my work mates who cheered him on to continue to make fun of me, by then I was the joke of the workplace, but inside I knew I was better than him, and maybe if I prayed all this would end somehow, but God was right, I did not pray with love, I no longer had faith in Him, until one day I did pray with love, I convinced myself that if I have faith in Him everything is possible and so it was.


So my question is, dear Father, why do we, weak people, have to receive this suffering? Why do some people feel big and powerful at our expense? Even though I see a bright future ahead of me, isn’t that right, Father, I know that people do care for me and this is the most beautiful thing



The Father answers


My dear, the violence you experienced placed you in front of an important question, important for every one of my children, why is it that people attack weak people through violence? Women, children, violence on someone who appears different, simple people, the elderly, those who go through a journey with many difficulties, those are very often the victims.


At the source of all this there is the need to assert themselves, to affirm themselves, to impose one person upon another. Why is that?


Look at your past, that big person, the man who offended you by laying his hands on you, he humiliated you, by humiliating you this person drew his strength and the advantage of being watched by the other work colleagues.


And yes, unfortunately, violence does bring with it some advantages, to the eyes of people this strength shocks people, it makes them admire the violent person, the myth of the violent person that is not going to be stopped by anything, he feeds from the fear of other people when they are faced with him.


Fear is what makes people think of the violent person as a strong person, and the need for protection kicks in, hence the desire to be close to those people who use violence.


There is violence in one of your brothers, and the other brothers around him only have a lot of weakness and fear.


After all the violent person is only one, the violence from the other people is generated to ensure protection from the violent person from their own weaknesses, their own fears.


You already noticed by yourself that if the other brothers did not participate to the violence, to the group, the violent person would lose his advantage and just like every one of you, his life’s insecurities would catch up with him and with his fears for his tomorrow.


One does not have power without the others.


Now, why do you notice so much violence around you? Because around you there is only insecurity about tomorrow and a lot of worrying and weaknesses are filling your souls. More than at any other times, it’s in those moments where there is not one positive sign, no sign of security, no sign of certainty, that violence and a violent behaviour manifest themselves.


You need to be united among you, united in the intent to face your problems together, there is a need for great solidarity between you, a need to help one another among you, a need to exchange experiences among you, a need to sustain one another, there is a need for greater unity among you my children. No amount of violence can exist among my children if they feel united and do something for the greater good for the welfare of everybody.


My children, violence draws energy from separation, from the concept of being alone in a world that does not recognize one of us in the other person, this is what violence hits, the other person as someone different, solidarity unites in the discovery of the other person as someone like me.


For this reason my dear treasures I talk about unity, go ahead and defeat violence with your unity.


Let me hug you, my Salvatore, I will conclude my message here, but I am with you, today as with the past, and with every one of my children, forever.


Your Father


Bullying answers from Heaven about bullying God the Father speack about bullying


Bullying answers from Heaven about bullying


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