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Soul mates the white knight life companions

Soul mates the white knight life companions are we the ones doing the choosing?  

Soul mates the white knight life companions : this contribution from the Sky was also dictated to us as a message within the fourth teachings book from the Messages to Humanity, however, since we are dealing with a subject that many hearts wonder about, I decided to publish it also in the Questions to the Heaven section, to make it easier for you to benefit from it, let’s listen to the words from the Sky.


My loved brothers and my loved sisters, today I will touch on a subject that for many brothers and sisters represents importance: how we select a man or a woman to place along your journey.

Inside you is the famous question ‘Could it be that Paradise placed this person right next to me, or did this person enter my life only because he or she liked me?’

The question deserves an answer.

You see, my dear children, it’s wonderful to see you in Love, these hearts so anxious, that brother, or that sister who assumes the role of the most important person for your affection, everything my brothers and sisters speaks to you of Love, even the usual roads shine anew, trees seem to celebrate, there is only one word, Love, for everything. Everything is in Love and in the Love is every moment, this earth that welcomes your Love is beautiful in this meaning.

These raw emotions send you a passion to be alive, to live these moments as nirvana, and from your hearts comes a constant feeling of Love. What a sweet feeling you experience when you think of the other person, and a desire to meet, moment after moment, this waiting has ceased, no more looking, no more meetings that leave you feel incomplete, it’s arrived, finally, Love has arrived. Love has arrived forever, thanks to this Sky that placed our Love upon my path.

So, Love has just begun and you ask us if this is one of our interventions. How can Love choose a companion for you on earth? Love chose him and introduced him to me? Is it you on earth who consider this possibility, or was it truly Love who introduced the person you are going to love to you?

This question implies that love determines you, that Love chooses for you, this determination that imposes upon you, with the only problem that Love can not impose anything at all upon you… so, does that mean that the person you meet is only your choice?

The Sky answers: you are constantly meeting people, on the road, at work, even in the schools, it’s a constant meeting, and then one day in your hearts you pick up a special meaning, it’s Love that is activating, that brother, that sister, he is not indifferent to you in his body, in what he says, in what he sends from his heart as he speaks and this is the Love that gains hold in favor of that person, the experience of Love is suggested by us here in the Sky by talking inside your heart, because through the experience of Love you can gain knowledge of the entire internal universe, made of feelings, and how you are represented by emotions when you love from the heart; your are in the expressed emotion when you love from the heart; you are in the expressed emotion and so you are in contact with the Love that you carry inside, of which you therefore only become aware as you love.

Hence, no determination from the Sky, just advice, because only by loving you will have a relation with the emotion that is inside you.

Now take that question mark off, you have a story, a Love story, live with all of yourselves the emotion that makes your heart shine, the joy, the awaiting, the happiness, when you love you are like a luminous star.

A sweet recommendation: may your heart express itself in the intensity of the Love for an entire life. May the Love you carry bring happiness.

As always at your side

Your brother Jesus Christ


Message dictated 24th January 2011


Soul mates the white knight life companions are we the ones doing the choosing?


Soul mates the white knight life companions

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