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Manifestation of the Sky inside life on earth

Manifestation of the Sky inside life on earth answers from the Heaven  

Manifestation of the Sky inside life on earth : this contribution from the Sky was dictated to us as a message within the fourth teachings book from the Messages to Humanity, however, since we are dealing with a subject that many hearts wonder about, I decided to publish it also in the Questions to the Heaven section, to make it easier for you to benefit from it. Let’s listen to the words from the Sky.


My loved brothers, my loved sisters, today we will talk once again about change, I would like to tell to you how the Sky participates to your change.

There are situations where the Sky evaluates the answer to your hearts, for example, let’s assume that you pray all together for one of your loved ones, from your heart you ask for an intervention; when evaluating if an intervention is actually what is good for that brother, we evaluate if the intervention favoring the meeting of those hearts may represent an opportunity for growth. This evaluation brings to the intervention, and so, an answer for those hearts may mean recovery, or maybe our intervention will be to accompany him toward his goal, mitigating the pain over time; for example, it could be that the brother may no longer feel the need to continue his earthly experience because during his time he learned what he needed to learn by himself, and therefore the closing of his eyes and making his passage to the Sky means that he continues to evolve from our dimension; that brother will forever be linked to all of you, because without your intervention he would have stayed in pain for much longer. This is an answer from the Sky.

An answer from the Sky could be when we understand that our manifestation could be to highlight a necessary element that our brothers are not able to discern, and there are thousands of examples, for example I can talk to you about the moment in which there is too much sadness on earth and we send you waves of faith, of hope that all will be solved, like an embrace from the Sky that brings you comfort, those moments of depression disappear for you and it’s us that have been sending all this to your hearts.

A constant answer is to be present among all of you to sustain you as you face the disasters that afflict earth, this often-violated nature that seeks its harmony, a harmony injured by your destruction. So we are next to you with the light of courage, and the light of compassion for you.

An answer from the Sky is also to be among you when some brothers contribute with their pain to determine death and destruction, and this is where our intervention aims at encouraging mediation, the knowledge of the other party’s pain, to establish an agreement of mutual cohabitation between you. Brothers, our intervention is all in this direction, what we deem essential is the placing of contrasting thoughts for sharing, to give your own thoughts exposure to subsequently reach an agreement.

There are many answers for you at an individual level, and they relate to the journey undertaken on earth, I am thinking as an example of the help for your fulfillment, experiences, contacts, they can all be an answer to what you need, an impression that changes is also an answer, an event that happens is an answer, experience that change and evolves, and this too is help that comes from us.

And on the subject of experience, my brothers and sisters, understand that what is necessary to you will always come from the Sky, whereas what needs to be conquered by you in the maturation of your conscious will always have the Sky at your side, but only as a stimulus for change.

My loved brothers and my loved sisters, I will say goodbye, today, using words of Love: may the road you are walking on shine in the awareness that the Sky is always with you, because Love has nothing else in its heart other than you.

Your brother Jesus Christ


Message dictated 20 Jan 2011


Manifestation of the Sky inside life on earth questions and answers from the Heaven


Manifestation of the Sky inside life on earth

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