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The meaning of life answers from the Heaven

The meaning of life answers from the Heaven about the meaning of life in the suffering  

The meaning of life answers from the Heaven : sweetest Sara thank you for your prayer, I know that He listens to you, once again today I read your words and you stole a smile from my tears, I try to be grateful to God for this too; numerous are the things that led me to this point of desperation, where my desire not to hurt Our Father is the only thing that stops me from giving into the wish to throw away the gift that he gave me, my life, it’s a very tough fight, fought between tears and pain, between awareness of having been used by many people, I have always tried to love, to have feelings for people, to be there for many people, some of whom I loved, some others whom I barely knew, the only words that break the silence of this internal loneliness drenched with suffering are your words and His words.

I do not bear a grudge inside… not even anger, only pain… a lot of it…. Endless… everything I have ever believed in… for which I have lived so far… has been trampled upon, derided, vilified….

Once again… one time too many… my life has not been an easy one….

I lost my mother when I was a little girl after an aggressive illness that caused her enormous suffering for two years and deprived me of a serene childhood, my father remarried after two years, however with a person who has not been able to love him… or me….

Soon after I turned eighteen I chose to share my life path with a divorced father, who separated not because of his fault, he had custody of a two year old child, whom I raised as my own… and in my heart indeed he is…

We had very difficult years, with many problems even of a practical nature, but if you love one another you can overcome everything…. You find the strength… and so when we finally reached the point where we could enjoy a little bit of peace, he decided that it was all over…. That the love that united us did not mean anything… the twenty-five years of my life shared with him, worth nothing…. The love I poured into giving little Matteo a good childhood, worth nothing…. All that mattered was his desire for freedom… the search for an improbable second youth…..

During those years I also lost my father… he died within a few days… and it was a total pain…. I struggled, always praying that God would give me the strength to keep going… and I guess I did manage that….

I accepted the end of my marriage… it was an end by all accounts, with suffering but with the understanding also that you can not tie down a person if he does not love you with his heart…. And this proved to be not so easy to do either…. But I fought the pain that I was feeling… I always wished for those around me to be happy… and his happiness consisted in setting him free to leave me.

This happened three years ago… and during these years I met a person…. A person that I recognized with my soul, with my heart… I did not love him of an earthly, physical love, but more of a love that surpassed even those limits… a truly pure love the way love should always be…. He is a person who made a number of bad choices in his life, he did so unconsciously, due to lack of knowledge as to where the truth lies, the light… a person to whom I was close even though he was not right next to me…. A person to whom I tried to give hope, to make him understand that he carried the light inside him… the light of God… and that the light would give him the strength not to feel like a shadow anymore… or that’s what he calls himself… I tried to make him understand many things, none of them were to his disadvantage, they were there to help him grow inside… to become close to the light the he desired… I suffered every time he fell over, every time he lied, I hoped, I always prayed for him and for his welfare… and our Father knows all this….

I was happy with very little… knowing that at least I was in his thoughts… not in his heart…. Even if at the beginning of this relationship I lost count of all his “I love you’s”… but even this small infinitesimal comfort is now gone… the flicker of light that I saw in him did not turn into full light… Now I see him dragging his existence through ever bigger mistakes… I suffer for it… I am powerless….

Over the last few months, despite the fact that I lost my job and I had serious health problems as well as many small disappointments from people I met during my path, I always tried to support him, to guide him to the right path, to help him understand that the body does not love… it’s the heart that loves… the Soul…. It was all to no avail…. It cost me every single crumb of energy that I had left inside me…

Now I have nobody… no relatives, no friendships, I spend hours trying to quell my feeling of non-existence through prayer, my non existing if not in the dimension in which pain transcends the human… because it’s the pain of a Soul that was never loved… a soul that always tried to live of love, of goodness, of light…. I offered my suffering to God... once again… but now I can’t find the road anymore… I am afraid I will get lost in this immense pain….I am afraid I will not be able to resist…. If you knew how often I call upon my Angel, I pray to him, I beg him to give me a sign of his presence next to me… my need for it is almost physical… I need to know that he is there…. For me…. But maybe between my tears I am not able to make myself heard…. This is why I asked for the prayer from you… this is why I ask you, an angel on earth, for a from the Father, if He can explain to me why joy has always been only a mirage for me…why my existence seems only laced with pain, with loss…. I have always tried to show him that I kept going, that I tried to be like him at least in the way he loved…. Unconditionally…. I always tried to forgive the pain I received and I tried to help, as much as I could, those who were in difficulty…. Whether it was material, moral or spiritual…

I always tried to live like he teaches us, with patience, with Love, with the Soul turned to always seek the goodness in others, and their own welfare…

And now I am here, alone in a way that perhaps only He can appreciate… with tears that even as I write as coming down my face…. With this pain inside me that sometimes takes my breath away… I would like a word... some peace… I don’t even ask for anything anymore…. Too many times my life showed me a glimpse of happiness only to then take it away… I don’t even dare to think about this word… but inside me I know that God wants us to be happy, with joy inside so that we may transmit it to others…. in order to give love and support people do need some joy… I no longer find the strength to listen to others…. to be there for them like I used to…. I no longer find the meaning for my path down here.

