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Contact With The Guardian Angel

Contact With The Guardian Angel Questions And Answers From The Sky
Contact With The Guardian Angel : dear Sara, my name is Silvana and I am a fervent believer in Angels, I have so many questions I would love to ask you, but I don’t know if I can, many people have met their Guardian Angel, sadly I have not yet had the honor, but I know that He is there, and that He protects me; when I was three years old, now I am fifty, I had a serious problem with my heart, nobody was giving us hopeful answers, back then the medical field was not as advanced as today; one night one my mother’s younger sisters, who at the time was ten years old, had a dream about a long white train and a lady all dressed in white, telling her not to worry, that the girl would be healed and that is what happened, I did heal and I have not had any problems since then; then last year I dreamed of a very sweet female voice telling me “on the fourteenth of May you will come to me”, I don’t remember anything else and not even the context in which the dream was set, but I was really shaken by it and I did not know what to think; could you please ask for me for an answer? thank you, Silvana
God The Father answers
Let’s begin to talk to you, my sweet Silvana, about the 14th of May. Waiting for the passage between the two world, between the earth and the Sky? I want to reassure you that this is not the passage that was communicated to you. We in the Sky never ever tell you when your time is coming, whether it is programmed or not. This is because for the Sky every day on your earth is a day with your valuable experience on earth while in your physical body.
Communicating it to you would mean interfering, and we would like for you to live in complete freedom, as it was programmed. For many people this freedom is actually a burden because due to this freedom many criminals continue to perpetrate violence, but for us in the Sky freedom means allowing you to experiment yourselves in the great Love, every instant of your lives. This is the biggest gift that I have been able to give you, unconditional freedom.
And even in the Sky you continue to be free, but the Love that you can breathe while here has the sweet meaning of constantly promoting in you your being Love toward everything. Therefore, it’s freedom in the Sky and freedom on earth, but on earth this Love to breathe will only be the byproduct of your own same Love projected on earth. For this reason I constantly encourage you, always, always to donate your Love as much as possible, to be able to experiment yourselves and carry in the air messages of Love that then you will all breathe in.
Let’s go back to the 14th of May and to the time for waiting.
On the subject of waiting, my loved one, I would like to remind you and all of my children, that waiting does not mean suspension; waiting has a great meaning to program behaviours, to take stock of what your permanent values are, to put Love into those hearts often you forget about as you think about your futures. And while you wait, your days can be rich with neglected experiences as you always project yourselves into the future.
This is the meaning of that message sent to you in your dream, because not only you but also other people all too often tend to project yourselves into the future instead of concentrating on the experience that can be an everyday opportunity for growth for you.
I believe I answered your question satisfactorily because, my sweet one, the act of thinking about death, instead of making you grab life and enjoy every single moment after single moment of it, has scared your mind, and you are not sweetly experiencing your existence like I had mentioned to you.
When Sara proposed this question to me, she told me “Why don’t you talk of the contact that you can create with the Guardian Angels”, Sara has already mentioned the words of advice that she has always shared with everyone to be able to establish a relationship with your own Angel, but it’s also an experience she has had, that many of you constantly request a contact with them, but they don’t fully consider these commitments through.
So I will sweetly proceed to explain to you why the contact always requires effort.
Let’s begin by saying that every Angel is trying to open that door that leads to your heart, with Love he pushes, being aware that existence on earth only highlights what is created in the materialism and not what is spiritual. Noticing your need for help in your existence in materialism, every Angel constantly tries to enter inside you to talk from your heart and to allow you to help yourselves.
This action is constant, and it’s clearly visible here in the Sky, however, even though you allow him to enter into contact with your heart, it is worrying for you to picture your sweet Angel as a constant presence inside you, because you think that he may constantly judge you. You have this fantasy, that your Angel may judge you like a judge who is very strict and not very understanding. This thought is fueled by your many religions who show Angels who violently exterminate evil, and in your hearts, at your level, evil is an incorrect behaviour, therefore this fear of a violent judgment is what is inside you that refuses the contact with your own Angel.
Like Sara, many of you over time have truly accepted to make contact with your own Angel and this is the experience of everyone that only Love can come from your Angel. Finally I can say it: “Do you think that my Love that is so great, so immense, for each one of my children, would ever create something that is not created out of a feeling of Love for you????????”
This exclamation, dictated and written by Sara, is to always remind you, always always always, that I am Love, moment after moment, I am only the most complete expression of Being Love and finally an opportunity to tell you in this message that I only present myself in the Love and my manifestation everywhere is always and only within Love.
This message reaches deep inside your hearts because you know the truth, however many times you think that here in the Sky it’s not your Father who is there, but the supreme judge that condemns to eternal damnation, or who instead of healing places his children in a limbo to reflect on their mistakes, without the possibility to reply, and in reality all of his children are with him because only Love can help to be Love, even in the most difficult conditions that a sweet Soul can endure during the course of an incarnation.
And you project upon your Angels the tremendous opinion that you have of me, and while you ask for a contact, you simultaneously refuse the Love because of this prejudice that you have toward me. And your Angel continues to lovingly seek to help you overcome this hostility, but we need the help from you, do you think you are able to let go of your prejudice about me and to only know me as Love? Only then will your Angel be able to manifest himself also to you, an Angel who carries Love, created by a Father who is Love. Why do you think the Angels give manifestation of themselves by interfering in the materialism, with scents, or feathers, or anything else that they find? To give you a sign that only a great Love is taking care of all of you.
What a sweet surprise to notice that Love is taking care of you, are you feeling worried, or maybe you feel not worthy of it? In that moment, you accept it with great emotion, but then your prejudice tells you “He is bad, he may be plotting something, and in that instant, that moment of pure manifestation of Love becomes the past and you wait for another moment for another confirmation that what animates your Angel and your Father toward all of you is truly Love.
And now, the reflection, only by reflecting on what I dictated to you can you make the contact with your Angel possible, and by placing in your heart my true definition you will also allow me to come to you with much, much Love.
I embrace you my children, I embrace you my Silvana
With all of my Love
Your Father
Thank you wonderful Father
Contact With The Guardian Angel Questions And Answers From The Sky
Contact With The Guardian Angel
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