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Death or evolution the death of a son

Death or evolution the death of a son Answers from the Heaven


Death or evolution the death of a son : hello Sara, if possible, I would like to ask the Father a question, dear Father, as you noticed, I have not been feeling myself over the last year, since the death of my little girl after only two days into this world, I can no longer enjoy myself, I can’t feel emotions, I live every day in apathy, sometimes I call you, I would like to know if you can put some of your love into my heart so sick with emotion, thank you infinitely, Simone.


The Father Answers


My loved Simone, you can finally hear my words because through my wide open heart I want for the Love contained in my answer to reach you and also my daughter, your sweet spouse, as well as all my loved children who share in the pain the same situation you find yourselves in.


I know, often what is important to you is not the problem with the body, or the actual cause of the death, you hear many doctors and their explanations, when they are able to explain it, all you see is only the bodies, the death, the end, and this is why you send your questions to the Sky, asking why.


Why did you allow it? Why did you not intervene? Why did you give a gift to others but not to me? Why this punishment? Why this emptiness in my life? And even more importantly, why did you take it out on me?


These are the questions that I wall answer.


My loved children, the death of a body is not the end but it’s evolution, a passage to another stage of evolution, the Soul incessantly takes steps within its evolution and even being on earth is a step in that evolution. At every stage you have some projects, programs of evolution and your evolution takes place through the realization of these programs. The realization of these programs is certainly not measurable in years, many Souls are already ready to change their status long before the arrival of the death of their bodies, but the desire is still in that heart to remain at that level a little longer to be of help to some of you, and so the experience at that level continues on.


So you believe that only old people have exhausted what they had programmed, and you use time and years as your measure for understanding, but for the evolution the real parameter is what the heart feels. The real parameter of evolution is in the Love. The answer to your questions lies in this word, Love.


A project, therefore evolution, could be for a heart to Love while waiting for life, to participate inside your hearts to their waiting for life, that body charged with longings, with great emotions, great worries, it creates the landscape on which the Soul confronts itself, and when you are parents, the Soul that you are waiting for matures its experience even before it is born. This is also evolution.


A project, therefore evolution, is also what you experiment the moment you are born, this transformation from thought, from waiting, to seeing the body of the baby with all those emotions that are suddenly released, worry, pain, moments of desperation, and then joy and happiness and this facing one another with this life born from your, it’s a truly rich soil for a Soul on which to experiment, and this too is an important moment of evolution.


Life shows up and evolution is in every moment where the Soul is faced with the emotions it breathes, the emotions it lives around it and the emotions that move inside it.


Your creatures are learning even in the real time, through you – the parents, through your questions, through your hearts, through all the emotions that you are feeling, and it’s always evolution for their Souls, they are learning on the pain, on the hope, on the path of pain, on the path of growth of your Souls in this specific situation, on the path of Faith that you are walking from your heart, on the hope for an encounter and on the anticipation of being together once again tomorrow. Evolution, this is the evolution that your children are accomplishing through you.


I know it’s painful to be far away, on a parallel evolution, but when I welcome your creatures in my arms I often tell them “My Love, I will do what is possible for you, I will put you in contact with each other so that there will always be an unbreakable bond between your hearts. This is only a moment, eternity will see you together forever”


So, my loved Simone, and my children, this is how I welcome your creatures, be serene, they are with me and their evolution continues next to you, waiting for your return.


My children, I love you


Your Father


Death or evolution the death of a son Answers from the Heaven


Death or evolution the death of a son


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