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Padre Pio's Miracles Through Intercession

Padre Pio's Miracles Through Padre Pio’s Intercession The Blessing A retroverted Uterus pregnant

Padre Pio's Miracles Through Intercession : hi Sara, it’s me Carmen again; this time I’m writing to tell you about the Blessings I received thanks to Padre Pio’s intercession, one of the Padre Pio's miracles as I told you before; well, I got married in 2004, at the beginning we didn’t try to have babies because I’ve got a problem with my health, since I was three I am suffering from polyendocrinopathy autoimmune hypothiroidism hypothyroidism and hypoadrenanism, it’s useless to say how I suffered until I was more or less seventeen, a right therapy had been discovered, since then I practically used to live in hospitals; the strange thing is that I didn’t feel unlucky, on the other hand, seeing other children ill, I felt almost lucky, that’s how I feel now because thinking it over, until I was seventeen there were times I couldn’t even get up out of my bed and go to the toilet; my father had to carry me there, I thank Our Lord because I received my first miracle when a pill called Life saving pill was added to my nine pills, practically after more or less four or five days since I started taking it, I was able to get up on my own without being ill, I ate without being sick, in other words I had begun to live a real life, and I can only continuously thank Our Lord for that.

I have told you this to let you see why we didn’t try to have a baby, first because I wanted to have all my check ups done and then to try although my endocrinologist said I couldn’t have all the babies, I wanted to although I took ten medicines a day, that was what I had to keep under control, anyway, I’ve got an aunt who’s a midwife, I asked her to send me to a rather clever gynecologist and she brought me to a woman doctor, in other words, the first thing I told her was that I wanted to have a baby, but that first I wanted to take every single test just because of this problem and I brought her my medical records from Pisa because that is where I cure myself, and to let her know all about it, but she answered with coldness that my problems weren’t her business and that I ought have gone to see her only for a pregnancy, so looking at my aunt I make her clearly understand, where the hell have you brought me?, so my aunt said “don’t worry I’ll send you to another gynecologist you can trust, anyway, seeing you’re here get a scan done”, and so I did.

While she was scanning me, suddenly and violently she yelled, “oh my God!, Filomena your niece has got a fibroma”, without adding any other explanation, so my aunt seeing I was scared to death, asked me how were my periods and I said” normal”, she went on asking me “do you feel a lot of pain on those days?”, I said “no”, at that point she told me not to worry because if I had a fibroma like she had found, I would have had strong pains and a strong heamorrhage, this took place around the beginning of November 2004.

On 15 november 2004 I went to have a visit at the gynecologist’s who my aunt had spoken to me about, in fact he was very professional because as soon as I told him about my problems, first he read my medical records thoroughly, he asked me what my doctor thought about it and in case I became pregnant, he would have wanted to be in contact with my doctor, then I told him that the lady gynecologist had diagnosed a fibroma, and at that point the only thing left to do was to take the visit.

While I he was checking me, I noticed there was no good news, with a unique peacefulness he said, “I wish it were a fibroma, we could have operated it, and there wouldn’t have been any problems anymore”, I had a greater problem, in other words I had a very rare deformity since I was born and that most of all very surely enough I couldn’t have had any children, because it’s one of the most nastiest deformity, and although you undergo surgery you can’t carry a pregnancy to term, so the baby had to be born to a maximum five months, because my uterus was bicorneo, as if I had only one passage and two very little uteri, so even if I became pregnant, I’d have lost the baby because he didn’t fit in any of the uteri, undergoing surgery, as I said before, I couldn’t lead the pregnancy to term!, the only thing to do was to give up.

I remember that I had to travel two hours to get where the doctor worked, that day it was pouring, not only outside, but in my car too, because I didn’t stop crying even for a minute, I was desperate so my husband said to me “don’t worry, we’ll find a way out, we can go to Pisa if you want”.

We went to sleep, I slept, strangely enough, suddenly at six o’clock am, I don’t know if I dreamt, I woke up with a start, and I said to my husband “we’ve got to go to San Giovanni Rotondo because Padre Pio will help me heal”, so he said, “ I’ll take you wherever you want”.

