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Fear comes from judgment depression

Fear comes from judgment depression somatization answers from the Heaven


Fear comes from judgment depression somatization : dear Sara Luce, my name is Antonio, while reading the replies to the questions to the Heaven I could really relate to them, I recaptured subjects that I hold dear and close to me, and after an initial moment of embarrassment I decided to write to you, the subject is depression and somatization, the first question to the Heaven I read was about how to try to love one another while looking after ourselves, and I can say that after years of complete darkness the Light is once again shining in me; secondly, on the somatization in the body of problems with the Soul, as of today I still have found neither an answer nor a path to follow.


It goes without saying to those who experience these two problems, the feeling of defeat at not being able to even leave the house due to the associated decrase in their faith in life and in your own self esteem.


I would therefore like to ask about it, also because I experienced the same problems, the same symptoms with other work colleagues and acquaintances.


Over the years I noticed that these somatizations take place in answer to fear, a fear so intense it makes you feel threatened physically and psychologically, you feel as if you could be annihilated.


This unmanageable fear comes from judgment, from the terror of judgment, fear of others, fear of the world, with an added sense of inadequacy which makes me get carried away with my somatization.


This happens every time an external judgment becomes intolerable, also in view of my rare offer of a solid and unshakeable point of view.


From there, the somatization and escape.


Our problem is inside and I can not find the way out.


I thank the Father for allowing me to keep my job, also thanks to my effort, and to a minimum of autonomy of actions in my daily life.


Thanks, Antonio

The Father answers


My dear Antonio, health relies on autonomy. I know that you are thinking that if you had had autonomy you would have already solved your problems, but you would not understand important aspects that are specific to health.


Being healthy means feeling harmony in the heart. And I will focus my discussion on the great path that leads to harmony.


You see, my loved Antonio, when a heart knows harmony then there is no judgment, no contrast, there is only a thought and then another thought. This is what I want to explain to you, the thought could be illuminating and therefore worthy of being learnt, or it’s a simple point of observation that is being communicated.


Not every thought is real. Often, actually in the majority of the times, it’s only a point of observation.


So you are afraid of a point of observation, and you don’t fear it a little, you fear it with all your heart, with all of yourself.


Think back to your past, to all these observations that communicated so much apprehension to you. Every apprehension was a thought, a specific vision, an observation, a moment where that brother was expressing a simple observation.


It must be important to you to ask yourself: what is my thought within that situation, or about that situation? And while you question yourself, listen to the answer. If your answer carries with it many of the elements that allow you to understand that specific situation, then you take into account its goodness. But if, as you hear the answer, you also agree inside you that it’s superficial, then the study will transform the answer into a good answer and you will grasp the concept that the answer will be good.


You proceed from the past to now, from that answer to your good answer.


This will help you to be inside the experience feeling confident about the validity of your thought and you will alternate thought and silence in your contact with others. In silence you collect your thought to then ask yourself and to hear your own answer. When you will speak out, your elaborate thought will be communicated.


Listen my loved one, one more thing, the thought guides the autonomy, the goodness of your thought gives security, and security pushes you to find yourself always adequate in the world of your brothers.


My sweet child, I know that I spoke to you thinking of your story, take heed from me, consider life carefully, and what it presents to you, ask yourself and bring your good answer to the world.


With all of my Love


Your Father


And now the goodbyes, your father


When you are afraid that this anguish is about to appear again, collect those thoughts that you fear and question yourself, I am with you, the Sky is with you, and we will also be able to illuminate you. I kiss you with all my heart, father. I am happy, my only problem is the unhappiness that I see in you on earth, the usual problems that I have also known on earth. Those are memories of my life, but now that I am in the Love I always have awareness that the solution lies exactly within the Love, Love one another, fill your existence with Love, freedom is only within Love.


My child, do me one favor, love that girl for me too.


Fear comes from judgment depression somatization answers from the Heaven


Fear comes from judgment depression somatization


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