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Donating organs answers from the Heaven

Donating organs answers from the Heaven about donating organs God the Father answer


Donating organs answers from the Heaven : dear Sara Luce, I am the mother of an angel who flew to the sky less than four months ago, Ylenia, her sweetness, her smile, her being so special with anyone who was fortunate to have approached her, to me she has always been the greatest gift that God wanted to give me, together with her younger sister and the joy in her eyes when I told her so, she made me feel special, I turned to our God many times to thank him and in awe I would ask him “what did I do to deserve such precious gifts?”, I had my very own dialogue going on, with Him, and I never felt alone, I know He is with me, and I know that Ylenia is close to me, my blonde angel.


It may be the selfishness of my being a mother, but I do miss my little monkey! We always had a very strong love bond, and we always talked, about everything. When a serious car accident made her return back to Him, I knew that her last gift to others would be her organs, and so it was. What does the sky think of this gesture? I don’t want to know how Ylenia helped with her gesture, I know it was what she wanted, even if for me, as a mother, it was not easy, however the happiness of my girls is my own happiness. I hope Ylenia will be happy up there, She has always known my love for her and now she feels it too, I hope.


A thank you from the heart, Lina

The father answers


Many questions, my dear one, are locked inside your heart, and here is the truth: nothing, you could have done nothing more for your Ylenia. Over time you will understand the repercussions of your gesture of donating your daughter’s organs, she brought life to those who received them and you will notice how precious your gesture has been. If now you ask how she is, your Angel is here in front of me, even more beautiful and smiling and if you could only see her heart, it is singing with joy all the time. She is here next to me and she tells me “that is my mother, the treasure of my life, if you knew how much my heart loves her” and it’s true that in her heart she has your existence surrounded by a great Love.


But let’s turn to your question, my opinion. When life flows into a body you need everything, every vein, every organ, every system. Not only life is assured to you but also the good functioning of it. Often you see brothers in need and you could donate some of yourselves, the important thing, my dear ones, is that what you donate from yourselves may be rebuilt over time, for example like donating blood, but not only that. The organs in the body, this can be your choice, but do you think that they are redundant in your body? Every single organ you have, I repeat, is important and necessary to you. The life of a child, I understand… the life of those whom you love so much, I understand your hearts … but is your life any less important? I understand the intent of your heart, but wait …. Wait for the opportunity of a gift made by someone whose life is abandoning him.


In front of my eyes is your daughter, her big heart; my loved one, could you speak to your mum and to all of them? Would you like to explain the meaning that this had for you, donating your organs, a wish that your mum fulfilled? Go on, my child


I watched as my organs were being extracted and for me it was joy, just a few moments and my body would become precious for other people, oh what joy, ooooh that surgeon put so much care into it, and then they transported them and my sun was accompanying them. What bliss it is to donate life. Then, during the transportation came the flurry of communication, life was on its way. I do not know the emotions of the receiver, I only know of my own joy. I watched as my joy was being delivered.


Dear mum I am always with all of you, if you speak to me I hear you, if you cry I hear you, I hear you when you think, I always listen to you. With my eyes I can see you and I always speak to your heart. Listen, life on earth is a treasure but one day a long time from now you will be able to embrace me and my arms will be for you forever. And if you think back to my Love, just think that it is always with you, always and with every step you take, my Love will be there, do not cry because this sadness pains my heart, remember me in the past, in the Love we exchanged and that now is even bigger because you have realized my dream.


And I come next to you, Angel of Paradise. I love you, I love all of you with all of my heart.




I am embracing your Angel for you, give me your tears and let’s turn them into many flowers to adorn the face of your precious creature.


I love you.


Your Father


Donating organs answers from the Heaven about donating organs God the Father answer


Donating organs answers from the Heaven


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