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Fear of death meaning

Fear of death meaning what meaning does death have in our life? answers from the Heaven  

Fear of death meaning : this contribution from the Sky was also dictated to us as a message within the fourth teachings book from the Messages to Humanity, however, since we are dealing with a subject that many hearts wonder about, I decided to publish it also in the Questions to the Heaven section, to make it easier for you to benefit from it, let’s listen to the words from the Sky.

My sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, today let’s look at this question you ask yourselves: what is the meaning of death in our lives?

The answer is awaited by your hearts, distraught at the thought of losing some loved ones and you will then understand the meaning of what you think of a sad thing such as death.

The sad thing about existence, for you, is precisely death. To you, the existence is something that ends, it’s not a change, it’s the end. Think about the condensed existence in these two instances: being born on earth and closing your eyes and resting in the earth. Think of the material body as if it was yours. In reality you are much bigger than that body and what you lead is the life inside that body, the body is the vehicle but each one of you drives that body, this is the life, the life is not of the body but it’s you directing that body. The emotions belong to you, these emotions are dictated by your heart, everyone reacts to these emotions by putting their body into motion, they could come close, they could go far away, they could distance themselves, and then they could come close to you one more time, a continuous movement that is produced by emotions. You are all emotions, emotions existing inside your hearts, the emotions you feel place in front of you who you are, how many emotions you feel, emotions that change in seconds, this is what I feel now, I don’t’ know how I will feel in a few moments, because I am not in that moment yet, but it’s coming.

Therefore what I am registering right now talks to me about me, of me as an emotion in that moment. Only emotion, a concept does not belong to the thought, it’s not what I am thinking, but what I am feeling. What we feel is the moment that we are going through, therefore we are experimenting ourselves through this moment, when I listen to myself and what I am feeling I am experimenting myself. What can I understand from listening to myself? Who I am. That which defines me is only through what I am feeling. What defines me is not the words I can say, but it’s exactly the feeling I am experiencing right then. This feeling I am experiencing sends me the meaning of this moment, and this is the moment I am living as it relates to what it means to me. Experience is the sum of all meanings in all moments of life in your body.

Through all these moments I experiment myself in situations of life, many experiences, many meanings inside my heart, many moments: it’s a necessary condition for my heart to get to know itself through my experimentation, condition that sometimes in life takes place within a limited time frame, but I am not referring to the time on earth, it’s the time of the heart, the time to feel emotions, the time to understand the moment, the meaning for the heart.

And to those of you who believe that time has an end date, I would like to say that the time for the heart is endless because, even with life on earth, the experience for a heart drawing meaning from listening to emotions is endless.

Therefore life has a meaning in your discovering yourselves, this Me takes on meaning from the emotions you feel, moment after moment. This is the experience that defines your Me.

Everything I am learning about myself becomes my baggage and this is what I present at the experience of the next moment.

And then there is the moment of death, what meaning does it have for life?

I am this baggage, everything I learned about myself, the experience of myself as I existed. With this baggage I keep on existing, no longer on earth but in the Sky, where I open up this baggage in front of Love, the source of my being an emotion, and with Love I review every moment of my existence to notice if I respected the source or whether my emotion distanced itself from the source, and understanding the reasons why is once again knowledge of my Me.

Therefore, we experiment but without the body, the experience of discovery of my Me continues beyond earth; when in contact with source, because I am in the Sky, I will make increasingly important choices to experiment myself until I will be my heart in perfect contact with the source.

So, this passage through death brings me to life in contact with the source, the Love that created me so I can be identical to him, this is the Love I have in my heart and that he donated to me, my Being is a gift from Love.

My sweet brothers, my sweet sisters, life donated Love to us.

Embraced to you, your brother Jesus Christ.


Message dictated 27th January 2011


Fear of death meaning what meaning does death have in our life? answers from the Heaven


Fear of death meaning

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