Since that day I started to pray with The Rosary beads every day and I asked Padre Pio to make me heal, because in a prayer of His He says “ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find, knock and it shall be opened”, and I went on saying to Him “please, Padre Pio touch my tummy and make me heal”, I was able to get an appointment at San Giovanni Rotondo, since November, practically in May, I’m a hairdresser, around about January a customer came, telling me she was pregnant, so I asked her if everything was alright, she said yes, but that they told her she had an retroverted uterus, seeing that I had never heard of that, I asked her what is was, and she told me that it wasn’t serious, only that the uterus instead of being straight, it’s turned, so seeing that with this kind of uterus, you can become pregnant, I went on saying to Padre Pio, “stretch forth your divine hands on my uterus and make it become retroverted".

It was May at last, I went to San Giovanni for my appointment with the gynecologist, as usual I told him about my problems, he read my medical records too, he spoke about me with an endocrinologist he trusted, who confirmed what mine had said but when he read the other doctor in the South’s diagnosis, he told me the same things, that is, if the uterus was really bicorneo, I had better give everything up.

We went and got a scan done, obviously, although I was very hopeful, I didn’t look at the monitor, suddenly the doctor went to call another gynecologist, and they visited me together without speaking, at some point they called another gynecologist, and they told him to scan me and he had to tell him how he found my uterus, right then I was just a bit afraid, because I thought “look, they have noticed it too and they want to show it to more than a doctor, suddenly the third doctor said, “I consider it normal, it’s only retroverted”, I turned around to take a look, it was completely different to how we saw it until then, at that point I started to cry and thank Padre Pio because I had had just what I had asked him for.

The doctor seeing everything was alright, told me that we could have gone on taking all the exams, the ones for the thyroid, and the gynecological ones and that I had to go into hospital, I got an appointment after about two weeks and in all the test they carried out, there were always those having to do with sterility, just to be sure.

The only problem was you had to wait forty days to get the results, while I was on the coach, although I was sure that everything would have been alright, I went on thinking “what if I were sterile?, how can I wait forty days to know?”, suddenly the coach had already arrived in Taranto, a woman, I had never seen before, came up to me and at that point, who I don’t even think exists, said “excuse me, can I tell you something?”, I said “yes, do”, thinking she was feeling ill, carrying the Rosary beads, she said “don’t worry, He’ll solve all your problems”, she went on only saying that, until she got off, so at that point I started crying because I thought “our Lord had spoken to me to tell me everything was going to be alright”.

In fact during those forty days I was so peaceful, I went to fetch the results, they were ok, the only thing I had to do was to check if the tubes were open, but do you think everything was alright?, no!, the tubes were closed, and I had to undergo laparoscopic surgery to see why they were closed; I had an appointment in May 2005, but before I left, the doctor said to me, “don’t worry maybe they are closed due to an infection”; on 19 march 2025 there was a meeting, a certain Benedict who has been the first person to receive a miracle of the cradle of Gesù Bambino of Gallinara, was going to make a speech, he started saying “our Lady is here among us, you can ask for everything you want, because She’ll fulfill many of your wishes”, when I heard those words, I was going to hospitalize the next day, because I was going to undergo surgery on 22nd March, I said “if my tube must be closed, make it only be an infection”, suddenly I got a terrible tummy ache, seeing there were many people, and thinking I had to go to the toilet, I thought “how can I stand up among all these people?”, while I was thinking that, the pain stopped, without thinking of what I had just asked Our Lady for, I left the following day; it was 22nd March, my operation day, obviously my husband was with me, I was taken to operate around about 9 am, two hours ha recently passed, and nobody went to reassure my husband so he started to be afraid, right then he turned towards a wall of the hospital and there was a big picture of Pope John Paul II with “don't be afraid” written on it, then he calmed down, after two minutes the surgeon went and said to him “everything’s alright”, a tube was closed because when I was little and I got my appendicitis operated, they stitched my tube causing a grip, while the other one was closed because there was an infection, just what I had asked for Our Heavenly Mother before leaving.

After two months, I was expecting my little Emanuel Pio, now you can see why we called like that, I must say, I had to undergo almost two years of trial, to have my son, nobody in my family knew anything about it, because I didn’t want them the be worried, when I went to hospital they knew that I went on a pilgrimage, seeing I’m a great devotee of Padre Pio, I knew I wasn’t alone anyway.

I started to tell people everything that happened to me when my son was born, because I want people to know that if you have faith in Our Lord, you can get everything.


Padre Pio's Miracles Through Padre Pio’s Intercession The Blessing A retroverted Uterus pregnant was told by Carmen

Padre Pio's Miracles Through Padre Pio’s Intercession The Blessing A retroverted Uterus pregnant

Padre Pio's Miracles Through Intercession

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