I am getting lost in this darkness of the Soul… I feel it with every day that passes by…. I am afraid of it… Sara…. You are very kind and dear to our God… please ask for me… I no longer have a voice to do it… maybe I lost my voice….

I hug you not with my words but with what has now become my tired Soul…


The Father answers

My treasure, my great treasure inside my heart, your love for your Father is immense, as immense like as the mountains and the seas and the joy of being able to speak to you now is immense, my treasure, my great treasure, you have the Love of the Father and nothing will ever be able to change the Love for you inside my heart. There is no past like there is no future that will change it, in my heart you have always been and will always be with me. The moment I created you I loved you, every thought was turned to you and contained the word Love, in everything that was my word for you there was Love and even now that I am speaking to you my only word is Love for you.

You seek meaning in your life, a meaning to continue to live, any meaning that will make you grateful for being alive in your life, now I take you by your hand and I tell you: do not seek the meaning of your life in others, seek it in what you are. You, my great treasure, when you arrived on earth from the Sky you brought your heart, with your love you brought the Sky and the stars in this unkempt garden that is earth. With your love you dug some furrows and with your love you planted seeds that you rediscovered with the earth of your Love. This is what you did with your love, you prepared the soil for others, on which they may blossom and this was the task that you set out to do, preparing the soil to then spread the seeds and then cover them up with Love, you did this task very well. Then my dear, you know, every seed needs watering and the burden falls on those whom we are helping to recognize themselves in that seed, and to place their rain of Love that makes a renewed birth possible. However, life on earth has seen many people who do not believe in themselves, they no longer have flowers in their garden, they convinced themselves that the earth is empty, what’s the point in irrigating if nothing can grow, and this is how the seed rests in the soil, unable to come to life by itself. And this is the experience that you had from others, gardens that were seeded but who believe that the earth is sterile.

In your heart, through your Love, you always felt that a flower can always grow from the earth, that inside every gesture of Love comes a flower, and for you, who knew this by donating them the flowers that were growing inside you, for you it seems impossible to conceive this lack of feelings, a flower may bloom, but if you think that it did not originate from you, then we shall start all over again, from the emptiness, from the sterile garden, and these are the fallbacks.

My dear, do not cry, every man has his path and he has to fall and pick himself and look around himself many times, but eventually the right time does come for everyone when he looks at himself and he remembers those who believed in him and he looks inside that mirror because he wants to see himself as different, he listens and rediscovers words and his garden shakes up, and he puts his hands into that soil and he discovers seeds everywhere and with all of his Love he waters them and takes care of then, and here comes the first flower blossom, then the second, and all of a sudden there are flowers everywhere. And this is the change.

Who knows how long that garden had been seeded, my dear one, there is no time, but there is a time for change.

My light is upon you my dear, if you give me your sadness I will give you seeds and when you will be in my arms and together we will watch many gardens blossom, and you will collect joy and enthusiasm from all the moments of grave suffering that you live now, however my treasure, remember my words: you are carrying the Sky and the stars to cultivate gardens of possibility.

I hug you very tight my immense Love.

The Father is next to you because you are helping my flowers

Come on, chin up, a little longer and then you will return forever with me

With much Love, your Father


My Loved Father… your embrace sustains me… I will always try, for the remainder of my life here, to be like You want me to be… Love…. Great Love like the Love you have for every one of Us. Let my heart overcome the pain I am feeling, I want to love you in Joy and in Peace, while looking forward to being where everything is LIGHT… together with You and with all the Souls of my loved brothers and sisters.

I will love your flowers, as best as I can… and if you want to, you will allow for this little flower of yours here… this Soul that wants to reunite with you so much…. to find a little peace even here, on this world that you donated to us to make it Yours and Our Paradise.

Let me always feel your strength and the Love of your embrace my Loved father, like I feel it now. I give you everything that I am, as you created it… and forgive me if sometimes I get so lost I lose my way…. From my heart and my Soul… I will always arrive to you.

I want to go back to being the Light that you created with infinite Love….

Guide me my Father, and so it shall be.

Your little flower, whose name over here is Monica.


The meaning of life answers from the Heaven about the meaning of life in the suffering


The meaning of life answers from the Heaven


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